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Business Class Flights To Hungary

If you love to travel, you know that one of the most difficult parts of traveling is deciding where to go. For the avid explorer every country is an adventure of its own. Whether you’re looking for a cozy chalet in Switzerland, or an urban metropolis like Sao Paolo, there are options out there for everyone. One travel destination that should not be slept on is Hungary. Though it’s known best for its major city, Budapest, Hungary is home to so much more. Small towns with people who will invite you in for a meal, dazzling old architecture, and some of the best hiking trails in the world are what this magnificent country are all about. If you do intend to see this beautiful land, you may want to consider taking business class flights to Hungary. There’s no shortage of reasons why business class flights are worth every penny. To be on one of these premiere flights is to know what it is to be cared for by true experts in customer service. You’ll never feel as though you’re being ignored, or your needs aren’t being met because the attendants on business class flights to Hungary know just how to make your trip a sterling one. Whether you’re going to enjoy a vacation in incredible Budapest or taking the trip purely for business, flying business class is a treat you won’t regret giving yourself.

Hungary Airports and Business Class Lounges

Hungary’s busiest airport is Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport. Named after the famous Hungarian composer, this is the airport you’re most likely to land at when taking business class flights to Hungary. Business class passengers will have access to one of the country’s airport’s many business class lounges. At these special lounges you’ll find that being at the airport can be a pleasure. Unlike the common airport experience of chaos and confusion, you’ll be able to sit in peace as you sip a fine drink or experience a delicious meal. We’re not talking airport food; we’re talking real food. Many business class lounges sport buffets at all the key meal times. That means your choices won’t be limited when your stomach starts rumbling with hunger. Save yourself the typical wandering through the airport looking for the least offensive fast food option and sink your teeth into something you’ll truly enjoy at the business class lounge. If you’re in Hungary on business, you’ll love the fact that these lounges come with business centers for all your entrepreneurial needs. Equipped with state of the art computers, printers and Wi-Fi, the business class lounge will have you leaving primed for your important meeting.


Things To Do In Hungary

Hungary’s main attraction is the capital city of Budapest. A charming mix of old and new, Budapest is truly one of the hottest tourist towns in the world today. Split by the enchanting Danube River, Budapest is comprised of many distinct neighborhoods each with their own distinct flavor. In the old city of Buda, you’ll find incredible castles and palaces. You’ll find architecture that dates back to medieval times. You may come across some of the city’s famous thermal baths. Take a dip and feel the healing power of these amazing waters. Strolling through Budapest will make you feel like you’ve been transported back to a bygone era. Suddenly the old tails of knights and princesses from your childhood will come to mind. This is a magical city that everyone should have the chance to see in their lifetime.

Just North of Budapest lies the incredible town of Visegrad. Housing many churches that have stood for ages, Visegrad is a feast for the eyes. Be sure to visit the Hungarian Open Air Museum, dedicated to mimicking life as it was in the 18th century. Towns like this give you a true taste of how old our world truly is. Put down your smart phone for a while and take in a time that has long past, but still exists in a town like Visegrad.

If you wish to explore further than Budapest and its nearby regions, make your way to the city of Pecs. Located in the Mecsek Mountains, Pecs is a picturesque dream for anyone who enjoys stunning vistas that reach as far as the eye can see. Szeged is another town that’s less visited by tourists, but shouldn’t be missed. Rural Hungary holds as much beauty in it than anywhere else in Europe; so don’t be afraid to take the road less traveled.

Getting Around Hungary

When traveling on business class flights to Hungary, you’ll likely land in Budapest. In the capital city, you’ll find a fully operational metro that’s easy to navigate and will give you a taste of how the locals live. In Hungary’s smaller towns you’ll rely much more on bus travel. The buses are generally reliable and clean, and you shouldn’t have too much of a problem navigating the different routes. When traveling between cities, trains are always a nice way to see the country and relax. Hungary’s trains are reasonably priced and service many towns and cities. Taxis are readily available in Budapest and are an adequate way of traversing the city. Be on the lookout for suspicious taxi drivers that may be trying to grift you. Some discount airlines operate within Hungary and flying is an option, but we suggest taking the train if you have the choice. It’s simply more enjoyable.

Of all the places you could see in Europe, Hungary is an admirable choice. You won’t always be witness to the glitz and glamour of Paris, but you will get a wholly unique experience. Budapest is one of the world’s major cities and you won’t regret having seen its sights and sampled its tastes. When you do travel to this wondrous country, opt for a business class flight to Hungary. It’s a long flight and we’d hate for you to have to spend it with a stranger sleeping on your shoulder. Take the better way, and enjoy beautiful Hungary!

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