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Business Class Flights To Palermo

On the northwestern coast of the island of Sicily, lies the capital city of Palermo. Historically a crossroads for civilizations, Palermo is soaked in the residue of this glorious history. Byzantine architecture and mosaics neighbor Arabesque domed buildings, and Baroque Roman churches tower over medieval-style neighborhoods. Much like its sister city to the South, Catania, Palermo is a gritty, working-class town, filled with lively, authentic neighbourhoods and delicious, cheap eats. There’s also another side to the city. Gilded palaces, vintage stores filled with the fancy clothes of the aristocracy, and the largest opera house in Italy, portray a city of crumbling grandeur. If luxury is what you’re after on this vacation, the best bet is to take business class flights to Palermo. What you gain from the extra cost of these flights is priceless. The common stresses of flying are nowhere to be found; you get to board early and avoid long lines at the airport, bring more luggage onboard with you, and the individual seats are comfortable and spacious. Recline your seat all the way back and enjoy some much needed shut-eye, or indulge in some delicious, complimentary food and a sweet cocktail. Whatever you need to make your journey enjoyable will be provided on business class flights to Palermo

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Palermo Airport and Business Class Lounge

All international business class flights to Palermo will be landing at the Palermo Airport, otherwise known as the Falcone-Borsellino Airport. Located slightly over 20 miles from Palermo, this rustic airport is the busiest southern airport in Italy, seventh busiest overall, and is growing at a rapid clip. On the second level of the airport there is a limited shopping area, as well as a self-service restaurant, and a couple of bars. business class flights to Palermo also give you access to the airport’s business class lounges. Business class lounges are designed to give the weary traveler a break from the rigors of travel. Whether your flight is delayed or you have to suffer through a long layover, business class lounges make staying in the airport a pleasure instead of a chore. Lounges are equipped with a media lounge, where you can settle into a comfy seat and read some international magazines, or, do as the locals do and watch a live football match on a big-screen TV. Individual bathrooms with adjustable lights, entrancing music, and hot showers mean that you can blast off all the accumulated grime and sleepiness of a long flight. Complimentary snacks are available, or you can begin your vacation a touch early and dine at the fine-dining restaurant, and indulge in some delicious artisanal pizza. If you truly need to destress, a wide range of expertly mixed drinks are available to take the edge off.


Things To Do In Palermo

Perched on the edge of the Mediterranean, Palermo has been occupied and ruled by every neighboring power, resulting in a culture and architecture that is an enticing mix of Spanish, Arab, Italian, and Norman. The Normans conquered this city in 1072 and from here ran Europe’s most cultured and cosmopolitan royal court. While the rest of the continent blindly trudged about through the Dark Ages, the Normans were investing in science, art and commerce, and displaying a respect for all races and creeds. You can still visit their royal palace, the Palazzo dei Normanni on Piazza Indipendenza. The highlight of this palace is the Palatine Chapel, whose high-domed ceilings are covered in golden-hued mosaics that will take your breath away. Five miles south of Palermo is another Norman highlight: the Cathedral at Monreale. This striking building’s walls and ceilings are covered in mosaics painted by the Byzantium masters whom the Normans had brought in from their distant city. This cathedral leaves a lasting impression of the mystery and power of Medieval Christianity.

For another experience in grandeur and power, venture to the Teatro Massimo, the largest opera house in Italy and third-largest in all of Europe. Resembling an ancient Roman temple with spiralling columns, and an ornate, beautifully carved roof; this opera house was built during a spasm of nationalistic pride and ambition during the first years of Italian Unification. You can tour the building during the day, and at night get tickets to its world-class opera. Revel in these epic, musical tales of bloodlust and tragedy all under the ravishing ceilings and baroque design of the beautiful Teatro Massimo.

Perhaps a night at the opera has left you feeling a bit stuffy and stiff? Palermo has the antidote. A jaunt through any streets of the city’s old town will reveal an intoxicating street life. In the old town, where medieval buildings beautifully crumble, a feeling of community pervades. People are comfortable living their lives outside their homes, in the street. Neighbors yell to each other across alleys from open windows. Men and women sip cheap beers, talk politics and play chess on sidewalk patios. People buy their groceries at exciting and vibrant street markets. It’s more of a North-African style than anything else you’ll find in Europe.

Getting Around Palermo

Both Polermo’s taxi services and public transportation are lacking. Buses are frequent but are usually a packed and sweaty affair. You cannot hail taxis from the street, and it’s not uncommon to encounter a driver who’s a cheat. Your best bet is to rent a car, most hotels have a local garage where their guests can park a car for cheap. Driving can be a bit stressful, but you won’t be doing much of it. Palermo is a city that rewards the cheapest and simplest way to get around: walking. The true treasures and charm of this city are found in the hidden gems and curious spaces one only encounters on a breezy stroll.

Taking business class flights to Palermo will land you in a city that is a product of its history. This was a city that has been conquered and re-conquered by all the major powers of the region. Germans, Phoenicians, Greeks, Arabs, Romans, and Spaniards have all left a little piece of themselves in the culture, creating a vibrant and dynamic city. business class flights to Palermo are an invitation to an infinitely pleasurable city.

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