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Business Class Flights To Dubrovnik

Located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea is the seductive coastal town of Dubrovnik. Thirty years ago, this town was mired in warfare that horrified the world. Today, it is one of the most popular tourist destination in the Mediterranean region. This is due to its absolutely stunning beauty and fantastic climate. Surrounded by rolling mountains on one side and the azure waves of the sea on the other, Dubrovnik is crisscrossed by white limestone streets, while the terracotta roofed houses of the old town glint in the sunlight, surrounded by chalk-colored Medieval walls. The city has only gained in popularity as millions of people have been introduced to its beauty by shows and movies like Game of Thrones and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which have both filmed here. Of the thousands of people travelling to this hotspot, only some will be smart enough to take business class flights to Dubrovnik. How many horror stories have you heard about flying in economy class? Lost luggage, screaming babies, and bad food are all common complaints. Why would you want to bookend a wonderful vacation with abhorrent flight experiences when you could take a business class flight? On a business class flight you’ll get to board early and have increased baggage allowance, taking much of the stress out of the experience. That stress is replaced with luxurious comfort. Instead of a cramped seat surrounded by other grumpy passengers, you’ll be set up in individual flat-bad seats that are completely reclinable and perfect for getting some shut eye.

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Dubrovnik Airport and Business Class Lounge

Business class flights to Dubrovnik will touch down at Dubrovnik Airport, which is located about 9.5 miles away from the core of the city. Formally an unpopular and minor airport, it has recently exploded in popularity, much like the town it serves. A new terminal was opened in 2010 to accommodate up to two million passengers a year. People who take business class flights to Dubrovnik also get access to the airport’s business class lounge. Separated from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the airport, business class lounges allow you to rest and decompress. A TV area filled with comfortable leather chairs and local and international magazines and newspapers is great for passing the time in. Peckish after a long flight? Fill up at the all-you-can eat buffet featuring local cuisine as well familiar dishes from home. And if you want to get your vacation started early, complimentary beer and spirits are available. Access to this comfortable and stress-free lounge is just another reason to make sure you take business class flights to Dubrovnik.


Things To Do In Dubrovnik

One of the best activities in Dubrovnik is also one of the simplest: just look at it. One of the most beautiful cities in the world, the best way to take it all in is with a cable-car trip up to the peak of Mount Syd. Up here you’ll have the perfect vantage point to take in the breathtaking vista of the shining limestone walls and roads, and terracotta roofed houses of the old city. Look further and you’ll see the rolling green hills that eventually tumble into the sparkling, cerulean waters of the Adriatic Sea. Try to get there for sunset. You will never forget the image of the sun dipping below the horizon, as the city explodes with brilliant, orange light reflecting off all the polished limestone.

You’re also going to want to spend some time in the Adriatic. Dubrovnik is surrounded by marvellous beaches filled with sun-speckled tourists. Go for a long walk on the silky smooth sand, hop in and go for a swim in the temperate and refreshing waters, or simply lie on the beach with a good book and indulge in some people watching. You can rent a sailboat or rowboat and take a brief jaunt around the coastline. If you thought some of the views were stunning from land wait until you see these vistas as you cruise on the placid waters of the Adriatic.

Dubrovnik is home to the world’s oldest arboretum, Arboretum Trsteno. It is also home to the oldest pharmacy still in operation today, The Old Pharmacy, dating from 1317, which can be found in the glorious Franciscan Monastery. Also worth visiting is the Sponza Palace. This is one of only a few of the city’s Renaissance buildings that survived an earthquake that occurred in 1667. The palace, like the rest of Dubrovnik, has a fascinating history that has seen the building serve many different functions, from customs office, to mint, bank, and school. Now it serves as the city archives upstairs, and a permanent exhibition known as the ‘Memorial Room of the Dubrovnik Defenders’, in memory of those who lost their lives defending the city in the war between 1991-1995.

Thanks to its warm and sunny climate, the Dubrovnik area has recently turned into a bit of a hotbed for wineries. A short drive in any direction will bring you to a number of up-and-coming wineries. Of particular note is the Saints Hills Winery. Recently opened in 2014 on the nearby Peljesac Peninsula, this winery is composed of three vineyards, each one the respective responsibility of the three brothers that own the winery. Visitors are not an afterthought here but instead the focus. The food is amazing, grilled meats abound and the fresh oysters recently plucked from the sea will be some of the best you have ever tasted. Pair these with one of the winery’s five wines. The best may be the St. Roko, a full-bodied red that is aged in French oak barrels for 12-24 months. This delicious red has a pleasant mixture of vanilla and dark chocolate aromas with a fruity finish.

Getting Around Dubrovnik

There aren’t a lot of options for getting around after arriving on business class flights to Dubrovnik. Luckily, the city is serviced by an excellent bus system. Buses are reliable and frequent. In the summer, the main tourist routes operate until after 2am. All of the old town is a pedestrian area and considering the price of parking, renting a car is only a good idea if you are venturing to the nearby wineries and parks. Be prepared though for some of the most dazzling drives of your life. In fact, on some of the more picturesque roads, signs will warn against the dangers of getting distracted by the beauty of the view.

Emerging from a recent history of violence and conflict, Dubrovnik has become one of Europe’s greatest success stories. After landing on business class flights to Dubrovnik, you will immediately see why both European tourists and Hollywood film sets have flocked to this town. From the singular architecture to the gorgeous landscapes, Dubrovnik is a town that will steal your heart.

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