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Business Class Flights To Copenhagen

The most populous city in Denmark, Copenhagen is a wonderful place to visit. Be careful though, once you visit this ravishing town you will not want to leave. After seeing the streams of beautiful citizens cycling the impeccably designed streets, and steeping in all the cafes and fantastic restaurants this capital has to offer, you’ll despair over why other cities can’t be more like Copenhagen. To the lucky residents of this miracle city, it’s a commonly heard lament. If you’re thinking of planning a trip to this Northern European gem business class flights to Copenhagen are the way to go. The Danes value leisure and comfort, and these are exactly the benefits you’ll experience on business class flights to Copenhagen. All of your stress will melt away thanks to earlier boarding and increased baggage allowances. On top of that, the highly trained staff will attend to your every pressing whim and desire, from a hot towel to extra pillows to a freshly-popped glass of champagne. By the time you touch down, you'll be fully in tune with the leisure themed lifestyle of Copenhagen.

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Copenhagen Airport and Business Class Lounge

Business Class flights to Copenhagen typically land in the Copenhagen Airport, which is the busiest airport in all of the Nordic countries, servicing over 29 million passengers a year. Located less than 5 miles from Copenhagen, this airport opened in 1925, making it one of the oldest airports in Europe. Originally an austere building made out of timber and surrounded by grass-covered runways kept short by sheep, the airport became internationally famous when Scandinavian Airlines began the world’s first transpolar route to LA. This made it a popular tourist destination for Hollywood stars. Today, the airport is a model of modern beauty. Sweeping glass tunnels and large, brightly lit rooms soothe the frazzled traveler and give one a taste of the expertly designed city they’re about to enter. If you take business class flights to Copenhagen you’ll have access to the airport’s business class lounges. Make use of the high speed Wi-Fi available while you charge your phone. Or head over to the relaxation zone and recline on a number of couches that are as comfortable as they are visually striking. Scroll through a large selection of magazines and newspapers, or just cozy up with a reviving glass of red wine.


Things To Do In Copenhagen

One of the best things to do in Copenhagen is also one of the simplest: go for a bike ride. While cycling is on the rise in many cities as the health and environmental benefits become clearer, in Copenhagen cycling has long been an essential part of the city’s fabric. It is not uncommon to see more bikes than cars in the city’s core. Bike rentals are plentiful and cheap, and the cycling infrastructure in Copenhagen is second to none. The city has over 200 miles of bike lanes. These lanes are incredibly safe and enjoyable to ride. They are seperated from the road and are very wide, meaning you can casually cruise through this beautiful city with no worries about the dangers of traffic. Copenhagen is also a very dense city meaning that there are not many spots you can’t get to via an idyllic bike ride.

Perhaps the best destination for your ride is Amager Strandpark: a beautiful beach located just outside of the city’s core. Admittedly, when one thinks of Copenhagen, beach culture doesn’t come immediately to mind, and yet a quick trip to Amager will change that opinion forever. The beach is composed of two parts: a mile long artificial island composed of a stunning, dune-covered sandy beach, and the original grassy promenade which has areas for games, sports and picnics. During the summer months the beach is filled with sunbathers, swimmers, families, and outdoor concerts. It’s the perfect place to take in the splendorous life Copenhagen has to offer.

Considering you are in Denmark, it seems like it would be foolish not to get yourself a danish. And yes, Copenhagen is a city overflowing with sweet-smelling bakeries and mouth-watering pastries. Though asking for a danish here will only result in quizzical looks from the shopkeep. Here they are called wienerbrod, but whatever you call them, you will not taste a better one in the world. The best place to try one is La Glace. Located in the middle of od Copenhagen, this charming confectionary has been slinging handmade pastries since 1840. Explore the large, stately rooms of this beautiful cafe and soak in its nearly 200 year old history. Then sit down with an espresso and the best pastry you will ever sink your teeth into.

Getting Around Copenhagen

Copenhagen’s public transportation system is punctual, clean and the envy of the world. Getting from the airport after taking business class flights to Copenhagen takes less than 15 minutes by either train or metro. The system is based around the S-train network which is composed of 150 miles of track and four main lines that connect the city core to the outer boroughs. About six trains per hour operate on the lines but during rush hour and closer to the core you will usually only have to wait between 2-5 minutes for the next train. The system is also supplemented by a fleet of buses. The recommended move is to purchase a citypass at the airport which allows you unlimited access to the various forms of public transport. And yes, you can take a bike onto the metro and buses.

Copenhagen is consistently ranked as the most livable city in the world, and even a short stay will convince you of that. The city is designed to be as enjoyable as possible; from expertly designed bike paths to stunning museums to outdoor cafes humming with infectious energy. Take a flight to Copenhagen and join the many beautiful, stylish, and creative people that can’t get enough of this perfect city. Copenhagen will quickly become a favorite travel spot for you.

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