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Business Class Flights To Dusseldorf

Of the many great German cities, few, if any, can match what Düsseldorf has to offer. The capital city of the German state of North-Rhine Westphalia, Düsseldorf is the perfect hybrid of an economic powerhouse and a lively cultural center. What other city can boast being home to both Fortune 500 companies and the birthplace of avant-garde electronic musicians Kraftwerk? And whether you are headed to this unique city for business or pleasure, you should consider business class flights to Düsseldorf. Prepare yourself for the splendor of Düsseldorf by indulging in the high-class service and luxury that only business class flights can provide. Partake in complimentary beverages and meals, watch a film of your choice, or catch that ever-elusive nap you’ve been hunting for. After business class flights to Düsseldorf, arrive rested, comfortable, and energized to take in the myriad pleasures the city has to offer.

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Dusseldorf Airport and Business Class Lounge

When taking business class flights to Düsseldorf, you’ll land at the world-class Düsseldorf International Airport, the third-busiest airport in all of Germany. While there, be sure to take advantage of their business lounges. Whether you’ve just caught the red eye and desire a shower to freshen up, want to plan your next move over a cocktail, or even host a business meeting, the business lounge is there to satisfy your needs. Set the tone for your stay in Düsseldorf by allowing yourself to be pampered with the all-inclusive amenities, free Wi-Fi, and a special area for children if you’re traveling with the family. Now, after feeling fresh and energized, you’ll be ready to take in the glory of the Rhineland.


Things To Do In Dusseldorf

Düsseldorf may present itself as being a straight-laced, world-leading center of business with its countless banks, telecommunications companies, and advertising firms, but when work is done, the city comes out to play.

If art is to your taste, be sure to take advantage of the numerous galleries and museums on offer. The K21 Ständehaus, housed in a 19th-century Parliament building, focuses on the work of classical modernists, and has showcased the works of Joseph Beuys, Pablo Picasso and Wassily Kandinsky, just to name a few. For the complete experience, make sure to grab a combination ticket with access to K21’s sister museum, the K20 Grabbeplatz.

For fans of architecture, the MedienHafen is a must. This harbor, once the domain of dockworkers and imposing warehouses, is now home to some of the most exciting buildings in modern architecture. City planners gave carte blanche to internationally-renowned architects such as Frank Gehry, Steven Holl, Claude Vasconi, and David Chipperfield, and they did not disappoint. Whether you’d like to stroll along the waterfront, ride through on a rented bicycle, or simply observe the skyline from the patio of one of the area’s cafes, the MediaHafen is sure to take your breath away.

A trip to Düsseldorf would not be complete without a visit to Königsallee, or simply “The Kö” to locals. This exquisite boulevard is home to some of the most beautiful views in the city, as well as the best in its shopping. Under a canopy of chestnut trees, you’ll be able to amble between the dozens of high-end stores taking in, and maybe taking home, the most current in luxury fashion and design. And after the world of haute couture, get back down to earth with the Carlsplatz Markt, a charming market offering everything from artisan foods to one-of-a-kind souvenirs. But don’t empty your wallet completely, as you’ll want to put some aside to indulge in the fantastic food the city has to sample.

You haven’t gotten to know a city until you’ve taken part in its cuisine, and Düsseldorf will not disappoint the gourmands in your group. For a more traditional German experience, hit the Brauerei im Füchschen (The Little Fox) for the best a beer hall can offer. The Füchschen Altbier is brewed on site and pairs well with their famous roast pork leg. For something more high-end, why not try L’Arte in Cucina? This family-owned establishment offers their take on Italian food to the delight of diners who make their way out of the city center to experience some of the best meals the city has to offer. And when you’re in the need of a laid-back breakfast or lunch, look no further than Bistro Zicke. A comfortable spot with a slightly Bohemian feel, Zicke is just the thing for a casual meal or spirited conversation over a pint.

Even with all the options listed, we’ve barely scratched the surface of all there is to do, be it a Rhine river cruise, a Segway tour of the city, or a four-hour pub crawl. It’s safe to say, if you have an appetite for it, Düsseldorf has you covered.

Getting Around Dusseldorf

When taking business class flights to Düsseldorf, you may find yourself wanting to rent a car after landing. While this is an entirely reasonable option, the city’s public transit is inexpensive, accessible, easy to navigate, and safe. Whether you use the streetcar, bus, or subway (Stadtbhan), the VRR will get you where you need to go. While not every major attraction in Düsseldorf is reachable on foot, most neighborhood attractions are very easily walked to, and taking the time to trek the city as a pedestrian will yield many surprise rewards. For those instances when you want to travel more distance, make use of the many yellow and white taxis on offer.

While Düsseldorf may not be the first city that comes to mind when one thinks of Germany, it is unquestionably one the country’s most beautiful and modern. It’s city that refuses to be pigeonholed. We hope after taking business class flights to Düsseldorf that you take the time to see all facets of this unique place: its industrious side, its bold artistic visions, its sparkling nightlife, its authentic hospitality. Düsseldorf is truly a gem of Germany and one that will leave an indelible impression on you, no matter your reasons for visiting.

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