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Business Class Flights To Lyon

Are you considering a European vacation in the near future? May we suggest heading off the beaten path and visiting the fabulous city of Lyon, located approximately 500 km away from Paris in Eastern France. Although Lyon is the third largest city in France, and is well known for its cultural and gastronomic pleasures, it is still somewhat of a sleepy town that is not frequented by hordes of tourists. As a result it should be considered a premier destination for a nice and relaxing vacation. The ideal way to start your trip off relaxed is to consider taking business class flights to Lyon. With more comfortable seating and overhead room, premier service, and access to the delightful business class lounge, you’ll never want to fly any other way again.

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Lyon Airport and Business Class Lounge

Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport acts as Lyon’s major transport hub for international and domestic flights. There is also Lyon-Bron airport, which is situated a little further out of the city and is most known for servicing domestic flights. These are the best airports to search when planning business class flights to Lyon as all flights will pass through their terminals. Don’t forget to utilize the business class lounge before and after your flights, as it is another primary perk available to business class travelers. With fast and free Wi-Fi, several refreshment options available, and luxurious seating to stretch out and relax, the business class lounge allows travelers to prepare for their flights away from the noise and stress of the busy terminal. When your business class flights to Lyon arrive to the airport, simply ask a stewardess or airport information booth where the lounge is located and you’ll be happy you chose to fly in style!


Things To Do In Lyon

Lyon is an extremely important city in France for its culture and history. Thousands of university students call Lyon home each school year, and it’s easy to understand why it is an ideal place for learning and studying. Before doing anything else, head up the Fourvière hill and you will be immediately immersed in Lyon’s rich and interesting history. Once at the top of the hill, first look out over the city for a breathtaking view of where you’ll be spending your next few days. Watch as the Rhône and Saône rivers flow by beneath you and look with wonder at the orange tiled rooftops of Lyon’s old town. On a clear day even the Alps are visible from this vantage point!

Next be sure to take in the Roman ruins that sit atop the Fourvière hill, home to the ancient ruins of an amphitheater from when this region was dominated by the Romans. Originally constructed in the year 15 BC, you’ll be transported to a fascinating time in Lyon’s history. Guided tours and informative plaques provide information that can’t be missed. If you’re lucky you may even be able to take in a concert at the theatre, as it is still used as a music venue to this day.

Your trip to the top of Lyon’s Fourvière hill wouldn’t be complete without a visit to what many consider to be the city’s centerpiece, the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière, a giant church constructed in the late nineteenth century. This basilica’s large stature and position atop a hill make it visible from almost everywhere in Lyon, and therefore you’ll be happy to wander through it to see its impressive religious artworks and stained glass windows. Again your visit can be assisted by a tour guide who knows all the secrets of the church and can relate its importance to Lyon’s history.

Finally, no discussion of what to do in Lyon would be complete without mention of the city’s incredible food and drink traditions. Lyon is synonymous with fine dining and several famous French dishes originated within the city. Be sure to head to one of the Old Town’s many restaurants to try specialties such as the Lyon sausage, local cheeses, and of course a delicious steak with fries and mustard sauce. Delicious! Pair it with a glass of red wine bottled in one of the region’s vineyards and you will be truly satisfied and wondering why Lyon isn’t on every tourist’s radar.

Getting Around Lyon

Lyon is a very easy city to get around, with many public transport options available. After arriving at the airport relaxed and refreshed thanks to your business class flights to Lyon, hop on the recently opened Rhônexpress tram for a cheap, fast, and easy voyage into the downtown area of Lyon. The Rhônexpress tram will either connect you to the metro or drop you at Lyon’s central train station, both extremely convenient no matter your final destination. Take time to familiarize yourself with a map of Lyon’s extensive metro system, which contains 4 lines and reaches nearly every point of interest the city offers. Combined with several tram and bus lines, Lyon’s public transport system is considered by many to be one of France’s finest. Since it is also safe, reliable, and inexpensive it is the premier way to travel within the city. Travelers should also consider taking one of the city’s two funiculars at some point during their stay. The funiculars offer a unique perspective and also make climbing uphill a lot easier than being on foot! One funicular goes to the top of Fourvière hill, home to some of Lyon’s best tourist destinations, and as such should be on any travelers to do list.

Lyon, France’s third largest city, is an excellent destination for travelers interested in culture, history, and gastronomic delights. Its gorgeous museums and churches are a must see, and yet Lyon has managed to forego the long lines and crowded tourist sights of Paris. It is also quite a bit cheaper to visit Lyon as opposed to Paris, so why not indulge yourself a bit on the way to your destination and book business class flights to Lyon? With spacious seating, complimentary refreshments, excellent service, and access to special entertainment options, flying business class is simply the best way to travel. It is the only way to ensure you arrive relaxed, refreshed and ready to take in all the joys that Lyon has to offer!

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