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Business Class Flights To Netherlands

If you’ve experienced a trip across Europe, you know that each country on this expansive continent has its own unique flavor. Spain is loose and freewheeling, Switzerland is stoic and calm, England is a land of tradition. It can be endlessly interesting to traverse these countries and take note of the different customs and attitudes. In the Netherlands you’ll find a country that’s similar to its neighbors, yet completely unique. While the Netherlands may remind you of parts of Germany or Belgium, upon a closer look there’s really no comparison. Take a trip to Amsterdam and you’ll understand that the Netherlands is beautiful yet functional. You’ll get to know the people as serious but also humorous. The Netherlands is a small country that holds a rich history, and for that reason it has quirks that are a joy to discover. Taking business class flights to the Netherlands is its own kind of joy. On business class flights you’ll quickly realize that flying doesn’t have to be a chore. You’ll be pampered to the maximum by trained flight attendants who know just how to make you feel as important as you are. With a selection of food and drink that rivals some of the nicest restaurants around, you’ll never be left wanting. For many, taking business class flights to the Netherlands is the only way to reach this wonderful country. Once you’ve experienced one of these amazing airlines, you just won’t have the stomach to go back.

Netherlands Airports And Business Class Lounges

The busiest airports in The Netherlands are Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, and Eindhoven Airport. When landing in one of these terrific airports, passengers who take business class flights to the Netherlands will be allowed access to one of the country’s business class lounges. In the business class lounge you’ll find that you’re comfortable from the very first step you take through the door. You’ll quickly find your way to seats that are more comfortable than any you’ve ever seen in an airport. Sit back and enjoy a sojourn from the usual hectic atmosphere of the airport. While you’re at it, enjoy a cocktail from one of the fully stocked bars. Not relaxed yet? Make your way to one of the massage tables and sink into all of the luxury that the business class lounge has to offer. Business class lounges aren’t just a bonus; they change the way that you travel. No longer will showing up to the airport early feel like a hassle. You’ll relish every minute you have at the airport, because you’ll know your time will be spent in caring hands.


Things To Do In the Netherlands

When taking business class flights to the Netherlands, you’ll likely be landing in the capital city of Amsterdam, and that’s a good thing. Amsterdam is one of the most exciting and visually stunning cities on the globe. With its picturesque canals, you won’t mistake it for Venice, but you will be equally impressed.

While in Amsterdam, be sure to visit the Rijksmuseum. Dating back to the early 1800s, the Rijksmuseum is one of Europe’s premiere museums. Housing troves of priceless art from Holland and beyond, you’ll want to set aside a few hours for this amazing attraction. While we’re talking Amsterdam museums and galleries, be sure to pop by the Van Gogh Museum. With more works by the legendary painter than anywhere else, fans of art will be brimming with excitement as they walk this incredible repository. The only downside of the Van Gogh Museum is that you might miss out if you don’t plan ahead. Make sure to book your tickets in advance to this immensely popular site.

Another one of the Netherlands’ great cities is Rotterdam. Being the second largest city in the country, you may think that Rotterdam takes a backseat to Amsterdam, but it can definitely hold its own. As the world’s largest port, you can bet that a lot of Rotterdam’s appeal lies in its harbor. The Old Harbor, to be more specific, is a place where travelers from across the world go to get a taste of this great city. At the Old Harbor you’ll gaze upon off duty boats that have been restored for the benefit of the public. Head over to the Maritime Museum Rotterdam or simply sit at one of the many cafes lining the shore. Rotterdam is a port town with a lot of spirit, a trip worth making for anyone who finds themself in the Netherlands.

Getting Around The Netherlands

When you’re in the Netherlands, you’ll find that the train rules over all other methods of transport. Quick, clean and efficient, the Netherlands’ trains are the way to go. When landing at the airport, you’ll need to find your way into the city centers. One way to do this is via taxi. You may pay a bit more than you’d like in the Netherlands’ cabs, but they are a fast and convenient way to reach your destination. Being such a small country, flights aren’t generally prudent to take between cities, if they’re even offered at all. Trains and buses will get you anywhere you need to be in great style and comfort. Driving is a good option, if you’re so inclined. Cars can be rented at a reasonable cost. Those who opt to take a road trip through the Netherlands will find that there are many beautiful parts of the country to see between the major towns.

If you’re thinking of visiting the Netherlands, you should. Every now and then we encounter a country that changes the way we think about travel. Not every trip has to involve the Eiffel Tower or the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Sometimes by going to the smaller countries the world has to offer, we find hidden gems that feel yet untouched. And taking business class flights to the Netherlands is always a good way to start a trip to an uncharted land. Enjoy the Netherlands, it’s a heck of a country.

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