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Business Class Flights To Bordeaux

France has always been a premier destination for tourists because of its breathtaking architecture, world-class museums, high end shopping, and exquisite food and drink. Although most travelers instinctively think of Paris when planning a vacation to France, why not go off the beaten track and consider Bordeaux, a city with many of the same exciting attractions but with less crowds, a more relaxed attitude, and a close proximity to gorgeous beaches. One way to truly enhance your voyage would be to treat yourself and your companions to business class flights to Bordeaux . How often do you book the cheapest flight you can find to save money, only to realize upon boarding the plane that there’s no entertainment device or that you won’t be able to sleep in your cramped seat? That’s no way to travel, especially on a long flight between time zones. The best way to start your trip energized and ready to take in the beautiful sights and sounds of France’s sixth largest city is to look into business class flights to Bordeaux.

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Bordeaux Airport and Business Class Lounge

Bordeaux is serviced by one major airport, Bordeaux-Mérignac, and so this is where most business class flights to Bordeaux arrive and depart. A smaller secondary airport, Bergerac Dordogne Périgord Airport, is a little further outside the city but still convenient to access. One of the perks of traveling business class is access to the business class lounges at your departure point and at Bordeaux’s airports. We’ve all been there, wandering around the busy terminal looking for a place to stretch out, charge our phones, and have a refreshment. With access to the business class lounge at Bordeaux’s airports, you’ll be covered for this and much more! Get away from the lines at the overpriced airport gift shops and restaurants and relax with complimentary wireless internet, spacious seating, a nice beverage, and a little peace and quiet. What a great way to start a vacation! The service you find in the airport business class lounge will have you wondering how you ever flew any other way.


Things To Do In Bordeaux

There are attractions for everyone in the beautiful city of Bordeaux. To get your bearings, start out at the Saint Michael Basilica, a Gothic church considered by many to be an architectural masterpiece. Centrally located in Bordeaux’s historic old town, the Saint Michael Basilica’s 114 meter high bell tower offers spectacular panoramic views of the city and beyond. Although the thought of climbing 232 steps to reach the top may seem daunting, rest assured you won’t regret it once you are gazing over Bordeaux’s elegant skyline and the adjacent Garonne River.

The next stop on any visitor’s Bordeaux itinerary should be the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux, one of France’s foremost fine art museums. Art lovers and amateurs alike will be enthralled by the museum’s vast collection of paintings, drawings, and sculptures. Housed in a former Archbishop’s palace, the building is majestic and is truly something to behold. Indeed, the same building is also home to Bordeaux’s city hall! As you wander the luxurious halls of the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux, be sure to take in the highlights of the museum’s collection; pieces by Pablo Picasso and Peter Paul Rubens as well as the works of great French artists such as Henri Matisse and Eugene Delacroix. After your visit, be sure to stroll the courtyard and gardens outside for some fresh air and sunlight. Pull up a seat next to the central fountain or sit under one of the statues that adorns the property.

Finally, no tour of Bordeaux would be complete without imbibing in what the city has been known for throughout the ages, delicious wine! After all, this region is the largest producer of wine in all of France, and with around 8500 wine producers in the area there is sure to be a wine available to suit anyone’s taste. Make your way first to the Cité du Vin wine museum for a fascinating glimpse at the lengthy history of Bordeaux’s relationship to wine production. Located in an exquisite contemporary building said to be modeled after a wine decanter, this museum will provide you with knowledge to impress friends with at your next dinner party. Not only that, your visit will conclude with a free glass of wine in the museum’s bar area with a view, on the building’s eighth floor.

Now that you’ve learned all there is to know about where Bordeaux’s wine comes from, it’s time to head back to the old town for dinner on a patio whilst the sun goes down. You’ll have no fear when the server brings over the wine list, and you know exactly what pairs well with a delightful Steak or Fish dinner, another Bordeaux specialty.

Getting Around Bordeaux

Bordeaux, like most modern European cities, is well-equipped with affordable and reliable public transportation. After arriving on your business class flights to Bordeaux at one of Bordeaux’s airports, a short and inexpensive tram, bus, or cab ride will have you downtown and ready to explore. Once downtown, trying out the city’s public transport ferry system is highly recommended. Similar to a bus on water, these ferries give tourists a unique perspective of the city and its many lovely and notable bridges that span the Garonne River. Hopping aboard one of these ferries for the simple cost of a bus ticket is an insider secret; a relaxing river cruise that passes by great Bordeaux locales and gets you from point A to point B.

One of France’s most culturally and gastronomically impressive cities, Bordeaux is an essential tourist destination for anyone looking for an unforgettable vacation. Its history, art, and architecture give everyone a reason to visit, while its reputation for stellar wine production is the cherry on top. Certainly any visitor to Bordeaux won’t be left disappointed. This is especially true if they delight themselves and their fellow travelers with business class flights to Bordeaux , a significant upgrade in terms of comfort and service. Well-rested and relaxed upon arrival, you’ll have no trouble making the most of your vacation in the world class city of Bordeaux. Bon Voyage!

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