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Business Class Flights To Bangkok

Long seen as simply a party-town, Bangkok is so much more than that. This sprawling capital of Thailand teems with life and vibrancy. At first glance, this city seems like it is constantly on the brink of chaos. Streets are jammed with traffic that is unguided by streetlights. Along with the honk of insane drivers, the air is filled with the cries of street vendors who pack the sidewalks so tightly they are seemingly on top of one another. Stunning Buddhist temples, painted in vibrant reds and blues share the skyline with sleek, post-modern skyscrapers. Shanty towns where you can find an incredibly cheap plate of noodles that rival anything you can get in the fanciest restaurants, butt up against climate-controlled and chic shopping centers filled with designer goods. Quickly though, you will realize that this chaotic element is what makes this city so special, and once you attune to the dynamic rhythms of Bangkok you will be on track for an urban adventure unlike anywhere else in the world. Before you dip into the delightful madness of Bangkok, you will want to enjoy the soothing comforts of business class flights to Bangkok . Pre-boarding, access to business class lounges, and increased baggage allowance, take all of the excess stress out of the flight, letting you enjoy all the amenities business class flights to Bangkok provide. Enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne or a snifter of world-class, single malt whiskey while you recline in your gigantic seat without fear of bothering the person sitting behind you. A business class flight will be the perfect calming experience before you indulge in the frantic excitement of Thailand’s dynamic capital.

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Bangkok Airport and Business Class Lounge

Business class flights to Bangkok will typically land in Suvarnabhumi Airport, which began operating in 2006, replacing Don Mueang International Airport, which now predominantly serves as the hub for budget airlines. Located 18 miles from Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi is a relatively new airport and it shows. Clean, beautiful and filled with high-end shops and dining options ranging from fast-food to classy, the airport also has wonderful business class lounges which you’ll get access to after taking business class flights to Bangkok . Business class lounges are a calming oasis in the middle of the hectic bustle of the airport. While the rest of the airport is filled with confused people struggling to find their gate and sitting in uncomfortable seats in bland pre-boarding areas; in business class lounges you can enjoy a fine meal and a glass of your favourite red wine.


Things To Do In Bangkok

The key to enjoying Bangkok is to not be afraid of embracing its spontaneity. To avoid the crush of other tourists, search out things off the beaten path, which is where the most magical delights of the city lie. One such highlight is the Taling Chan floating market. Bangkok is home to a number of these enchanting markets where vendors ply their wares from boats and barges. There’s nothing quite like doing a little shopping in a rented rainbow-painted longboat. Taling Chan is a great option compared to other, more renowned markets as you will not be stuck in huge queues of other tourists. Haggle over beautiful ceramics and exquisite handwoven skirts before docking your longboat, grabbing a seat at a communal table, and gorging yourself on pork dumplings, pad thai or sweet pancakes.

Don’t fill up too much though. Bangkok demands constant eating. The scents wafting through the air from street vendors are just too appetizing to ignore. Street food is king here. Sure, Bangkok is home to a number of world-class restaurants but more often than not, you’ll shill out for an exorbitantly priced dish only to have it trumped by a 2 dollar pad thai from some ramshackle stall. Don’t worry about attempting to find the best stall in town, that’ll only find you stuck in a long line at some mediocre tourist trap. Instead, the best strategy is to pick a single strip and let your nose guide you. One of the best is Yaowarat Road, Bangkok’s largest outdoor kitchen.

While Bangkok may seem like it’s all wild commerce, partying, and eating, it also has plenty of spaces that offer a little peace and serenity. For a moment of reflection you don’t even need to leave the busiest parts of the city. Located near one of Bangkok’s main shopping centers is the Erawan Shrine. Here you’ll find locals and foreigners alike burning incense and making offerings to the Shrine, which is an intriguing mix of Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Tourists also have an option to hire troupes of Thai dancers to accompany their prayers.

Getting Around Bangkok

Getting around Bangkok is an experience that is as varied and exciting as all other aspects of life in the capital. Bangkok is not like other cities where transportation is monopolized by a massive transit system. Instead citizens rely on an impromptu patchwork of methods to get around this sprawling metropolis. Tuk tuks, basically rickshaws with a small engine inside, are the most iconic. Easy to hail and very cheap, tuk tuks are the most straightforward way to get around Bangkok, though the ride can get a little hairy in the city’s crazy traffic. A safer, more modern option is the skytrain. Clean, safe and unencumbered by traffic, the city’s elevated rail system is a great way to get around. Unfortunately, you will only be able to get to around 30 percent of the places you want to go via skytrain.

Bangkok is one of the most vibrant and enjoyable cities in the world. After arriving on business class flights to Bangkok , you will be greeted by a city that operates at an exciting and dynamic pace. It is impossible to not suffer from complete sensory overload here. Stunning temples satisfy the eye while the smells of delicious street food entices the tongue. While at first overwhelming, after a few days spent in this spirited city, you’ll never want to return to the pace of other cities.

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