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Business Class Flights To Guangzhou

Formally known to the West as Canton, Guangzhou is a sprawling, gigantic port city and capital of the economically vital Guangdong province. It’s the third largest city in China. Separated by a mountain range from the rest of the country, Guangzhou has developed into a city that stands on its own. A historic mixing pot of cultures, Guangzhou has only seen it’s diversity grow as it’s become a destination for people from all over the world. Cosmopolitan, rebellious and undefinable, this is a city that is rife with experiences and adventures that will impress any curious traveler. Guangzhou is also an incredibly wealthy city that is defined by its luxury. Which is why taking business class flights to Guangzhou is an essential part of the experience. While it may cost a bit more than an economy flight, the advantages of a business flight are multifold. Board the plane earlier, enjoy free additional room for luggage, and experience attentive and frequent service. A flight in business class will leave you feeling like royalty and get you in the proper headspace to explore the decadent streets of Guangzhou.

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Guangzhou Airport and Business Class Lounge

Most business class flights to Guangzhou will be arriving at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. This airport is relatively new, having been built on the site in 2004 to replace a demolished airport that was located in the same spot. The older airport was limited in its ability to accommodate the huge number of people that were travelling through it, but the new airport is now the third busiest in China, accommodating over 60 million passengers a year. That’s a lot of bodies, which brings us to another reason business class flights to Guangzhou are such a good investment. Access to business class lounges is essential for making sure your trip is as stress-free as possible. You can take a nap in the quiet zone or catch up on some last minute work before you put your laptop away for a while. Take a shower, charge up your phone and enjoy delicious, complimentary food. Perhaps the best part of the business class lounge is the immediate access to staff. No matter how busy and chaotic the rest of the airport is, in a business class lounge you will be able to talk to staff who can answer questions and accommodate any changes you may need to make.


Things To Do In Guangzhou

Guangzhou is a town that prides itself on doing things its own way. Positioned beside Hong Kong and the main cultural capital for Cantonese Chinese, Guangzhou is known as a much more international and cosmopolitan city compared to its massive rivals Shanghai and Beijing. With its historic tradition of being the port for ideas and goods from the outside world, it’s no wonder that Guangzhou has been the birthplace of many rebellions, revolts and other mischief. Guangzhou is also a surprisingly green city, nicknamed “The Flower City” by many of its residents. The streets are lined with old, beautiful trees and the walls of buildings are often covered with ivy and eye-popping bursts of flowers. One of the best places to experience the city’s romance with nature is Canton Orchid Garden Festival. Enrich your body and spirit by taking a walk through this Garden that is home to over two hundred species of orchids and other flowers. They reach full bloom during the spring festival, but any time of year is a good time to visit this paradise of peace and tranquility located in the middle of the city. You’ll leave the garden feeling as peaceful as one of its many beautiful plants.

Guangzhou is also the capital of Cantonese food, which is the style of food that western Chinese food takes after. Food is life in Guangzhou. It’s what people do, what they talk about and what they dream about. Once you taste some of the best dishes offered you’ll see why. Dim Sum, noodles and congee are some of the most popular dishes. Eating delicious food in Guangzhou is so accessible you would have a hard time not doing it. Start off by visiting one of the famous food streets; long, pedestrian-only avenues that are filled to the brim with carts and vendors sweating over deep-fryers and steamers as they whip up treats like dumplings, lobster sausage and crispy pigeon. The most famous of these streets is Shangxiajui Pedestrian Street and it is a perfect place to begin your food odyssey. After, visit Shamain Island. Hundreds of years ago this island was the lone place isolationist China would allow Westerners to settle, and because of that it’s filled with architecture from that period, making it stand out from the rest of city’s more modern architecture. Some of the best restaurants in the city are found here, and if you don’t mind waiting for a bit, you can enjoy this amazing cuisine at a more languid and peaceful pace than you’ll find elsewhere.

Getting Around Guangzhou

Once you arrive on business class flights to Guangzhou, the best way to get around the city is the Metro. It is very affordable, costing only 2 Renminbi for a short trip. There are four lines and you can get to the majority of the major tourist attractions from them. The best part is the system is bilingual, unlike the busses, limiting the possibility of getting lost. If you do get lost though, the city is serviced by a fleet of taxis that have no problem assisting tourists to get to where they need to be.

Whether or not it’s called Guangzhou or Canton, this city has held a special place in the imagination of the world. It is a meeting ground, a trading place and mixing pot where the best and most delicious parts of Cantonese culture collide with travelers from around the world to produce a wild and beautiful city unlike any other. You owe it to yourself to take business class flights to Guangzhou and experience its multitude of charms and experiences.

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