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Business Class Flights To Croatia

Let’s say you’re planning a trip to Europe, but you’ve already seen all the usual tourist spots. Paris is beyond enchanting, romantic and sophisticated, but you’ve been there. Barcelona has just the right relaxed vibe, but you’ve already dined on the world’s greatest tapas. Rome is unlike any place in the world; no other country rivals its structures, but you’ve already gazed your eyes upon the Trevi Fountain and basked in its glow. It may be time to try something new. Go to a place that isn’t at the top of every list of tourist attractions. It may be time to check out Croatia. Quickly becoming one of the hottest vacation spots in the world, Croatia still flies under the radar. It won’t for long though. With breathtaking beaches and speckled sea for miles, Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries on the European continent. Croatia’s landscapes are so amazing in fact that the hit television show Game of Thrones films a substantial amount of its program there. The reason for that is because the vistas and structures in Croatia are so unique to the rest of the world. Incredible castles looming over amazing bodies of water is somewhat of a norm here. If you’re thinking of planning a trip to this wondrous destination, you’ll want to consider taking business class flights to Croatia. On business class flights you’ll know what it’s like to live on the better side of things. Lean back in your private seat and enjoy a movie. Peruse a list of delectable snacks, and mouth watering drinks as you kick your feet up. Nothing is ordinary about taking business class flights to Croatia. It’s a joy all the way through. Expert flight attendants will be at your beck and call, so don’t fret about a thing. You’re taken care of.

Croatia Airports and Business Class Lounges

Zagreb airport, situated in the capital of Zagreb, is Croatia’s busiest airport. Following that, the next most busy are Split Airport and Dubrovnik Airport. When taking business class flights to Croatia, you’ll be allowed access to one of the country’s business class lounges. In these exclusive lounges you’ll be able to enjoy a bevvy of perks designed to make your trip as pleasant as can possibly be. Have you ever been on a flight and landed feeling a bit groggy? With the showers available in these business class lounges, you can wash off any lingering effects of a long flight.


Things To Do In Croatia

When you take business class flights to Croatia, you’ll have to decide where to start your trip. There’s no better place to begin than Dubrovnik. As one of Croatia’s most appealing tourist destinations, Dubrovnik is a heck of a town. At the heart of this enchanting city lies the amazing old town. With so much of its medieval past on display, the old town will stay in your memories for a long time. Walk the ramparts as you take in the magnificent views of this historic city. Should you take this wonderful walk, be sure to wear proper walking apparel. Sensible shoes and shorts are a must in the blistering sun. And don’t get caught up there without a large bottle of water.

After Dubrovnik, you may want to make your way to the city of Split. As Croatia’s second largest city, Split is a wonder sitting upon the Adriatic Sea. Diocletian’s Palace is an epic sight for the curious traveler. Its four incredible gates will be centerpieces of your expedition. There’s a reason this amazing palace is listed as a UNESCO heritage site.

Last, but certainly not least, you have to see the capital city of Zagreb. Marvel in its medieval architecture and amazing attractions. One of the most spectacular attractions is a part of the city called Gornji Grad. When in this region make your way to the Church of St. Mark. Known for its amazing tiled roof, this isn’t just another church. It’s a testament to the beauty of this incredible city.

Getting Around Croatia

Croatia is a country that doesn’t have a really extensive system of rail travel. Unlike much of Europe, trains are not the go to method of transportation. That’s okay though, because you can rely on buses in Croatia. Autotrans, the largest operators of buses in the country, will get you where you need to go. While not the most glamorous way of getting around, Croatia’s buses are clean and trust worthy. Croatia’s ferries are an extremely useful way to get to some of the incredible islands that Croatia has to offer. The ferries are relatively inexpensive and often offer some of the best views you could imagine. And that’s just during the trip. If you’re looking to rent a car, this is a good setting for that. Rentals can be had at reasonable prices, and no two points in Croatia are very far from one another. That means you won’t be partaking in any marathon twelve-hour drives. Road trips are fun, but not when you feel like you can’t stop or else you’ll lose valuable time. We suggest road trips through Croatia. They’re fun and not too much trouble. What else could you ask for in an adventure?

With its medieval structures and breathtaking vistas, Croatia is a place you need to see. Its people are the salt of the Earth and will make you feel welcome all the way through your trip. The architecture will make it hard for you to put your camera down for even a minute, but you’ll have to take some time to see it through your own eyes. You’re likely to feel the same way about business class flights to Croatia. With the class of a fine dining restaurant, being in business class feels less like a flight and more like an exclusive club. Lean back, as your every need is taken care of, with a glass of champagne and a big smile. An incredible experience awaits you. It’s time you got acquainted with Croatia.

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