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Business Class Flights To Bulgaria

You want to take a trip to a place that’s not your average run-of-the-mill vacation spot. Somewhere with a strong identity and fascinating history, but not just another Paris. You want to see what life is like in parts that aren’t talked about during the average travel conversation. You’ve been to Rome and you’ve been to Barcelona. You’re looking for something new and exciting. Something with European flare, but not the usual customs. Well then Bulgaria is the place you were made to visit. It’s true, Bulgaria isn’t your average vacation destination, but more and more people are seeing the virtues in taking a trip to this amazing country. With tremendous, sandy beaches that look as though they go on forever as they wind down the glimmering coast, Bulgaria is every bit as beautiful as any other European country. It’s not all beaches though; Bulgaria features incredibly picturesque mountain ranges. Massive mountains erupt from the ground amassing in the sky. Trees that are greener than green line these magnificent structures. It’s a feast for the eyes, a marvel just to stand and gaze upon these paintings articulated by nature’s brush. When you travel to this special Eastern European destination, you may want to take business class flights to Bulgaria. Flying business class is all about comfort and service. Two things that are at a premium when partaking in air travel. Many of us don’t know what it feels like to be pampered by top-notch flight attendants as we fly through the air. It’s not that anyone is doing a particularly bad job in economy class; it’s just that in business class they make your happiness a priority. Flight attendants working on business class airlines are specially trained to show you exemplary service at every turn of your flight. Taking business class flights to Bulgaria is the only way to ensure that you’ll arrive in Bulgaria feeling refreshed and ready for the adventure that awaits you.

Bulgaria Airports and Business Class Lounges

Bulgaria’s busiest airport is Sofia Airport, situated in the capital city of Sofia. Its second busiest airport is Burgas Airport. Sitting in the city of Burgas, this airport is extremely busy during the summer seasons, when Burgas’ beaches become a haven for sun hungry travelers. Those who take business class flights to Bulgaria will have he opportunity to use one of the airport’s business class lounges. These lounges act as the perfect place to relax while you wait for your flight, or on the other end when you land. In the business class lounge you’ll be treated to free Wi-Fi, televisions, comfortable seating and so much more. Having a comfortable and classy place to lean back while you’re at the airport is a luxury that you won’t soon forget. In fact, you’ll really miss it the next time you don’t have it.


Things To Do In Bulgaria

Upon landing on business class flights to Bulgaria, the Black Sea is a can’t-miss attraction. This beautiful expanse sprawls across the heart of Bulgaria. Burgas and Varna are two cities that visiting will give you optimal access to this tremendous body of water. Known for its healing properties, the Black Sea is as mystical as it is picturesque. Join the revelers in the sea and take in all of its positive properties.

The Buzludzha peak in the region of Kazanlak houses the Budludzha Monument. A quirky flying saucer shaped structure. It’s quite the sight to see right there in the midst of a snowy mountain peak. Since abandoned, it was originally built in 1974 by Bulgaria’s government at the time.

Bulgaria’s capital city of Sofia is a metropolitan wonder. Among some of the more beautiful cities in Eastern Europe, Sofia is home to many parks and gardens. When you take in a deep breath of air scented by plant life of all kinds, you’ll know you’re someplace special. Sofia is also home to some of the most hip and happening nightclubs one could imagine. Young or old, Sofia has something for you.

Getting Around Bulgaria

When traveling between smaller towns in Bulgaria buses are likely the best way to go. Bulgaria’s buses generally run on time and are comfortable. In the larger cities, you may encounter minibuses, a form of transportation akin to taxis, but carrying more than one customer at a time. Taxis are also a viable method of transportation. According to regulations, taxis are required to be painted yellow, and post their fares clearly. If you come across a taxi that doesn’t follow these regulations, proceed with caution. Renegade taxis looking to scam money from tourists have been reported in larger cities in Bulgaria. As long as you have your wits about you and stick to the clearly marked vehicles, you’ll be fine. Most cab rides in Bulgaria are pleasant and comfortable. The drivers tend to be friendly and willing to help you find your way. When looking to access the smaller cities along the coast of the Black Sea, bus is often the way to go. Some trains run within Bulgaria, but don’t often make as much sense as the bus.

Though not always listed among the top travel destinations, Bulgaria is a place everyone should get to experience in their lifetime. Sometimes we get caught up in the usual tourist destinations. And while all of those places are also incredible, it can be so rewarding to think outside the box. Another thing that’s rewarding is taking business class flights to Bulgaria. Not only is the destination special, but the way of getting there is equally exciting. Too often we think of flying as a negative experience. The waits, the cramped spaces; it can all get to be a bit much. It doesn’t have to be that way. In business class, you’ll never lament flying again. So there you have it, two things that go perfectly together; a trip to Bulgaria and a wonderful business class flight. It’s a match made in heaven, and a trip you won’t soon forget.

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