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Business Class Flights To Denmark

Scandinavia is an underexplored region of Europe for many avid travelers. With countries like Sweden, Finland and Norway it shouldn’t be that way. And then there’s Denmark. Though understated in its beauty, Denmark is a place that could easily be overlooked, but that would be a mistake. When you’re looking to travel to this Northern European gem, you should consider getting there by taking business class flights to Denmark. On business class flights you’ll never feel like you’re taking just another long flight. Serving meals that you never would have imagined belong on an airplane, business class flights are ahead of the game when it comes to food. Many business class airlines now employ top-notch chefs to design their delectable menus. Imagine that, having fine dining restaurant style cuisine created by a Michelin starred chef delivered to your private seat as you cruise at 30,000 feet. It’s not something that most people ever assumed they would experience in a lifetime, but now it can be a reality. The perks don’t stop at food. Business class airlines are always looking to make sure that their passengers are as comfortable as is humanly possible. Need a blanket? They’ll get you one. Feeling thirsty? A helpful flight attendant will be happy to serve you with the beverage of your choice. Flying business class really is the epitome of luxury. Luckily for you, it doesn’t have to come at luxury prices. With the advent of more and more business class airlines, taking business class flights to Denmark can come at a very reasonable price..

Denmark Airports And Business Class Lounges

The busiest airport in Denmark is Copenhagen Airport, located in the capital city. The next busiest after that are Billund Airport, and Aarhus airport. These airport’s exclusive business class lounges are free to those who take business class flights to Denmark. In these fantastic lounges, passengers will be treated with as much care as when they’re actually flying in business class. If you need to clean yourself off, enjoy one of the complimentary showers. If you’re feeling on edge, take advantage of the fully stocked bar. There’s no better airport experience than leaning back in a recliner and watching some television in one of these tremendous lounges. Traveling with kids or teenagers? These lounges are often equipped with the latest videogames. Maybe you’re the one who wants to play some videogames. That’s okay; nobody’s judging you. Most of us who have traveled with some regularity have had experiences where the airport is hectic beyond belief. This country’s airport lounges are the perfect respite during moments like that, and a great reason to take business class flights to Denmark.


Things To Do In Denmark

While all of Denmark is worth seeing, everything begins and ends in Copenhagen. This stunning capital has so much to offer even if it might not seem so at first. Tivoli Gardens is perhaps the most well known of Copenhagen attractions, and there’s good reason for that. Created in 1843, Tivoli Gardens was the original Disneyland. And not too much has changed. With activities ranging from rollercoasters to puppet shows, it’s hard to run out of things to do at Tivoli Gardens. As night comes, grab dinner at one of the many wonderful restaurants, then stroll with a loved one as the night sky is filled with the light of fireworks. Tivoli Gardens also offers live music, so get your dancing shoes ready.

If you’re a history buff you should check out Christiansborg Palace located on the island of Slotsholmen in Copenhagen. Now the headquarters of the Danish Parliament, Christiansborg Palace has long been the base for the government of Denmark. In fact, the royal family still holds residence there. If the idea of centuries of history in one place appeals to you, this royal palace is a must see destination. You have to love Copenhagen, one minute you’re on a rollercoaster, and the next you’re gazing up at a medieval fortress. Now that’s a varied experience worth living.

Getting Around Denmark

When arriving in one of Denmark’s larger cities, you can rely on a robust and reliable transit system. Long known as sporting some of the better local transit in the entire world, you won’t have too much trouble getting around by subway or bus. If you’re in a rush, you may opt to take a taxi. Taxis are readily available in Denmark, and they won’t break the bank. Local transit is always a good way to get to know the inner workings of a city, but taxis offer a good view of town as well. If you are taking public transit, be sure to buy the proper ticket before entering the train or bus. Authorities can levy heavy penalties to those who don’t pay for transit. They also aren’t likely to take the fact that you’re from out of town as an excuse. Do the prudent thing and always pay the fare. If you’re traveling between cities in Denmark, there are a number of low cost airlines that can take you where you need to go. Be sure to check for hidden fees when taking budget airlines.

Known widely as a stylish city full of furniture designers, Denmark is so much more. Its people are sophisticated and stylish, it’s true, but they also know how to let loose. If museums in the day, and parties in the night sound good to you, you’ll relish Denmark’s larger cities. If a chalet in a remote village is more your speed, Denmark has you covered in that respect as well. Whatever you’re doing there, we hope you’re able to take business class flights to Denmark. Nothing echoes the sophistication of Denmark quite like a business class flight. With style to go with substance, business class flights are relaxing just to be on. And that’s before you’ve even witnessed the expertise of the caring flight crew. You’re going to love flying business class, and you’re going to love amazing Denmark even more.

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