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Business Class Flights To Hannover

Germany is a country with a rich and varied history, and few of its cities exemplify this better than Hannover. The capital of the German state of Lower Saxony, Hannover has been home to kings, queens, dukes and duchesses. While things have changed politically through the centuries, Hannover has always remained a major artery of Germany, and a welcome home to large gatherings. From the multiple trade fairs it hosts, to the annual marksmen’s festival, to their Oktoberfest celebrations, no one loves a celebration more than Hannover. Don’t forget, this is the city that gave us The Scorpions and their hit single “Rock You Like a Hurricane”. This is a city that knows how to have a good time. When planning your visit to Hannover, for whatever event brings you there, you’d do best to consider business class flights to Hannover. On its face, flying economy doesn’t seem so bad, but it’s only after the plane takes off that you’re reminded of the cramped leg room, the shared arm rests, and the infrequent refreshment service. Avoid these discomforts by booking business class flights to Hannover and allow yourself to be catered to as you deserve. Make use of priority check-in, take advantage of the additional luggage allowance, and, if you need to prepare a project while traveling, log on to the Wi-Fi, plug in to your own personal power source, and work in comfort. Make sure you’re arriving in Hannover relaxed and ready to explore.

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Hannover Airport and Business Class Lounge

When taking business class flights to Hannover you will be landing at the Hannover-Langenhagen airport located roughly seven miles north of Hannover’s city center. It is currently listed as the ninth largest airport in Germany. While in the airport, make sure to access one of their top-class business lounges. If you find yourself in need of freshening up, they have shower access and, in some cases, a full spa, leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated, ready to enjoy your vacation. Perhaps you need a venue to host an impromptu meeting. Business lounges have you covered with state-of-the-art conference rooms. And sometimes, after a flight, we all just need to unwind. Before hopping on the shuttle downtown, stop off, have a cocktail and make final plans for your stay. The courteous staff is always willing to offer advice regarding local customs, neighborhoods, and sites to check out.


Things To Do In Hannover

While Hannover isn’t usually the first city to come up in discussions about Germany, it has its own secret beauty to discover for those willing to seek it. Due to the large number of expos and festivals that the city houses, and its position as a crossing point for the Autobahn and the European rail system, Hannover is always welcoming a diverse group of travelers. Whatever your reason for being there, Hannover has something special to offer you.

Hannover has a bounty of beautiful landscape architecture that must be seen. First, there’s the Eilenriede Forest, Europe’s largest city forest. The Green Lung, as it’s known colloquially, is almost twice the size of New York’s Central Park and is ideal for strolling, jogging or cycling. For something more opulent, head to the Baroque Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen. Consisting of four separate gardens (the Great Garden, the Berggarten, the Georgengarten, and the Welfengarten), these are considered some of the foremost gardens in Europe and their histories span centuries. The Georgengarten and Welfengarten are open to the public without cost both day and night, but the Great Garden and Berggarten require paid admission, though you can purchase a combination ticket to see both. While there, also visit the Museum Schloss Herrenhausen. Originally a palace erected in the 19th century, bombing in 1943 all but destroyed it. Maintaining the original façade, the original plans were used to reconstruct the building in 2013 and visitors can now learn about the strange time when the British Empire was ruled from Hannover.

Hannover also has a great history of showcasing some of the most important artists of any era. The Sprengel Museum is considered to be in possession of one of the most impressive collections of modern art in Germany. Notable artists on display in the permanent collection include Max Ernst, Paul Klee, Pablo Picasso, Emil Nolde and Max Beckmann. If you want a chance at seeing the next great artist, be sure to visit the Kestner Gesellschaft. The gallery was opened in 1916 with the goal of bringing bold new works by international artists to Hannover, and it has seen resounding success with shows by Otto Dix, Wassily Kandinsky, Georg Grosz and Paul Klee before they became titans of the art world.

Dining options are plentiful in Hannover. For a romantic dinner overlooking the man-made Maschsee lake, make reservations at Pier 51. There, you’ll enjoy their ever-changing menu focusing on fish, poultry and light pasta dishes. For an entirely unique dining experience, head to Basil, a modern European fusion restaurant built inside old stables. Specifically of note is their extensive wine list. For something more laid back, try the retro-chic Spandau Projekt. With its selection of burgers, pasta, curries and salads, this is unpretentious dining that attracts all manner of patrons.


Getting Around Hannover

When landing after business class flights to Hannover, your best option for getting to the city center is the S-Bahn train that runs twice hourly. Travel time is roughly 17 minutes and it costs only three-and-a-half Euros. But be advised, the train does not run between 1:30 and 4 a.m., so if you are landing late, be prepared to take a taxi. When in Hannover, you’ll find their public transit system will get you everywhere you want to go reliably and cheaply. Think about investing in a Hannover Card. It provides access to all public transportation and discounts to local attractions. Prices range based on number of days and number of people in your group. Taxis can tend to be a tad costly, so use them at your discretion.

Hannover has seen a lot since its creation and has many stories to tell. While some stories are sadder than others (the city was one of the worst hit by World War II) all are important and offer a distinct experience of the Western World. Hear these stories yourself by booking business class flights to Hannover.

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