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Business Class Flights To Belgium

Belgium may be small, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a serious punch when it comes to being a terrific vacation spot. Arts and culture abound in this Western European gem of a country. If a quiet sojourn spent in coffee shops is up your alley then Belgium is the spot for you. But don’t worry; Belgium is far from boring, it has a thriving nightlife scene. Yes, it is a quaint country, but an extremely charming one. If you’re headed to this little beauty you should look into taking business class flights to Belgium . When you’re flying business class, life is good. Soaring through the air at cruising altitude with a glass of champagne in hand is one of those experiences where you can stop and say to yourself “I’ve made it.” We all know life can be difficult. Day to day stresses can get the best of anyone. When you’re flying business class everything seems to melt away. Up in the air you’re not expected to be anywhere or do anything. Your only job is to relax and enjoy some great food and drinks. Unless of course you’re one of those people who likes to work. Then by all means enjoy perfect concentration in your own private sectioned off seat, and get to work. There are a lot of things you can do on business class flights to Belgium . The only thing you won’t do is have a bad time.

Belgium Airports and Business Class Lounges

Belgium’s busiest airport is Brussels Airport, which is stationed in the Belgian capital. Approximately 260 companies call it home, and around 20,000 people work there. Belgium’s second busiest airport is also situated in the capital and is named Brussels South Charleroi Airport. Passengers will have exclusive access to one of the airport’s business class lounges when taking business class flights to Belgium . Business class lounges provide travelers with several amenities that make flying just that much more pleasant. Complementary Wi-Fi will have you surfing the web without any worry of data limitations. High quality food serves up a nice change from the usual airport fare. Would you rather search the airport for a shabby slice of pizza, or be treated to a delicious buffet? That’s an easy question to answer for most. If you feel like having a drink, a bar will be waiting for you. Sit back on one of many comfortable seating options and enjoy a cocktail. The only problem with business class lounges is that once you’ve been in one, you won’t want to ever be in an airport without access to a lounge again.


Things To Do In Belgium

When you take business class flights to Belgium chances are you’ll be landing in the capital city of Brussels. When in Brussels be sure to check out the Musical Instruments Museum. Home to over 2,000 instruments, this is a must-see for any music lover. Even if you have no interest in music, it’s not hard to become mesmerized by all of these rare instruments, most of which you’ve probably never seen before.

After that, make your way over to the Grand Place. The Grand Place is a magnificent cobblestone square that encompasses several historic buildings. Perhaps the most prominent of these is the City Hall. As you look up, you’ll notice the Hall’s amazing spires jutting out from the building. It’s truly a sight to behold. Magnificent baroque highlights make this building an absolute stunner. You won’t want to take your eyes off of it. As you walk down the Rue de Harengs, an intricate alleyway, you’ll see a number of lovely cafes. Drop into one and enjoy a hot chocolate.

Once you’ve seen all that Brussels has to offer, it’s a short distance to the port city of Antwerp. One of the trendiest cities in Western Europe these days, Antwerp is as cool as it is historic. With a young population that doesn’t care for stuffy values, this city is brimming with fun and nightlife.

Getting Around Belgium

When you take business class flights to Belgium , you’ll have to find your way around once you land. Luckily, Belgium is a very small country so if you have to do any travel between cities, it never takes longer than a few quick hours. Both Brussels and Antwerp sport subway systems that run with frequency. These subways are fairly straightforward, a far cry from the complicated subway system of nearby Paris. Taxis are a decent, if not slightly expensive way to get around. It’s not usual for taxis to be hailed on the street, so you’ll need to call ahead. Buses are a good way to travel from one city to another as they are fairly inexpensive and the trips are always short. Trains are another option, but are more costly than the bus.

Belgium is a one of a kind sort of place. If small rustic alleyways leading into larger magnificent squares is something you enjoy then you’re going to love Belgium. If sipping a cappuccino on a café patio looking onto the bustling streets is the kind of thing that floats your boat, then this is the city for you. If enjoying a fine pastry and a glass of wine in a casual yet chic restaurant is an activity you crave, you have to visit Belgium. And when you do, you’ll want to consider business class flights to Belgium . Gone are the days when only the rich and famous can fly in business class. The world of travel has changed immensely, allowing for more and more access to luxury choices. It’s time you experienced the joy of being expertly taken care of as you soar through the air. You’ll forget that you even have an amazing vacation planned, because the vacation will start the second you set foot on the airplane. You’ll have some nice meals, perhaps have a rest and wake up in beautiful Belgium. So get out there and let your adventure begin.

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