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Business Class Flights To Cagliari

Situated off the southern coast of Italy, amidst the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean, is the island of Sardinia. Nearly as close to Tunisia as it is to mainland Italy, this island is definitely unique and fiercely colorful. Sandy, pristine beaches are populated with throngs of rich and beautiful Europeans. Bustling restaurants serve food that, while similar to standard Italian cuisine, is dominated by flavors and techniques that can be found nowhere else. The culture, while imbued with European history and tradition, is deeply influenced by its African neighbors to the south, producing a singular culture unlike anywhere else in the world. The capital of this proudly individualistic region is Cagliari. In Cagliari you can experience the highlights of Sardinian culture and food, while some of the island’s most dazzling beaches and forests are a short journey away. For anyone traveling to this unparalleled city, your best bet is to take business class flights to Cagliari. If you always wanted to fly business class but were intimidated by the price, that’s understandable, but when you really think about everything you gain from business class flights to Cagliari, it almost seems like a bad deal not to fly business. What’s better about business class? Quite simply, everything. Instead of cramped seating, passengers get to recline in luxurious seats in individual compartments. Unlike the bland snacks served in economy, the complimentary menu is filled with delicious snacks and meals. Business class flyers also get to board earlier, bring more luggage on the flight, and get access to business class lounges.

Recently sold business class flights to Cagliari

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Cagliari Airport and Business Class Lounge

If you’re taking business class flights to Cagliari, you’ll be using the services of the Cagliari Elmas Airport. The airport opened in 1937 but was lightly used for most of its history. In the new millenium, as tourism to the island exploded, the airport’s infrastructure and facilities were upgraded in 2003. The airport is now capable of accommodating 4 million passengers per year. The 4 mile distance between the airport and the city is serviced by rail, and from the railway station one can grab a ride to most other destinations on the island. Business class flights to Cagliari also give you access to business class lounges. A business class lounge is a haven from the madness of the rest of the airport. Outside the lounge, hectic and frenzied passengers verge on total meltdowns as they attempt to find the proper gate for their flight. Inside the lounge, passengers can rest easy because they’ll know that the attentive staff will attend to any of their needs, answer any questions, and update them on any changes that may occur. Most lounges also allow you to board your flight early, avoiding the stressful lineups that can ruin your experience. Other amenities include media lounges filled with comfy seats and big-screen TVs, showers, spas, and complimentary drinks so you can get your vacation started early.


Things To Do In Cagliari

If you’re historically inclined, Cagliari has a number of stunning, architectural highlights to take in. Begin at the Il Castello, known as Cagliari’s most iconic image. A walled fortress or citadel, bestriding a hilltop and overlooking the town. Surrounded by ramparts that were built to protect the aristocracy that used to live within, this dazzling site will enrapture even the most jaded tourist. While the medieval old-town echoes with centuries of history, this is no staid recreation. No, here the curious traveller will find a neighborhood that — despite its archaic appearance — is filled with life. Shops, cafes, and restaurants overflow with laughter and good cheer. Before you leave, make sure you climb to the top of one of the ramparts and take in an unforgettable view of the city and the surrounding seas that you will be thinking about long after you leave. If you still haven’t scratched your history itch, make your way to Cattedrale di Santa Maria. Standing proudly in the Piazza Palazzo, this imposing cathedral was built in the 13th century, though little remains of the original structure other than its bell tower. What remains is a perfect recreation of the original Pisan-Romanesque architecture. Inside, a bizarre but striking blend of Gothic and Baroque interior designs greets the curious traveler.

Once you’re done sightseeing, it’s time to head the beach. The most popular, and perhaps the best, is Poetto Beach, which is located a short bus ride away from the city center. Crystal-blue waves crash into smooth, white sand, as the pristine beach is filled with young revellers and sandal-wearing seniors alike. The water is the perfect temperature to go for a swim or just get involved in some water sports. Or you can grab a seat at one of the restaurants or bars that line the beach, and indulge in a glass of red wine as the people stroll by.

Getting Around Cagliari

After arriving from business class flights to Cagliari, you’ll find that transportation options are limited. You can rent a car from the airport, but the city, due to its cramped streets and limited parking spaces, is a chore to drive in. A better bet is to rely on a combination of the bus system and taxis. Most of the important destinations in town are reachable by bus, though the system is not the most efficient or punctual. You cannot flag taxis, but there are a couple of cab companies that you can call. Also, Cagliari is a relatively small and dense capital city so a scenic stroll is many times the best and most enjoyable option.

Halfway between Africa and Europe, the island of Sardinia is unlike anywhere else in the world. A beautiful melding of the two cultures has produced a vibrant and distinct lifestyle. Nowhere is that better exemplified than in its capital of Cagliari, where Italian cuisine is reimagined, and the nightlife pulses with a vibrancy you can’t find anywhere on the mainland. Even the most jaded traveler will be utterly seduced and charmed by this radiant city.

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