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Business Class Flights To Portugal

There are few countries in the world as renowned for their beauty as Portugal. Situated on the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal won the lottery when it comes to location. There’s no feeling like sitting on a patio overlooking the big blue expanse that is the ocean and snacking on salty fish. Enjoy a glass of vino verde with your meal and let your cares melt away. Portugal is one of those places that make it feel as though time has stopped. There’s no one telling you to get to work, there are no alarm clocks tearing you out of your slumber. When you’re on vacation in Portugal the most exhausting thing you’ll do is explore this amazing nation. When you’re going to such a tremendous location, it’s never a bad idea to get there in style. That’s why business class flights to Portugal are a no-brainer for some travelers. Sit back and reap the rewards you earned when you decided to book business class. Sip on a fine cocktail, or munch on warm cookies. There’s no end to the luxury you’ll encounter on this transatlantic flight. You’ll wish you were flying over the ocean every day of your life, only in business class of course. Taking business class flights to Portugal will show you that air travel doesn’t have to be the slog you may know it to be. Even the weariest flyer finds comfort in the air when they’re on these flights.

Portugal Airports and Business Class Lounges

Lisbon Portela Airport is the largest airport in the country. Situated in the capital city, Lisbon Airport is where you’re likely to land when taking business class flights to Portugal. Next largest are Porto Airport, and Faro Airport. Those who fly business class will be allowed entry to one of the business class lounges of Portugal’s airports. In the business class lounge, one big difference you’ll notice from the rest of the airport is the food. You’ll feel less like you’re in a travel hub and more like you’re dining in a nice restaurant. With a selection of fine foods, you’ll stand a better chance of eating a delicious and nutritious meal. A lot of us take for granted the effect that eating poor food has on our mental state. By eating higher quality food, you’ll feel better and have the energy you need to enjoy your flight. There’s nothing worse than eating something that upsets your stomach and then embarking on a long flight. In business class lounges all of your culinary needs will be taken care of.


Things To Do In Portugal

Portugal is a relatively small country, which is good news for travelers who wish to explore its many facets. Lisbon, being the capital city, is the main attraction and the place where many visitors choose to start their vacation. A true knockout of a city, Lisbon’s ever-sunny demeanor is a constant joy for anyone lucky enough to spend time there. With a multitude of museums, monuments and galleries, those who long for a touristy experience will find it here. On the other hand, Lisbon is also the prefect city to just walk around in and soak in the sun on a quaint patio.

St. George’s Castle is perhaps Lisbon’s best-known landmark, and a must-see for any curious visitor. Having been in existence for thousands of years, this castle is truly a sight to behold. Gaze upon its walls as it towers over the city, and once you’ve done that head inside to check out its museum. Located near the picturesque neighborhood of Alfama, you’ll have plenty of food and drink options once you’re done exploring this ancient landmark.

Once you’ve fully soaked in Lisbon, head to Portugal’s second city, Porto. Located close to the River Douro, visiting Porto is like being transported into a postcard. Its colorful houses rising from the rock it’s built on, Porto encompasses all that is beautiful about Portugal. An aesthetic marvel, you won’t be sure if you’re dreaming as you gaze upon this magnificent town. Explore its narrow streets as you get a taste of the true Portuguese spirit, then sit down for a lunch of fresh seafood. This is the life.

For a taste of life in Southern Portugal head to the enchanting town of Lagos. Home to a plethora of amazing sand beaches, you’ll never want to leave once you’ve seen this place. If you ever get tired of lying on the beach, take one of Lagos’ amazing kayak tours. Paddle past giant rocks in the clear blue waters, and see astonishing beauty up close.

Getting Around Portugal

When taking business class flights to Portugal the best way to reach the city centers is by taxi. Cabs in Portugal won’t break the bank and are an easy and convenient way to get around. In the larger cities, you’ll find taxis marked with a ‘T’ for ‘Tourismo’. These cabs are meant specifically for tourists, and guarantee a driver with a grasp of the English language. This can be very handy when you’re first finding your way around. The train, like in much of Europe, is an ideal way to traverse the country. Clean, comfortable and affordable, Portugal’s trains are everything you could hope for. Train passes are available for just Portugal and also larger Europe. When visiting the country’s incredible islands, ferries are available and are supremely pleasant. There aren’t many modes of transportation as relaxing as a ferry ride.

Portugal is one of the most enjoyable and leisurely countries in the world. The ocean air is clean and purifying, the food is healthy and delicious, and the people are inviting. If you care to explore, there’s more in this country than you could ever get to in one trip. Business class flights to Portugal are such a wonderful way to reach this enchanting destination. If you have the chance, we highly recommend taking one. It’s the only travel experience that can match the sublime atmosphere of the destination.

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