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Business Class Flights To Romania

If you’re a seasoned traveler, there’s a good chance you’ve seen much of what Europe has to offer. You’ve backpacked across the continent and seen all the major spots in all of the guidebooks. If this is true of you, it might be time to visit Romania. Not always thought of as a go-to travel destination, Romania is a wondrous land of old Eastern European charm. Old meets new, as you travel from rustic town to buzzing Bucharest. If you’re feeling like your usual European destination has lost some of its oomph, this just might be the country for you. Taking business class flights to Romania is a great way to start your trip. On business class flights you’ll experience the magic of attentive service, terrific cuisine and world-class comfort. The mysterious atmosphere of Romania will dazzle you, and we think you should be equally as dazzled by your transportation on the way over. Business class flights to Romania will have you calling home just to let everyone know about your inflight experience.

Romania Airports and Business Class Lounges

The largest airport in Romania, and the one you’re likely to touch down at when taking business class flights to Romania, is the Henri Coanda International Airport. Situated in the capital city of Bucharest, this international airport is an example of a top-notch travel hub. The next largest airports are Cluj Avram Iancu International Airport, and Traian Vuia International Airport. When flying on business class, you’ll have the distinct pleasure of having access to one of the airport’s business class lounges. In these exclusive lounges you’ll find everything you need and more. If you’re a traveler on business, you’ll find the business center especially helpful. In the sanctuary these centers provide, a savvy businessperson will be able to carefully go over their speech or presentation before making their way into one of Romania’s cities. There isn’t always time to go to the hotel before your meeting, making the business center a must for any entrepreneur on the go. While you’re at it, grab some food. The business class lounge serves cuisine that’s head and shoulders above any of the other options in the airport. If you have something important to attend such as a meeting, you’re going to want high quality, nutritious food in your belly. The business class lounge can take care of you in that regard. You’ll leave feeling energized but not weighed down by some subpar slice of pizza. These tremendous business class lounges are just another reason to take business class flights to Romania.


Things To Do In Romania

Romania is a spectacular country coast to coast, but if you’re traveling there, one place is definitely going to stand out, and that’s the capital city of Bucharest. In the old town of Bucharest you’ll bare witness to amazing structures dating back to the 15th century. There’s no better way to connect to the past than to take a stroll down one of Bucharest’s cobblestone streets at night. Once known as ‘Little Paris’ Bucharest is as charming and romantic a city as you’ll find on the planet. As you stroll the picturesque narrow streets you’ll notice cafes and restaurants all around you. Take some time and sip a red wine as you nuzzle under the streetlamps of this old city.

When you wake up the next day, head to the Palace of the Parliament. A massive structure known to be one of the world’s heaviest buildings, the Palace of the Parliament is one of Bucharest’s top attractions. Tours of the building are available, but you won’t be seeing the entire thing as it houses over 3,000 rooms. While you’re in there, check out the National Museum of Contemporary Art, a world-class gallery that is home to some of Romania’s greatest works.

If you want a taste of Paris while you roam Bucharest, check out the Arch of Triumph. Very similar in looks to Paris’ famous monument, the Arch of Triumph was built in 1922 as a tribute to those who fought in the First World War. If you’re a person who’s been to Paris a number of times, you’ll enjoy the sameness of the two monuments. Bucharest is home to a great many monuments that you’ll often come across without even trying. That’s just another reason that there’s no better place to take an evening walk than Bucharest.

Getting Around Romania

When attempting to traverse Romania, you’ll find that Bucharest is the only city that sports a subway system. That’s fine, since the other towns are small enough that the local bus will get you everywhere you need to go. Whether you’re taking the subway or the bus, you’ll notice that prices in Romania are very decent for transportation. Trains are a god way to get from one city to the next. The trains in Romania are reliable and efficient. When in the cities, taxis are reasonably priced and a decent way to go. Be on the lookout for cabs that don’t post their rates on their windows. This is a regulation in Romania, thus it’s best to steer clear of those who don’t follow this rule. Cabs can be either hailed or telephoned. We suggest that you call, that way you know that the taxi is from one of the official companies. Renting a car is a very nice way to see the country, and prices aren’t prohibitive. Like any foreign country, it may take some getting used to when driving on roads you’re unfamiliar with.

Romania will enchant you, there’s no doubt about it. You won’t meet any vampires, but you’re sure to get along with the people who often still carry a certain old world charm with them. Business class flights to Romania will be a revelation to you if you take them. There’s nothing like flying across the ocean in class and style. When you land you’ll quickly realize that you’re in one of the most beautifully quirky countries in all of Eastern Europe.

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