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Business Class Flights To Genoa

Smack dab in the middle of the Italian Riviera is the scruffy, yet beautiful, industrial port city of Genoa. With a population of 500,000, Genoa has one the longest and most storied histories in all of Italy. The seat of power for the Most Serene Republic of Genoa throughout the 12th and 13th centuries, it later became one of the most powerful Italian city-states during the Enlightenment before becoming a key industrial port in the 20th century. That complex and winding history is represented in the architecture of the city, as gritty, blue-collar neighbourhoods merge with the winding, pre-modern streets of the old city. Endowed with the spectacular grandeur and wealth of a mercantile kingdom but also suffused with the toughness of a port city, Genoa is a maze of contradictions, practically begging the interested tourist to untangle them. While Genoa is complex, whether or not you should take business class flights to Genoa is very simple. Yes, you should. Aren’t you tired of long, economy class flights that threaten to wreck your vacation before it even starts? Then take business class flights to Genoa and avoid all that stress and anguish. Pre-boarding means you get to avoid much of the confusion and lines that make boarding your flight a pain. Increased baggage allowance means you are a lot less likely to find out the airline has misplaced your important belongings. And a delicious, complimentary menu means that you’ll be eating like royalty long before you touch down.

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Genoa Airport and Business Class Lounge

Sitting on an artificial peninsula 4.5 miles away from Genoa is the Genoa Christoforo Colombo Airport, where business class flights to Genoa will be arriving. Named after Genoa’s most famous citizen Christopher Columbus, the airport is the most important regional airport and one of the busiest in Italy. Taking business class flights to Genoa also gains you access to business class lounges, which are perhaps the best part of flying business. Business class lounges offer a variety of services and amenities that make spending time in the airport a delight instead of a chore. Many lounges have meeting rooms equipped with high speed Wi-Fi and charging stations, meaning you can get any last minute work done before you close your work computer and start enjoying your vacation. Spas offering massages and pedicures, and individual bathrooms with adjustable lights and showers are there to make sure you’re fresh and relaxed. And if that’s not enough, individual sleeping pods are available so you can catch some much needed shut-eye.


Things To Do In Genoa

Located in the heart of Genoa is its old city. Once you enter this medieval neighborhood you’ll feel like you’ve entered a different century, composed of a multitude of caruggi (narrow lanes) and blind alleys. The tight and cramped lanes twist and wind around each other chaotically, leaving the modern tourist delightfully disoriented. What makes Genoa’s old city unique from others in Europe is that, as evidenced from the strings of laundry hanging across the alleyways, it is still largely residential. It hasn’t been turned into a sanitized tourist trap, but instead is a functioning neighborhood. While this means that you have to be careful which part of the old city you stumble into, as some areas can get a little sketchy, it also means that it vibrates with life and variety. It’s not completely filled with apartments either; there are lots of bars and restaurants where you can mingle with the locals and inhabit the vibrant life of this mysterious and archaic neighbourhood.

For an experience on the complete opposite end of the class spectrum, head over to the Musei di Strada Nuova. Built in the 16th century by the gentry of the city in an attempt to expand the municipality, the Strada Nuova (new streets) became the home of the city’s wealthiest citizens during the luxurious years of the Renaissance. Today, the three most ornate and beautiful estates have been turned into museums. Stroll through the grounds and halls of these stunning baroque buildings, and soak in the lavish architecture and interior design. You’ll be astounded by the precise and delicate beauty on display. The museums also contain Genoa’s largest collection of artwork by classical masters such as Caravaggio and Gerard David. Genoa’s city hall is also part of the block and it contains one of Paganini’s violins and, it is rumored, Columbus’ bones.

Like all Italian cities, Genoa has a fantastic food scene. Delicious pastas and mouth-watering pizzas abound, but also like all Italian cities, Genoa has a particular sauce that it lays claim to: pesto sauce. Grinded by hand in marble mortars, the sauce is made from emulsified basil leaves, pine nuts, sharp parmesan cheese, and local olive oil. Head to Trattoria San Carlo, a tiny restaurant that serves the sauce on trofie, squiggly fresh pasta noodles perfect for sopping up all that delicious sauce.

Getting Around Genoa

Genoa has a pretty solid public transportation system made up of a combination of buses, trams, a short and limited subway route, and even one water-bus route. You must have purchased a ticket before boarding, which can be purchased at any newsstand for €1.50. Another great way to get around is to do as the locals do and rent yourself a Vespa or scooter. Cheap to rent and very good on gas, there is no more classic Italian experience than cruising down boulevards and coastal walkways on a Vespa.

Pressed up against the Mediterranean Sea by the Alps to its north and the Apennines to its south, Genoa is a compressed but sprawling city. Within that sprawl there are multitudes of pleasures and delights to discover. Tough and gritty working class neighbourhoods that serve delicious food for cheap give you a taste of daily life here. On the other end of the spectrum, glorious museums and palaces remind you of the city’s history as a Renaissance and Enlightenment powerhouse. If you want to be treated like a royal on your journey to the city, you’ll have to take business class flights to Genoa.

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