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Business Class Flights To Italy

Italy is famous for its class and sophistication. It’s as elegant a country as there is in the world. Its people are steadfast in age-old traditions, to the point that dinner is more of a ritual than just another meal. That’s why everyone should visit Italy. It isn’t simply a country; it’s a way of life. The nation’s history runs through the veins of its inhabitants. The Italian people are ever passionate and affectionate. It’s a delight just to be in their presence. And the food they make is a reflection of that passion. If you haven’t been to Italy, you don’t truly know how to enjoy a plate of pasta. You haven’t seen the love that goes into an otherwise basic dish. How does a simple tomato sauce taste so incredible? It’s the people who make it, their tradition and history always within them. And then there’s the landscape of the country, magnanimous mountains and amazing beaches all within the borders of this tremendous place. All this, plus some of the most beautiful cities in the entire world make Italy a must-see country. Taking business class flights to Italy is the perfect way to reach this luxurious destination. If you choose to fly on a business class airline based in Italy itself, you’ll get a taste of the country on your way over. You won’t be eating the usual airline food; you’ll be treated to incredible pastas from menus designed by world-class Italian chefs. You’re embarking on what will surely be the trip of a lifetime, why settle for anything less than the best?

Italy Airports And Business Class Lounges

Rome’s largest airport is Leonardo da Vinci International Airport, situated in the capital city of Rome. As the eighth busiest airport in Europe, da Vinci Airport can be a hectic travel hub. Next largest are Milan Malpensa Airport, Bergamo Airport, and Milan Linate Airport. If you’re taking business class flights to Italy, you’ll be allowed entry to one of Italy’s airport’s business class lounges. In these lounges you’ll have your pick of entertainment options to pass the time while you wait for your flight. Between televisions, videogames, complimentary Wi-Fi and trained masseuses, you won’t have trouble filling your time. You may even want to arrive early to take full advantage of all the perks that business class lounges have to offer. Sit back and enjoy a fine red wine as you prepare for an amazing trip to wonderful Italy.


Things To Do In Italy

Deciding what to do in Italy might be the biggest challenge you face while you’re there. There’s so much to see in this grand country. Whether you’re after a stroll in the countryside or tremendous metropolises, Italy is the place to be. Let’s start with Rome, one of the most breathtaking cities in the world. With landmarks like the Colosseum and the Pantheon, Rome isn’t just a leisurely vacation spot; it’s a mind-blowing history lesson. Delve thousands of years back in time and imagine the world as it once was. If you’re more in the mood to sit and relax, you won’t have a problem doing that in this capital city. Rome is home to some of the most sought after restaurants on the entire globe. Go for a romantic dinner at one of the many Michelin starred restaurants and know what true luxury feels like.

Did somebody say romance? Then we have to talk about Venice. There’s no place in the world like Venice. Famous for its network of canals running throughout the city, Venice is an absolute stunner of a city. If you’re with a spouse or loved one, you’ll never forget Venice. Take one of the city’s famous gondola rides, look up at the stars and realize just how good life can be. Go gaze upon the Basilica of St. Mark and be awed by the iconic religious imagery. And don’t forget to dine while you’re in Venice as well. With an assortment of restaurants located along the various canals, you’ll think that you’re in a dream. Indeed, Venice is the kind of city where you might find yourself needing a pinch to make sure you’re actually awake. There’s simply no comparison to this extravagant town.

If you’re looking for a more rural flavor, you may want to visit the region of Tuscany. With a variety of small towns throughout this region, you could throw a dart at a map and end up somewhere completely enchanting. The major city in Tuscany is beautiful Florence. With a vibe all of its own, Florence may be less traveled to than Rome or Venice, but it’s just as worthy of a visit.

Getting Around Italy

When taking business class flights to Italy, you’ll need to find you’re way around once you get there. Our best piece of advice is to always look towards the train. Italy’s trains are high end. They combine comfort with class and sophistication in a manner not always seen throughout Europe. The country’s high-velocity trains will get you from one major city to the next in terrific time. The train is a blessing for anyone who wants to travel in a way that lets them see all that this great land has to offer. If you’re inclined to fly, there are discount airlines that service Italy’s larger cities. They won’t be as nice as business class flights to Italy, but they’ll get the job done. When traversing the cities themselves, taxis can be on the pricier side. Many cab companies in Italy start the meter once you order the taxi, rather than when you get in. Local transit is a better way to go if you can help it.

Italy is an absolute knockout of a country. Its charm will stay with you for long after you’ve left. The only thing that could make a trip to this standout nation any better is taking business class flight to Italy. It’s the only way to make your trip over as enjoyable as the trip itself.

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