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Business Class Flights To Seoul

Whoever called New York the city that never sleeps obviously never spent 24 hours in Seoul. Fast, frenetic and fun, Seoul is a permanently energized city. The minute you touch down on business class flights to Seoul you’ll be caught up in the brazen energy of this rapidly rising metropolis. The streets of Seoul buzz with an energy unlike any other city. K-Pop blasts out of neon arcades as the smell of sizzling barbecue from a raucous day market wafts through the air. At night, glamourous speakeasies are packed with reveling business people partying the night away before indulging in a late-night steam and sauna at a jjimjil-bang (sauna and spa). At the other end of the spectrum, Seoul possesses a plentitude of serene ancient temples and green spaces. A city that can cater to any of your desires deserves a flight that will do the same. This is where business class flights to Seoul come in. Once you fly in business class you will never want to return to dreary economy class. Everything is better in business: the food, the drinks, the service and the seating. Recline your seat and take a luxurious nap because you are going to need all the energy you can muster to keep up with buzzing, brilliant Seoul.

Recently sold business class flights to Seoul

New York
Business Class $2,238
San Francisco
Business Class $2,331
Los Angeles
Business Class $2,482
Business Class $2,545
Business Class $2,648
Business Class $2,736
Business Class $2,812
Business Class $2,923
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Seoul Airport and Business Class Lounge

Business class flights to Seoul will most likely arrive at Incheon International Airport. The gargantuan airport, one of the biggest and busiest in the world, has been ranked the best airport in the world eleven times in a row by the Airports Council International. Containing shopping, a golf course, an ice skating rink, a casino and even a museum; this airport is as exciting as the city it serves. All of these features have no effect on the efficient functioning of the airport. Arrivals and departures on average take 19 and 12 minutes, respectively, compared to the hour and 45 minute averages found at the majority of other airports. Business class flights to Seoul also allow you access to the airport’s business class lounges. These oases of calm are great after a long flight. You can even freshen up with a steaming hot shower. If you’re still feeling stressed from the flight take a turn in one of the massage chairs and get rid of any lingering aches and pains.


Things To Do In Seoul

Visiting Seoul can seem like an intimidating prospect. It’s so large and moves at such a hectic pace that it can be difficult to get your bearings. The key is to embrace the spirit and momentum of the city. The best place to start is Gyeongbok Palace. Nestled at the northern tip of the city’s main boulevard Sejongro, this imposing structure is impossible to miss. The original seat of power, this grand palace was built in the 1300s, though it has been destroyed and rebuilt multiple times. Guided tours in English are available that will take you through the grounds while explaining Korean architecture and court customs, or you can just walk around yourself and take in the ghosts of imperial power and splendour that still echo in the gilded hall of this absolutely stunning building.

Now that you’ve taken in some of Seoul’s rich history it’s time to dive into its outrageously fun present. A highlight is the Insadong neighborhood. This bohemian neighborhood is comprised of a large arterial street that branches off into a multitude of winding side streets and alleyways that lure the interested pedestrian with cozy shops and vendors hawking their wares. Insadong is known for its crafts, up to 40% of all the city’s crafts are sold here, and you can spend hours snooping around the various booths and stores. Beautiful paper creations and ceramics will beckon to you. Make a pitstop at Jirisan restaurant when you get hungry. Housed in a former home decorated in the traditional Hanou style, Jirisan specializes in classic Korean cuisine.

When nighttime hits, do as the locals do and get a drink. Whether your vice is beer or spirits, Seoul is a drinker’s city. The newest drinking fad here are speakeasies. Harkening back to the glamorous and dangerous days of American Prohibition, these tucked-away and semi-secret watering holes offer the best in single malt whiskeys and complimentary snacks. A perfect example is Le Chamber. This dazzling speakeasy is located behind a small library. To gain entrance you have to pull on the right book on a bookshelf, revealing a secret entrance into this sexily lit room, decorated with leather seats, high ceilings, and glittering chandeliers.

Getting Around Seoul

Though a sprawling city, getting around Seoul is a breeze thanks to its incredible subway system. Clean, safe and dazzlingly efficient, you can get to any neighbourhood via this immense metro system. Trains run every three-to-five minutes and you can buy a day pass that allows you unlimited travel without the constant worry of having enough change. Best of all, the maps are all in English, so navigating is no problem. Unfortunately, the last train is at midnight so you will have to have alternative late night plans. Taxis in Seoul are easy to spot and can be flagged from the street. For a little extra, flag down a deluxe (Mobeum) taxi. These all-black cars cost double the rate of standard taxis but are worth it. Designed with business travelers in mind, the drivers speak English, offer free phone service and take any credit card.

Long known as the ugly, industrial little cousin to such sparkling metropolises like Tokyo and Shanghai, Seoul is finally having its moment in the sun. Korean culture, from K-Pop to Korean barbecue, is taking over the world and Seoul is the beating heart from where it all stems. It’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of this ravishing city. From a moment of peace at an ancient Buddhist temple to partying all night with the locals, an adventure awaits you the moment you step off business class flights to Seoul.

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