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Business Class Flights To Naples

Naples is the capital of Italy’s south, the third largest city in the county, and one of the most beautiful and invigorating cities in the world. An old expression states, “See Naples and die.” This is not a threat, but an exaltation. Once you experience everything that Naples has to offer: the beautiful and mysterious winding streets, spectacular collections of art in stunning museums, wood-oven pizzerias that serve the best pizzas in the world, and shopping districts where you can find beautiful, artisanal clothing available nowhere else; you might feel like you’ve gotten everything you need out of this life. You can say the same thing about taking business class flight to Naples. Economy class has become a truly arduous experience. Lost luggage, crying babies and poor eating options are all common complaints heard about economy. On business class flights to Naples these negatives have been turned into positives. The food available to you is exquisite and varied. No more half-microwaved chicken or fish dishes, but instead fresh, delicious and complimentary options. Individual seating compartments are equipped with fully-reclinable seats that are more comfortable than the average bed. Luxurious, relaxing and pleasurable; flying in business class is the perfect warm up for the extravagant and opulent Neapolitan lifestyle.

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Naples Airport and Business Class Lounge

Business class flight to Naples will arrive at the Naples International Airport, located about 3.7 miles away from the city. The airport is the seventh largest in Italy with 8.5 million passengers using the airport in 2017, a 26.6% increase from the year before. The airport is serviced by a shuttle bus that runs every 10-30 minutes and connects with the central rail station. If you’re tired from the long flight and taking the bus is the last thing you want to do, a taxi ride to the central rail station will cost you €18. Business class flight to Naples will also gain you access to business class lounges. A refuge from the chaos of the rest of the airport, business class lounges are designed to make your time in the airport as enjoyable as possible. You can get your vacation started early by grabbing a seat at the bar and unwinding with a couple of expertly-mixed cocktails. Maybe you’re travelling with the kids? Business class lounges have play rooms where they can expend some energy before departure, and you can sneak off and have that cocktail. Just got off a long flight and feel like dirt? The lounges are equipped with individual bathrooms where you can take an invigorating shower, and leave the airport feeling clean, refreshed, and ready to have the vacation of your life.


Things To Do In Naples

The first thing that comes to mind when people think of Naples is pizza. While Neapolitan pizza — which is quickly cooked in wood-burning ovens, charred on the outside while thin and chewy in the middle — has become an omnipresent fad throughout the world, there’s still nothing like having it in its home city. Head over to Pizzeria Gino Sorbillio, where its namesake owner presides over pizza ovens burning oak, ash, and maple tinder. His pizzeria is so popular that there were rumors at one point that he was going to run for mayor. Order a marinara pizza which is comprised simply of tomato sauce, basil, oregano, garlic, and local olive oil. That’s right, there’s no cheese, but after tasting the beautiful simplicity of this pizza you won’t even miss it.

Naples has an abundance of culture, a true embarrassment of riches. While the streets of Naples are renowned for their chaotic nature, and an intriguing air of joyful menace and anarchy will greet you the moment you leave your hotel; the city is also home to pristine and stunning museums and works of art. In the museums you’ll find collections of ancient Roman frescos, dazzling marble statues, and a multitude of paintings by the masters of the Renaissance. The Museo Archeologico Nazionale is a mind-blowing museum. It possesses one of the largest collections in the world of art from antiquity. Here you’ll see marble statues from Ancient Greek sculptors like Calamis and Kritos; sculptures like The Farnese Heraclese, which established the popular image of Hercules in the European imagination; and the Farnese Bull, which experts believe is the largest single sculpture remaining from the ancient world. The museum retains some of the most important mosaics from classical times, including the legendary Alexander Mosaic, which depicts the battle between Alexander The Great and the armies of Persia. The museum also has an enormous collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts, and there is also the renowned Secret Cabinet, which is maybe the only ‘adults-only’ museum exhibit in the world. A donation from the Bourbon Monarchy, this room is filled with an extensive collection of erotica from the ancient world.

Getting Around Naples

The chaotic and lively streets of Naples are not the easiest to get around. While there are buses and a subway, they’re more focused on travel to the suburbs and so won’t be as useful for your trip. The best way to get around in Naples is the simplest: walking. Naples is a dense city, with traversable distances in between many of the major sites. Plus the key to enjoying and understanding Naples is to take in the vibrancy of its streets, and walking is the perfect way to do that. If you get tired of walking you can always order a taxi. Fares start at €3.50, but make sure that the meter is running, as taxi drivers here are famous for bilking passengers.

After arriving from Business class flight to Naples, you’ll be entering a wild, contradictory, and, ultimately, extraordinary city. Naples is a city where anything can happen, where the streets throb with a laissez-faire, Wild West atmosphere. The unrestrained attitude has resulted in stunningly creative restaurants, a dynamic and colorful nightlife, and a populace that is gregarious, inviting, and sociable. Concurrently, Naples is a city of robust history. A long past as one of Europe’s richest and most important cities, from Rome to the Enlightenment, has left Naples overflowing in astonishing relics, architecture, and museums.

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