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Business Class Flights To Korea

Korea has quickly become one of the most culturally influential countries on the planet. With the rise of popular Korean music and movies making their way to our shores, we know more about this country than ever before. This all makes it the perfect travel destination. Visiting Europe will always be a pleasure, but some of the most seasoned travelers would like to get out of their comfort zones. Traveling in a country where you can’t coast on its people knowing your language is a whole new ballgame. You’re forced to immerse yourself in that culture, rather than stand on the outside looking in. Of course that’s not the only reason to go to Korea. Their restaurant scene has reached new heights as of late, with some Korean dishes becoming the hot new things here in the United States. Korea is also a hub of business these days. Depending on your field, there’s a good chance you’ll need to travel to Korea on behalf of your job. When you visit this Eastern gem, you should always think about taking business class flights to Korea. Being as far away as it is, the flight to Korea can be long and daunting. That’s why it makes more sense than ever to fly in business. You’ll get the rest you need to have a successful trip. Don’t let yourself get stuck in a seat that won’t let your head lean back enough in order to get a good sleep. Do yourself a favor and take business class flights to Korea.

Korea Airports and Business Class Lounges

The largest airports in Korea are Incheon International Airport, Jeju International Airport, Gimhae International Airport and Gimpo International Airport. If you take business class flights to Korea, you’ll have the pleasure of being able to use the business class lounges located in the country’s airports. Business class lounges are like islands of calm in the middle of a chaotic sea of people rushing to flights. With access to amenities such as complimentary showers, these lounges are a great way to have you feeling new again after a long flight. After you shower you’ll have access to high quality food, not just airport food. Getting a rest and a proper meal goes a long way when you’re embarking on a trip. Without the right fuel for both your body and mind, you can easily burn out. Korea’s business class lounges are an integral part to having a relaxed introduction to this spectacular country.


Things To Do In Korea

There’s such diversity of things to do in Korea that it’s hard to know where to start. Let’s start with the winter sports you can partake in. The county of Pyeongchang was the host of the latest winter Olympics and there’s a reason for that. Home to some of the greatest ski slopes in the world, Pyeongchang is a winter sports enthusiast’s dream come true. It’s not every day that you get to carve up the same hills as Olympic athletes.

South Korea’s capital city, Seoul, is one of the largest, most bustling cities on the planet. It’s at once both extremely modern, and ancient. When in Seoul, Changdeokgung Palace is a must-see. Dating back to 1405, Changdeokgung is pristine in its beauty. Entrancing gardens that span its grounds are as beautiful as it gets. Reservations to this South Korean gem are available online, and they do go quickly so don’t sleep on it.

Deoksugung is another incredible palace in Seoul. Dating back to 1593, Deoksugung is one of the few palaces in Seoul that allows you to visit after dark. Looking up at this ancient palace as it’s lit up in the midst of a balmy evening is truly a sight to behold. Look out for the haetae, the mythical creatures etched in stone among the palace grounds.

Getting Around Korea

When taking business class flights to Korea, you’ll have to find your way around once you’ve touched down. Luckily, most of Korea’s larger cities have excellent subway systems. As an added plus, these subways often feature instructions in English, so you won’t be too lost. Subways are always a good way to get to know a city. You’re able to travel the way the locals do, and see what they see on their everyday commute. If however, you’d like to skip the subways, taxis are an affordable option. It’s worth noting that tipping is not customary in Korea. Taxis are based on a meter system; so if you get into a cab without a meter, beware. It’s not totally uncommon while traveling to get overcharged in a taxi, so try to determine beforehand what the ride is worth. When traveling between cities in Korea, a number of discount airlines are operational. Be sure to compare prices between them and find the best deal for you. Always check for added fees. Some airlines seem cheaper than they are. Once adding up luggage fees and other costs, that bargain price you found might not be such a bargain.

When you take business class flights to Korea, you know you’re in for something special. The flight itself will prime you for having one of the best trips of your lifetime. When you’re pampered the way you are in business class, it’s easy to believe that things will just keep getting better. When your destination is Korea, you would be correct in that assumption. For so long most of us in the west have slept on this amazing country. It didn’t get the attention Japan or China did, but now that’s all changing. Korea is the place to see, and once you do, you’ll be booking another trip back as fast as you can. A culture so steeped in history, with cities that look as futuristic as a science fiction movie. It’s a marriage that makes for an enthralling journey of a vacation. We hope you get the chance to love Korea as much as those who have been.

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