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Business Class Flights To Catania

Perched precariously below Mt. Etna, a still-active volcano, is the gritty and charming city of Catania. The second biggest city in the Sicilian region of Italy, and arguably the best, Catania is a city that is as hot and exciting as the volcano that surrounds it. In Catania, intrepid travelers will be ensconced in a tenacious city with utterly unique and delicious cuisine, stunning archaic architecture, and a brilliant natural landscape that will boggle your mind. Pulsing with a youthful energy that distinguishes it from Sicily’s capital, Palermo, Catania could seduce and charm even the most indifferent tourist. The best way to make sure your vacation begins on the right foot is to take business class flights to Catania. Remember last time you were flying in economy class, stuck in between a crying baby to your left and a snoring man to your right, and all you could do was imagine what it was like in business class? Well, maybe it’s time to stop imagining and enjoy the pleasures and amenities of business class flights to Catania. On business class flights, the stresses and inconveniences of economy are replaced with pure luxury. Fully reclinable seats in individual compartments are incredibly comfortable and great for catching some shut-eye during the long flight. Attentive staff will respond immediately to any of your questions or needs and take your order from a mouth-watering menu offering everything from fresh salads to baked goods.

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Catania Airport and Business Class Lounge

Most business class flights to Catania will be arriving at Catania-Fontanarossa Airport, also known as Vincenzo Bellini Airport after the famed opera composer who hails from Catania. It is the busiest airport on the island of Sicily and one of the busiest in Italy overall, with slightly over 9 million passengers passing through annually. The story of this airport has been one of constant growth. A small, provincial airport when it opened in 1924, the airport has had to continuously expand to deal with growing popularity. The most recent expansion occurred in 2007, when a new terminal outfitted with 22 gates and 6 loading bridges opened. Business class flights to Catania get you access to the airport’s business class lounges. Spending some time in a business class lounge will transform the way you view flying. No more harried rushes attempting to find your gate, or endless lines as boarding is delayed for reasons that are never explained. In a business class lounge, you’ll be kept informed about any information regarding your flight and have the opportunity to board your flight first. While you wait you can take a hot shower and blast away any of that travel-related sleepiness, or make a visit to the spa for a massage. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and ready for a vacation. Feeling peckish? Business class lounges are stocked with delicious complimentary snacks, or you can grab a table at the restaurant and indulge in a meal that may be the best thing you eat all trip.


Things To Do In Catania

Poised over Catania is the beauty of the still-active volcano Mt. Etna. Anywhere you look you can see the volcano, but some spots are better than others. For a great morning view, head to Giardino Bellini. A serene and lush green space, this park is capped with a high plateau from which you can indulge in a wonderful, unencumbered view of the sleeping giant. In the dawn’s light, Mt. Etna appears ghostly and mysterious, a trembling vision in the distance. Another great view of the volcano is available on the rooftop bar at Uno Hotel Palace. The view of the volcano from here is enrapturing. As you sip on Negroni and enjoy some delicious snacks, you’ll be captivated by the beauty of this natural wonder.

Considering its position on the edge of the Ionian Sea, it’s no surprise that seafood is a major part of life in Catania. While all the local restaurants have spectacular seafood dishes, your best bet is to check out the city’s fish market, known as the pescheria. Food is the biggest passion of Sicilians, seafood in particular, and the pescheria is where you can find the soul of the city. Here you’ll find enormous and delicious swordfish that are expertly sliced and displayed on slabs of ice, exquisite oysters waiting to be shucked by the expert hands of one of the experienced fishmongers and enjoyed with a splash of vodka, and silvery little fish sparkling in the noon sunshine.

Getting Around Catania

After arriving on business class flights to Catania, you will have a number of transportation options. Catania does have a metro service with six stops, though the majority of them are primarily for travel to the suburbs. For tourists, the most relevant line is the one that connects with the Circumetnea train, which circles Mt. Etna. Catania is also serviced by a convenient and punctual bus system, which provides transportation to most of the city’s major tourists destinations. You can also rent a car at the airport. Unfortunately, Catania is not the easiest city to drive in; the streets are organized in a pretty confusing one-way system and there are minimal parking spots.

Enthralling sensuous, and beautiful; the city of Catania is all these things and more. If you’re a food lover, this is the town for you. Indulge in unique pasta sauces, fresh seafood that was recently hauled out of the sea, and raw produce so overflowing with flavor you’ll wonder if you’ve even really tasted a tomato before. History and architecture buffs will be overwhelmed with what is on display in the city. Archaic Roman monuments, ancient Greek theaters, Baroque churches, and stunning mosques make up a medley of culture and sites that capture the eye and boggle the mind. All of this takes place under the sublime power of the still-active volcano Mt. Etna. If you are looking for a destination that’s off the beaten path and filled with excitement, Catania is the place for you.

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