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Business Class Flights To Malaga

If you’re hankering to get out there and see the world, the first question is always where do you go? Europe is a good place to start, but there are so many different facets of the European continent. There’s Scandinavia and its quirky charm, or Eastern Europe and its elegant tradition. There are beautiful forests, majestic mountains, and magnificent cities ripe for exploring. Then, of course there are the kinds of places where you can just lie on a beach for a week and relax. That’s where Spain comes in, and more specifically, the stunner of a city that is Malaga. Of course, to just lie on the beach in Malaga would be a bit of a waste. As one of the Mediterranean’s oldest seaports, Malaga is drenched in history, and beautiful architecture. There’s a lot to explore in this charming seaport. When you do decide to see this gem of southern Spain, you may want to look into taking business class flights to Malaga. Life can be tough, and you work hard, you owe it to yourself to enjoy a truly sublime flight experience. On business class flights you’ll forget the length of your flight, and settle into the lap of luxury. By the time you touch down in wonderful Malaga, you’ll be well rested and completely content. There’s one sure-fire way to make sure you enjoy your trip overseas and that’s by taking business class flights to Malaga.

Recently sold business class flights to Malaga

New York
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Los Angeles
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Fares are TOTAL, starting prices, round trip, per traveler, including taxes and fees. One way flights are up to 50% less. Prices are subject to change and depend on availability at time of booking. No fare can be guaranteed until a ticket is issued.

Malaga Airport and Business Class Lounge

Those who opt to take business class flights to Malaga will land at the Malaga Costa del Sol Airport. As the fourth busiest airport in all of Spain, Malaga Airport can get a bit hectic. That’s where the business class lounge comes in. Those who take business class flights to Malaga will have full access to the airport’s business class lounge, and they’ll be happy for it. That’s because the business class lounge offers the perfect break from the chaos of the airport. Having a respite from the throngs of travelers rushing to their flights is a luxury that you’ll come to need the more you experience it. With a list of perks that will make your head spin, the business class lounge is the place to be when at the airport. Sit back and relax as helpful attendants keep you informed of any delays that may occur. Enjoy a delicious cocktail, or help your self to the buffet. Traveling can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. In the business class lounge you’ll feel the tension of taking a trip melt away.


Things To Do In Malaga

When you’re not lying on he beach enjoying a cerveza, you’ll want to be out seeing the sites. The Alcazaba de Malaga is a good place to start. This Moorish castle from the 9th century is a sight to behold. Used as a line of defense for many years, the castle is now a tourist’s dream. The Museum of Malaga now calls this location home and is a terrific spot for the curious traveler to peruse. The museum is actually split into two separate museums; the Museum of Fine Arts and the Archaeology Museum. At the Museum of Fine Arts you’ll find an excellent collection of artwork from the Spanish greats. Some of Picasso’s most incredible works belong here in this gallery. In the Archaeology Museum the curious traveler will have a front row seat to some extraordinary ancient Roman artifacts. Overall, you won’t regret making your way to the Alcazaba de Malaga.

For a peaceful and refreshing visit, make your way to La Concepcion Botanical Gardens. Created in 1855, these gardens are as beautiful as they are serene. Encompassing many different gardens with different themes, the botanical gardens could take hours out of your day, and it will be time well spent. Separate routes are designed throughout the garden to allow you to choose which paths you’d like to walk. One exhibit breaks down plants by continent, allowing for the intrepid tourist to see the world as they gaze at the plants.

Semana Santa, or Holy Week is one of Malaga’s most famous spectacles. Having been around for more than 500 years, Holy Week is a time of amazing religious precessions and exhibits. If you have any interest in religious history or art, this time of year in Malaga can’t be missed. A parade that rivals the Macy’s Day Parade is the highlight of the whole week. With massive floats occupying the streets, Semana Santa is a time you won’t soon forget. Whether you’re religious yourself, or merely an observer, this is not to be missed.

Getting Around Malaga

Malaga is no small town, therefore it has a lot of different options when it comes to transport. Ironically, you won’t often need them. Walking is the best way to get around Malaga, which has a great many attractions condensed in a small area. On foot, you’ll have the pleasure of seeing the city as you walk from point A to point B. Bicycles are a great way to get around as well, if you want the benefits of walking, but faster. Bikes can be rented at a good price. Bicycle taxis are also abundant in Malaga and are an interesting way to get around. Malaga is home to a two line metro system that’s easy and pleasurable to use. Between the subway and buses, you should be able to get anywhere you need, that you can’t walk to.

Malaga is a city that is easy to fall in love with. The perfect mix of leisure and excitement, there’s no better place to see in Spain. While lacking the famous name of Barcelona or Madrid, Malaga keeps up in every other way. If you take business class flights to Malaga, you’ll find that your trip across the ocean is almost as wonderful as your vacation. And it should be, because you deserve it. So get out there and see extraordinary Malaga, you’re going to love it!

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