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Business Class Flights To Japan

Japan is a country steeped in tradition. With roots that go back to ancient civilization, its people know what they stand for and how they want to live. When you enter a ramen shop for instance, it’s not going to be just your run-of-the-mill lunch spot. Instead it will be an experience. The attention to detail will astound you, everything in your bowl of soup placed with a purpose. And that goes for nearly everything in stunning Japan. The Japanese people are a perfect image of human ingenuity. Perhaps that’s why Japan is so well known for its technological feats. Walk down a street in downtown Tokyo and you’ll sometimes feel like you walked into the future. Flashing lights and strange noises will overtake your senses. Balance that with the breathtaking beauty and serene silence of one of the country’s many rural shrines, and you have a truly diverse experience within one small island nation. When visiting this Far East wonder, you’ll want to consider taking business class flights to Japan. Being one of the longer flights from the United States, flying economy can be a bit of a slog. On the other side of the coin, flying business class to Japan is a delight. It makes the trek over the Pacific Ocean feel like a night at an exclusive lounge. Exemplary service and maximum comfort are things to behold.

Japan Airports And Business Class Lounges

Japan’s busiest airport is Haneda Airport in the city of Tokyo. Being the third busiest airport in all of Asia, Haneda is a major hub for travelers of all kinds. Those who take business class flights to Japan will have special access to the business class lounges of the country’s airports. As you well know, airports can be some of the most hectic places on Earth. Trying to gather your bearings in a new and foreign country can be hard enough. Try doing it while other travelers are rushing past you in a chaotic blitz to reach their flights. At the business class lounge, you can sit in peace, have a tea or coffee, and calm your mind before going out into the city. That’s a major benefit when you consider how overwhelming Japan can be. Culture shock can make for a wonderful adventure, but only if you’re feeling up to the task. If your brain is groggy and you’re trying to navigate a new and complicated subway system, you might not have a lot of fun. So, enjoy one of Japan’s business class lounges, and tackle your trip on the right note.


Things To Do In Japan

When it comes to things to do in Japan, you’re looking at an embarrassment of riches. Arriving on business class flights to Japan means that the whole country is at your fingertips and you’ll be well rested to take it all in. There’s so much to see on this island nation, so much diversity of experiences you can have. From the cutting edge technology of Tokyo to the ancient nature of the Kamo Shrine in Kyoto, Japan runs the full gamut.

Let’s start with Tokyo. Japan’s capital city is a massive metropolis encompassing several different neighborhoods. A good one to start in is Shinjuku. In many ways Shinjuku is the heartbeat of Tokyo. Its world-class restaurants are at the epicenter of Japanese cuisine. When here, you’ll want to get a taste of izakaya. Analogous to pub food, dining on izakaya is a special experience. Rather than commit to one meal, diners will sample an array of small bites, each more tantalizing than the last. Donjaca restaurant is a no-brainer if you’re looking for an izakaya experience you’ll never forget.

The Tsukiji Outer Market is a staple of the Shinjuku neighborhood. Located in a series of small alleyways, the market is the kind of magical place you’d expect to find in one of the world’s oldest cultures. As you stroll past the many tables of handmade wares, you’ll realize that this is a great place to grab a gift for friends and family back home.

Once done in Tokyo, make your way over to Kyoto. Though lacking the scale that Tokyo has, Kyoto is a major city in its own right. Known for a calmer disposition than Tokyo, you’ll enjoy some peace and quiet after some party filled nights in the capital. Kyoto is home to some of Japan’s most amazing shrines. Fushimi Inari-Taisha is a site that holds five separate shrines. You can’t go wrong by visiting this mesmerizing landmark. Its beauty is second to no other place. It’s a beauty that will stay with you long after you’ve left.

Getting Around Japan

When taking business class flights to Japan you’ll need to find your way around upon landing. Japan’s trains are known throughout the world for their efficiency. The trains come when they say they will, so always endeavor to get to the station early. Be aware that multiple trains going to different places will often stop at the same platform, so be sure not to hop on the wrong one. We recommend taking at least one bullet train, as it’s an experience you won’t get to have anywhere else. Japan houses a number of low-cost airlines for hopping from island to island, but trains will usually be your best bet. Riding the subway in Tokyo can be an overwhelming experience, especially during rush hour, but luckily English instructions can often be found. Whatever you’re doing always try to leave with time to spare, as getting a bit lost is never out of the question.

Making your way to Japan is a trip you’ll never forget. How often is it that you get to see a place that’s completely different from the life you’re used to? It’s no wonder that those who travel to this amazing country talk about it for a lifetime. When it’s time for you to visit this enchanting nation, we hope you’re able to take business class flights to Japan, so you can enjoy it in all its glory.

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