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Business Class Flights To Brindisi

Nestled on the coast of the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea is the port city of Brindisi. One of the lesser known Italian tourist destinations, this sultry city has long been a vital economic and strategic port. Fleets of Roman soldiers and ships would depart from here to trade with Greece and the near East. Today, the city is still an important center for trading, acting as Italy’s gateway to the Middle East. Instead of seeing Roman soldiers after taking business class flights to Brindisi, you’ll see columns of sun-seeking tourists indulging in the lazy, tropical vibes of this delightful coastal community. If you are heading to Brindisi then relaxation is the name of the game, just like on business class flights to Brindisi. Between crying babies, cramped seating, and lost luggage; a bad flight in economy class can ruin your vacation. A business class flight on the other hand will immediately get you in a vacation state of mind. Instead of being jammed into a tiny seat where you can’t even eat without smashing elbows into the person sitting beside you, in business class you have an individual seat that can recline all the way back. And if you want to eat, which you will after seeing the amazing and complimentary menu, there is plenty of room for it, and a massive pull-down tray.

Recently sold business class flights to Brindisi

New York
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San Francisco
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Los Angeles
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Brindisi Airport and Business Class Lounge

Business class flights to Brindisi will arrive at Brindisi Airport, (otherwise known as the Brindisi Papola Casale Airport), named for famed Italian aviator Antonia Papola, who had a famed connection with Brindisi. Located about 4 miles away from the city, this tiny airport punches far above its weight. Due to its strategically important location, the airport is key to Italy’s national defense and NATO’s peacekeeping missions in nearby areas. And due to all the important personnel moving through the airport, you better believe it has a wonderful business class lounge. Available to anybody taking business class flights to Brindisi, business class lounges are a wonderful respite from the grind of air travel. Meeting rooms equipped with high speed Wi-Fi, charging stations, printers, and anything else you may need to get some last minute work done, are plentiful and available. Once you are ready to start vacationing in earnest, grab a seat in the lounge restaurant and dine on some delicious local cuisine, like fresh seafood pasta or a caesar salad. Not hungry? Indulge in a crisp tasting glass of Peroni or a spirit-elevating cocktail.


Things To Do In Brindisi

One of the best things to do in Brindisi is also the simplest: head for a stroll down the Corso Garibaldi. The Corso is a palm tree lined walkway that runs along the coastline and connects the port with the train station. Let the cool sea breeze blow through your hair and take your worries away as you gaze out onto the sparkling waters of the Adriatic Sea, and take in the picturesque views of surrounding landscapes. Even the gritty shipping yards provide a spectacle worth viewing. The Corso Garibaldi is also packed with shops and restaurants to pop into on your stroll. At night, as the sea sparkles with moonlight and waves crash seductively up against the coastline, revelry abounds. Grab a drink, dig into a plate of delicious fresh seafood, like oysters or crabs, and let the friendly locals help you let your hair down and forget all your worries.

Thanks to its long history of strategic importance, Brindisi is also home to some truly stunning historical sites and buildings. Remnants of ancient Rome are scattered throughout the city. The Piazza Duomo is a cobblestone public square surrounded by stunning old churches that will transport you to another century. One of these churches is the Brindisi Cathedral. Originally built in the 11th century, then destroyed and rebuilt in the mid-1700s, this dazzling structure is a sterling example of Roman-style architecture. Inside, a high-domed ceiling and powerful murals will entrance believer and non-believer alike. For an even more powerful experience check out the Church of San Giovanni al Sepolcro. Built in the early 1100s to commemorate the capture of Jerusalem by Crusaders, the church was rumored to house a fragment of Christ’s coffin. Walk through the entrance covered in archaic carvings depicting monks battling demons, and you are greeted with crumbling Roman columns and ravishing, 14th century frescoes. On a weekday, the cathedral will be empty save for a few simple monks, letting you peacefully commune with the ancient histories and spirits that imbue the walls of this striking building.

Getting Around Brindisi

Unfortunately, transportation in Brindisi is limited. There is no public transportation system or cabs either. When arriving from business class flights to Brindisi, you’ll have to rent a car at the airport. Fortunately, the drive to Brindisi and its surrounding areas are absolutely stunning and a joy to drive through. Rolling green hills populated with nonchalant sheep and beautiful sandstone outcroppings are just some of the common highlights from the drive. If you aren’t prone to seasickness, you can also travel to other cities via ferry, which are cheap and offer a chance to take in the spectacle of the glorious coastlines of the Adriatic.

Brindisi is one of the lesser known highlights of Italy, but that shouldn’t be held against it. This sleepy and slow-paced town offers much of what the more famous Italian metropolises do: Roman ruins, stunning medieval churches, delicious food and drink, and a population of fun-loving people whose embrace of life can’t help but be contagious. In Brindisi, this classic Italian culture is surrounded by the stunning scenery of the Adriatic Sea, and a near-tropical climate. There’s not many experiences that can compare to indulging in a cheap beer and some delicious and carb-heavy streetfood on the city’s romantic Corso Garibaldi. Feel the crisp breeze blow your troubles away as you take in all that amazing Brindisi has to offer. Visitng this town is never a bad idea.

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