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Business Class Flights To Helsinki

Jutting up against the freezing Baltic sea, Helsinki is a surprisingly sleek and sexy city. The capital of Finland and the northernmost city with over a million inhabitants, Helsinki is unlike any city in the world. Banish your preconceived notions of a cold and sparse city, isolated and freezing near the Arctic circle. Instead the person who travels to Helsinki will discover a city bursting with design and culture. Amazing shops and charming cafes populate winding streets that are surrounded by stunning stretches of snow-covered nature, all under the austere glow of the Northern Lights. Romantic, mysterious and throbbing with the energy of a spy thriller, Helsinki is the kind of city where the intrepid traveler feels like a heart-stopping adventure lies around every corner. Begin your trip to this incredible town with business class flights to Helsinki. On business class flights you’ll arrive in the style that this stunning and gorgeous city deserves. While more expensive than the average flight, the amazing comfort and luxury of a business class flight will quickly seem priceless. After indulging in a refreshing and complimentary glass of champagne, scour the menu for a mouth-watering dish, from roasted chicken to a fresh croissant. Tthen stretch out in the ample seating room and grab some shut-eye before arriving in the chilly embrace of Helsinki.

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Helsinki Airport and Business Class Lounge

Business class flights to Helsinki will touch down at Helsinki Airport, located ten miles outside of the city and reachable by rail, bus and taxi. The airport is the main hub for Finnair, the flag carrier of Finland. Beyond that the airport has fifty airlines operating out of it and over nineteen million fliers passing through it annually. The airport is a marvel of modern design. Sunlight floods through curved and pristine glass walls, dappling the austere walls and illuminating high-end shops like Swarovski and Rolex. Clean, organized and beautiful, this airport is one of the most pleasant in Europe. And that’s just the regular airport; with business class flights to Helsinki you get access to the airport’s glorious business class lounges. Revel with a delicious cocktail or fresh espresso in one of the three cozy lounges, as the Northern Lights reverberate throughout the airport. Still not relaxed? Blast off the long flight with a hot shower, or get an early taste of the local culture with a long steam in one of the lounge’s exclusive saunas.


Things To Do In Helsinki

As enjoyable as business class flights to Helsinki and the business class lounge are, it’s time to get down to the main event. No matter how much time you spend in this enthralling capital, the curious tourist will constantly be finding more to fall in love with. A few years ago, Helsinki was voted the world design capital. The reason why will become clear after even the smallest amount of time. The entire city feels like a precarious miniature set. Adorable shops, intricately arranged to the finest detail, neighbor impeccably designed coffee shops that pop with idiosyncratic patterns. As the surplus of cute shops and cafes grows, you’ll start to wonder if it’s illegal to own an ugly looking business in utterly charming Helsinki. Beyond the shops, the spirit of creativity and design can be seen in the architecture of the city’s larger buildings. You could spend hours staring at the swooping, gorgeous designs of the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, or Musiikkitalo Concert Hall before even entering either building.

While the rest of the world has recently been swept up in the fad of locally-sourced and foraged foods, for Helsinki this has been the norm for decades. Finland’s cuisine reflects the sublime nature that surrounds it. Heaping plates of freshwater Arctic char, bear, and reindeer (just to name a few) will delight and stuff the famished traveler. Local berries, mushrooms, and other root vegetables will make you forget all about the flavorless apples and tomatoes from back home. Check out the Hakanieman Kauppahalli, an old market hall located downtown where you can find all the local fauna, from smoked fish to wild mushrooms, that your heart desires.

Helsinki is a city of straits, inlets and islands. One of these islands is home to the mighty fortress of Suomenlinna. Located on a cluster of islands just outside of the city’s harbor, this epic building is a registered Unesco world heritage site and is one of the more popular tourist destinations in Helsinki. Built in 1748, when the city was still part of the Kingdom of Sweden, this massive structure was originally intended to protect the citizens of the country. Today it serves as a ravishing experience in time travel, transporting the unsuspecting sightseer to centuries long past. Return to the present by grabbing a brew at the Suomenlinna Panimo. Made onsite, the stout is particularly delicious.

Getting Around Helsinki

There are a variety of ways to get around Helsinki. Considering how flat and well designed the city is, bicycling might be the most enjoyable. You can enjoy the crisp air, get in a bit of exercise and move at the perfect speed to really take in all the delightful twists and turns of the city. Beyond that, the city also has a substantial mass transit system made up of buses, trams and a single metro line. For the occasional site, like Suomenlinna, you’ll have to take a ride on a ferry, which is both inexpensive and a great way to catch unique views of this stunning city.

Helsinki is a city unlike any other in the world. While seemingly chilly and isolated, it is quite the opposite. It’s a city of beautiful and wondrous design built to delight the eye and inspire the mind. Whether it’s going on a breathtaking ski trip, gorging on a platter of smoked fish, or indulging in some of the best coffee to be found in Europe, the city provides an infinite amount of incredible experiences. Another experience you’re sure to adore is taking business class flights to Helsinki.

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