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Business Class Flights To Prague

Hugging the banks of the lazily winding Vltava is the achingly beautiful city of Prague. Current capital of the Czech Republic, former home to Holy Roman Emperors, and eternally the cultural heart of Central Europe, Prague is a city that demands to be reckoned with by any seasoned traveller. This is a city of dreams, mysterious and seductive. Its skyline of piercing spires and gothic statues beckon the entranced visitor deeper and deeper into its charms. And there is no better way to arrive at this stunning city than on business class flights to Prague. There really is no comparison when you’re used to flying economy. Your flight experience will be a completely new one. On business class flights to Prague you board first, disembark first and you can bring on more luggage than those in economy. Once in the air you can use the Wi-Fi to catch up on work or just surf the Internet. Recline your chair, without worrying about annoying the person behind you, and take an undisturbed nap, or get your vacation started early with complimentary beer or champagne.

Recently sold business class flights to Prague

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Prague Airport and Business Class Lounge

The majority of business class flights to Prague will arrive at the Vaclav Havel Airport Prague. The airport is the main hub for national carrier Czech Airlines and is located 10 miles west of Prague’s city center. One of the busiest airports in Central Europe, last year 14 million fliers passed through its doors. Of those 14 million, only the ones who took business class flights to Prague were allowed access to the airport’s business class lounges. A stop in a business class lounge is a great respite from the strains of traveling. In the lounge, the weary traveler is able to take a steaming hot shower and blast away all their fatigue from a long flight. If you’re feeling peckish after that, pop into the cafe and enjoy some fresh and tasty food. Secluded from the hectic rush of the rest of the airport, in the lounge you can enjoy your meal in peace and quiet with a magazine or newspaper from the lounge’s media center.


Things To Do In Prague

Prague has spent a millenium as the political and cultural heart of Central Europe. The curious traveler will be struck by the immense weight of this history with every step they take. Intriguing bars, stimulating cafes and heart-stopping buildings greet the eye wherever one looks. One of Prague’s many highlights is the strength of its art scene. The galleries in Prague stack up against any of the more renowned European cities like Paris or Amsterdam. The National Gallery in Prague (also known as Veletrzni Palac) is a particularly special place. While home to hundreds of pieces by the great masters like Klimt, Van Gogh and Picasso; it is its collection of interwar art by Czech artists that is truly special.

Prague’s other great art is beer. The Czech especially cherish pilsners, those golden-hued, slightly tangy and full-bodied tasting beers that pair perfectly with a hot summer’s day. Beer is available everywhere and anytime in Prague, from the cheapest, value-meal burger spot to the classiest restaurant, and in every nook and cranny between. Traditionally, the city’s beer market was dominated by the giant brewers like Pilsner Urquell and Budvar but recently that dominance has been challenged by local microbreweries and smaller, regional beers. This struggle has been a boon for Czech drinkers, as the city is awash in mouth-watering brews and world-class bars. A great place to start is Pivovarsky Klub. This bar has over 200 bottles of beer from around the world to select from, as well as an incredibly well-curated selection of 6 draft beers focusing on the best local brews. The staff is incredibly helpful and will gladly help figure out the perfect beer for you, and recommend the next stop to make your merry way to.

Another key ingredient of Prague culture is music. Much like New Orleans, this is a city that has music coursing through its veins. Always a city that valued composers, music gained extra importance throughout the course of the 20th century. Conquered and occupied by the Nazis then the Soviets; music became both the tool of escape and rebellion for residents of Prague. From Mozart’s long residency, to its embrace of jazz in the 30s to the jagged punk-rock embraced by the revolutionaries who defied the Soviet Union; music is woven into the historical and cultural threads of Prague. For some jazz that will make even the most jetlagged visitor snap to attention, check out Agharta Jazz Centrum. If you’re more in the mood for some grungy rock, try Lucerna Music Bar.

Getting Around Prague

Like many European cities, Prague is compact and dense. Unfortunately, the ancient, narrow and winding streets were not designed with thousands of cars in mind and traffic jams are common. Renting a car or taking a cab are exercises in expense and frustration and should be avoided as much as possible. Thankfully, the density also makes simply walking the streets of Prague a pleasure. Many of the city’s most popular attractions are within walking distance from one another and you never know what sort of hidden gem you’ll stumble into on the way. Also convenient is renting a bicycle. Prague has an excellent system of bike lanes that can get you safely from neighborhood to neighborhood. A night ride along the Vltava River is one the more beautiful journeys Prague has to offer.

There really isn’t any other city like Prague. One look at the city, with its otherworldly skyline of curved spires and strange towers, will tell you that. Prague has had a tumultuous history, from being the center of powerful empires to being conquered by others. Throughout it all the city has thrived. Prague is a city that embraces the best parts of life; food, drink and music, with an enthusiasm that is infectious to even the most jaded arrival on business class flights to Prague.

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