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Business Class Flights To Pisa

Famed around the world as the home of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, this city has so much more to offer than that marvellous architectural misfire. For centuries, students have flocked to the city’s elite university. This constant renewal of young people has resulted in a town filled with hip cafes and a vibrant nightlife. Pisa is blessed with both exciting street life and a number of beautiful architectural marvels, leftover from the golden age of the Renaissance. Whether it’s gazing on some of humanity’s greatest artistic masterpieces, or partying with some of the gregarious locals; Pisa provides everything a curious traveler could wish for. The same can be said about business class flights to Pisa. These flights are built around one simple mission: making sure you have the best flight possible. On business class flights to Pisa you’ll be seated in an individual compartment, with a reclinable seat that’s perfect for relaxing or even indulging in a much-needed nap. Flight attendants are there immediately whenever you need them, whether it’s for a hot towel, more pillows, or to order from the delicious menu. While those in economy choke down scheduled, half-microwaved meals, in business class you’ll get to choose between a variety of delicious meals whenever you want. The food is so good and the service is so attentive you’ll feel less like you’re on a flight, and more like you’re in an incredibly exclusive restaurant.

Recently sold business class flights to Pisa

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Pisa Airport and Business Class Lounge

business class flights to Pisa will arrive at the Pisa International Airport, otherwise known as the Galileo Galilei Airport. This airport, which is about a 10 minute drive south of the city, is one of Italy’s fastest growing airports, and is the main international hub for the region of Tuscany. In 2017, a brand new automatic rail connection to the Pisa Centrale train station opened. Called the Pisa Mover, it makes getting to, and leaving the airport a breeze. business class flights to Pisa also give you access to the airport’s business class lounge. Business class lounges are designed to be a sanctuary from the rigors of flying. While airports can be stressful, alien places filled with people in the midst of a travel-related meltdown; lounges are comfortable and make you feel at home while you wait for your flight. Tucked away and quiet, productivity pods are perfect for getting any last minute work done. Relax in comfortable seats in front of plasma-screen TVs and watch some news or live sports, while ordering from the delicious drink menu that’s at your fingertips. Hot showers are available if a long flight has left you feeling a little grimy, and if that doesn’t do the trick, pamper yourself with a visit to the spa for a massage. All the while you’ll be assured in the knowledge that you can board the plane directly from the lounge, avoiding the hectic nightmare outside the lounge.


Things To Do In Pisa

If you’re in Pisa, you might as well start at its most famous landmark: the leaning tower. To avoid disappointment you’ll want to book ahead or head to the ticket office immediately. Don’t worry, the extra effort will be worth it. Despite it being an iconic image, seen on board games, stamps, and postcards; seeing it in the flesh is still a pleasant shock. Construction on the tower began in the 11th century and continued throughout the next three hundred years, pausing for decades a time due to war, lack of funding, and of course disruptive leans, it wasn’t until the 1990s that drastic measures involving steel cables were undertaken to stop any further descent. The 5.5 degree lean is still quite a vision to see, and climbing up the slippery stairs that drip with medieval aesthetics toward a truly stunning view at the top is well worth the price of admission. Don’t let the tower distract from the rest of the stunning buildings around it. The Campo dei Miracoli is a planned district meant to highlight sacred architecture, it includes a cathedral, a baptistry, and a cemetery. Done in the sublime local architectural style known as Pisan Gothic, all of these marble structure extract delicacy and grace from density and weight.

Now that you’ve gotten the Leaning Tower out of the way, it is time to engage with Pisa’s exciting and glamorous present. A stroll around the waterfront will reveal a remodeled city, flush with cash from an invigorated business sector and a robust academic tradition. Bars are open until 3am to serve its vibrant nightlife and the patios of world-class restaurants are jammed with gregarious locals and excited tourists alike. One of the best is La Scaletta. Due to its position on the sea, it should be no surprise that Pisa is a seafood hotspot and La Scaletta is one of the best purveyors in town. Plates of oysters and crustaceans are popular, but one of the best dishes is a barely cooked pink tuna covered in pistachios and bitter coffee foam.

Getting Around Pisa

Pisa is a medium-sized town of 90,000 and lacks a robust public transportation system. There are a few bus lines but as you’ll likely be situated in the center of the town it won’t really be that convenient for you as most of the landmarks are within walking distance. The best and most enjoyable way to get around this lovely city is a bike rental. Many hotels will lend you a bicycle, and if yours doesn’t provide one, the city’s bike share program Cicopolli is cheap and convenient to use.

business class flights to Pisa will land you in a city with feet planted firmly both in the past and the present. Glorious architectural landmarks from the Medieval period and the Renaissance populate the city, highlighted by the cliche-transcending beauty of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The city has also undergone a recent overhaul, thanks to a €30 million redevelopment and the results are staggering. The city walls were reopened to pedestrians, old buildings were refurbished and turned into art galleries and public spaces, and the waterfront has been turned into a sparkling jewel. Whether you prefer to live in the past or the present, Pisa will be a pure delight for you.

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