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Booking Business Class Flights from San Francisco to Paris

Everyone loves traveling and exploring new destinations, but voyages can be made even better when you travel in luxury and upgrade to a business class airfare. If you are planning a trip from San Francisco to Paris in the future, be sure to let the Business Class Guru website find you great deals on business class tickets to take your vacation to the next level. When searching for business class flights from San Francisco to Paris, simply type in the airport codes SFO (San Francisco airport) and CDG or PAR for Charles De Gaulle International Airport and other Paris airports into the search bar at and you’ll be airborne in no time!


Both SFO and CDG are world-class airports with excellent amenities, serving Air France as well as numerous other airlines, so you will want to show up a little early before you fly. Whether you enjoy fine dining, shopping, or relaxing, these airports have a little something for everyone. Your airport experience can be even more delightful when you book business class flights from San Francisco to Paris, as your business class ticket opens up exclusive access to the business class lounge. The business class lounge includes free food and drinks, private washrooms and personal TVs just to name a few of the extras.

Taking Flight

The trip from SFO to CDG can be a long and daunting flight, but not if you are settling into the airplane with a business class ticket. Having enjoyed the business class lounge and everything it had to offer, continue your luxurious journey with extra comfortable and spacious seating and larger convenient overhead compartments to store baggage. Grab a beverage before take off from one of the attentive flight attendants and entertain yourself by reading the free magazine or tuning into a movie or radio station on the fully stocked in-flight entertainment system. If you need a nap, blankets and pillows are readily available, so you will arrive at CDG full of energy. There is no better way to fly!


Getting into Paris

You’ve arrived from San Francisco to Paris refreshed and relaxed since you took a business class flight. Now it is time to head to your accommodation. Whether your hotel is in central Paris or closer to CDG, this French city has an excellent public transit system that makes the final leg of your journey an easy one. Various train lines crisscross the entire city and are the best way for Parisians and tourists to get from point A to point B. Pick up a suburban RER train from CDG and head downtown before catching a metro subway train the rest of the way. Of course, taxis, ride sharing apps and buses are also available to freshly landed passengers.

Visiting Paris

Paris is one of the world’s premier travel destinations with many possibilities that suit all interests and hobbies. Elite restaurants serve up the delicious meats, cheeses and wines France is famous for, while excellent museums abound. After taking in the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, stroll along the Seine river towards the west of the city to view the Eiffel Tower, a famed Paris landmark. What are you waiting for? Type in your info at and start searching for business class flights today!

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