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Business Class Flights To Brussels

Perhaps there is no city on the continent that better exemplifies Europe than Brussels. Headquarters of the European Union and capital of Belgium, Brussels offers the curious traveler a taste of the sophisticated life that Europeans are known for. An entrancing blend of old and new, historic but bracingly hip, and refreshingly diverse, Brussels will charm even the most jaded tourist. Walking through this city, one is struck by the unique mix of architecture: there are ancient gothic cathedrals, stoic 60s developments, and chic, modern cafes. It can seem like Europe’s entire history has been blended together to produce this charming city. Speaking of charm the best way of getting to Brussels is on business class flights to Brussels. Many people don’t fly business class because of the extra cost, but you have to ask yourself how much you are worth. How much is all the time you will save from pre-boarding worth to you? How much is avoiding all the stress of cramped seating and being stuck beside noisy kids or heavy breathers worth? How much is your pleasure from delicious complementary food and champagne worth? When you think about it this way, you’ll realize business class flights to Brussels are the way to go.

Recently sold business class flights to Brussels

New York
Business Class $2,390
San Francisco
Business Class $2,402
Los Angeles
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Fares are TOTAL, starting prices, round trip, per traveler, including taxes and fees. One way flights are up to 50% less. Prices are subject to change and depend on availability at time of booking. No fare can be guaranteed until a ticket is issued.

Brussels Airport and Business Class Lounge

Business class flights to Brussels will touch down in the Brussels Airport. A vital airport that serves over 24 million people a year, it’s also the main hub for Brussels Airlines. The airport is located 10 miles from Brussels. To reach the city, it’s recommended you take the Airport City Express train which runs four times hourly between the airport and the city’s three main stations, Bruxelles-Nord, Bruxelles-Central and Bruxelles-Midi. There are also express buses available, though if it’s rush hour you may just want to stick around at the airport a little while longer and check out the business class lounges, that anyone taking business class flights to Brussels has access to. In its business class lounge, Brussels Airport has taken luxury to a new level. Hungry? Check out the all-you-can-eat buffet featuring both Belgian and international foods, or stop by the Belgian Cafe next to the buffet and grab a pint (or multiple pints) of the best Belgian beers. Need a last minute blast of productivity? Check out the business center featuring ergonomic seating and conference call capable meeting rooms. Maybe you just need to relax; catch some shut-eye in one of the lounge’s nap zones.


Things To Do In Brussels

The first stop you have to make in Brussels is the Grand Place. Maybe the most beautiful site in all of Europe, this is the central square in Brussels. On first approach you will wonder what the big deal is, as the square is hidden from view. Then as you turn the corner prepare for your jaw to drop. You’ll see an expansive square ringed by awe-inspiring medieval buildings that have seemingly been plunked down from a fantasy novel. Centering the square is the Town Hall, a massive, asymmetrical structure composed of twisting spires, stunning stonework and capped off with a Gothic tower that stands over 315 feet tall. The Hall was built in the mid-1400s and when you catch sight of it you’ll wonder why people even bothered building other buildings, it’s beauty and stature being so overwhelming.

Belgium is famed as the beer capital of the world. The city seems to have rivers of beer coursing through it. Brussels is surrounded by abbeys inhabited by monks that have been crafting and perfecting beers over centuries, and this influence can be seen in the way that Belgians worship beer. There are a variety of beer tours the thirsty traveler can go on to find and taste some of the best beers in the city and learn about the region’s rich brewing history. Or you can go straight to the top and check out De Biertemple, which has over 700 beers on hand, from Leffe Brune to more obscure beers that are exclusive to the bar. It also has hundreds of glasses, each one designed to match with and maximize the taste of a specific beer.

After you’ve indulged in a few tasty brews you’re going to want something to snack on and Brussels has the perfect offering for you: fries. Belgians have long argued with the French over which country should have the honor of laying claim to inventing French fries. And once you taste the best of what Brussels has to offer you may think about calling them Belgian Fries. The best of the best is Maison Antoinne. Located near the EU quarter in a nondescript shack, this monastery to the fried potato is noticeable by the often hour long que wrapping around it. The wait for these perfectly-fried miracles, freshly hand cut with crisp skin and soft interior, is always worth it.

Getting Around Brussels

Due to its traffic, which at the best of the times can be a slog, the best way to get around Brussels is a combination of walking and public transport. Walking in Brussels’ best neighborhoods is a delight; a mixture of charming alleyways, alluring side streets, and secret nooks and crannies. To get to each neighbourhood, Brussels has an efficient and comprehensive public transportation system composed of a mixture of buses, trams and subways. The system operates between 5am and midnight, with night buses and trams operating in the intervening hours. You can purchase tickets that last up to three days at any Metro station and onboard any bus or tram.

Brussels is a city of contrasts. It’s a place where Gothic buildings butt up against sleek and modern shops, and stuffy EU bureaucrats bump elbows with blue-collar beer aficionados. This is the city’s magic, the contrasts do not weaken the city but strengthen it. The power and magic of Brussels is in its chaotic timelessness; each era of Europe blended together and strewn about in mad, delightful fashion, creating a wonderland for all arrivals on business class flights to Brussels.

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