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Business Class Flights To Finland

Finland is a small country. It’s really small, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t as exciting as any other nation in Europe. Finland is a terrific vacation destination no matter the season. If you’re a winter person, you’re going to love taking a steam in the sauna and then dipping into icy cold waters, an old tradition of the Finnish people. Take a pair of cross-country skis for a whirl in the beautiful white expanse that is Northern Finland. Listen to the snow crunch beneath your feet, and take in pristine nature in all its glory. If you’re more of an urbanite, Helsinki offers a hip youthful excitement familiar to so much of modern Scandinavia. Though small for a capital city, Helsinki offers big time thrills. With restaurants and bars that rival the world’s greatest, you won’t be left wanting for epicurean delights. Finland is off the beaten path as far as it comes to tourist destinations, sure, but it’s a place where you can make memories that will last a lifetime. If you’re looking to see this Northern European oasis, you should look into taking business class flights to Finland. On business class flights you can sit back and let your worries melt away. There’s nothing for you to do except enjoy yourself. Get cozy in a blanket and put your feet up, it’s going to be a thoroughly satisfying experience.

Finland Airports and Business Class Lounges

Finland’s busiest airport is Helsinki Airport situated in the capital city. The next busiest is Tampere-Pirkkala Airport. Travelers who take business class flights to Finland will be allowed into one of Finland’s terrific business class lounges. In these exclusive lounges passengers will have the opportunity to lean back and rest as they wait for their flight to embark. In these lounges you’re free to enjoy a bevvy of wonderful perks. Complimentary Wi-Fi will keep you busy as long as you want it to, and after that sit back and watch some television. If you’re in the mood for supreme relaxation, try visiting the spa for an invigorating massage. There’s nothing better than giving yourself over to the care of a professional masseuse as they work on your knots and make the world melt away. The beauty of these business class lounges is that they are whatever you need them to be. Whether you’re a new traveler taking your first trip to incredible Finland, or a seasoned business traveler preparing for a meeting, your needs will be met in the business class lounge.


Things To Do In Finland

Upon arriving via business class flights to Finland, you’ll instantly be impressed by the quaint quirkiness of this tremendous country. But what’s next? What does one get up to upon landing in Helsinki on a brisk and beautiful evening? One obvious answer is to head to the Market Square. Known to the Fins as Kauppatori, the Market Square is one of the premier markets in all of Europe. Situated along the Baltic Sea, it’s just as easy to sit and enjoy the view as it is to tour the market itself, and enjoy all that it has to offer. Whether you’re in the mood to sample traditional Finnish foods, or buy souvenirs for your family back home, it’s all possible in the Market Square. Depending on the season, there’s a good chance you can buy seafood straight off of the boat that just caught it. Now that’s immediacy. There’s no denying that experiencing such a truly unique and authentic experience is bound to have you understanding the culture in no time. And that’s the point of traveling when it all comes down to it. To get a taste of a life you otherwise wouldn’t know. It’ll make your life just that much richer.

While you’re in Helsinki, you’re going to want to check out the famous Rock Church. Located just North of the Hietaniemi area of Helsinki, the Rock Church was built in the latter part of the 1960s by brother architects with serious imaginations. Its name was not chosen to mislead you, the rock Church was built into a giant rock. A marvel of engineering, this attraction isn’t just a novelty. Its beauty is unparalleled as natural light showers in through its immense glazed dome. The Rock Church is a gift to the intrepid traveler looking for something different. If you’re lucky you may even get to catch a concert there. Long used for live music due to its fantastic acoustics, you’ll want to keep an eye out for these events.

Getting Around Finland

When you arrive on business class flights to Finland, you’ll be tasked with having to find your way around this small country. In Helsinki, you’ll find that there’s a basic metro system that’s easy to navigate and won’t give you much trouble. If you’ve been on any subway in the world, you’re bound to be able to understand this one. Helsinki’s smaller towns don’t sport such subway systems, but each has a system of buses that will get you from point A to point B. You should always consider whether your destination may be walking distance, as taking the metro or bus may not always be necessary. Taxis are available in abundance in Helsinki and can be hailed or called on the phone depending on your situation. If it’s late at night on a weekday, you may not be able to find a cab on the streets, but one will readily come pick you up.

Finland is a great little country. There’s so much to learn from its storied history and fantastic, yet stoic people. The seasoned traveler will soon come to realize that there’s something just a bit different about Finland from the rest of Europe, and even Scandinavia. When you do visit this beautiful land, we hope you’re lucky enough to take business class flights to Finland. There’s nothing quite like arriving at a magnificent location after enjoying a sterling flight experience. Have fun in Finland, you’re going to love it!

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