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Business Class Flights To Shanghai

Positioned on the coast of the East China Sea, Shanghai is a city unlike any other in the world. The financial capital of China and one of the most populated cities on the planet, Shanghai offers the curious traveler an opportunity for an utterly unforgettable experience. From glittering modern skyscrapers that delight the eye and house high-end shops and decadent restaurants, to ancient temples where one feels transported to a millenia ago, Shanghai has it all. And if you want to start the experience off on the right foot, consider booking business class flights to Shanghai. It’s going to be a long flight, why spend that time feeling cramped and stuffed up against some other snoring passenger? Instead take business class flights to Shanghai and travel in complete luxury. You’ll get to board earlier and carry on additional luggage. The seats are spacious, comfortable and give you enough room to enjoy the in-flight entertainment as stretched out as you please. You’ll leave the flight feeling as bubbly and light as the complimentary glass of champagne, fresh and excited to see all the sights that Shanghai has to offer. You’ll never regret taking business class flights.

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Shanghai Airport and Business Class Lounge

When you’re taking business class flights to Shanghai you’ll be arriving at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport. This airport is the second busiest in China and is the main gateway for international travelers entering China. Its stunning architecture is a world class exhibit in airport design. This extends to the airport’s luxurious business class lounges, which as a business class flier, you would have immediate access to. Need to catch up on work? Reserve a quiet space where you can escape all the noise of the terminal, charge your devices and use the WiFi. Ready to stop working and let your hair down? First refresh from a long flight with a steaming hot shower and then book an appointment in the spa for a massage that will really get you in the vacation mood.


Things To Do In Shanghai

The traditional first stop for many travelers after business class flights to Shanghai is The Bund. Stretching along the Huangpu River, The Bund was the Wall Street of 19th Century Shanghai and every major country and bank would set up their headquarters along the embankment. Today that means the lucky tourist can casually stroll along the waterfront as they take in marvels of 19th century architecture. Their stately, classic beauty only increased by the contrast with the present ultra-sleek and modern skyline jutting up behind the imposing buildings of old. The Bund is where you will find some of the best shops and restaurants Shanghai has to offer.

Another popular destination is the Tianzifang neighbourhood. This neighbourhood is known as a longtang, which basically means an interconnected series of alleyways filled with shops and food. Enter through the majestic gate and stroll this fascinating blend of old and new. The hustle and bustle of the narrow laneways will transport the imaginative traveler to another century, you’ll feel like a wandering merchant of yore. The difference is you’ll be wandering amongst boutique shops, start-ups and some of Shanghai’s most delicious, modern restaurants. Tianzifang is a bewildering and enticing blend of modern and traditional that you don’t want to miss out on.

If you’re weary of the pace and style of the hyper-modern Shanghai, check out Qibao. Located a short metro ride away, Qibao is a small-town that has remained in the fashion of the ancient Qing dynasty. Walk along the picturesque canal that charmingly rambles through the middle of the town and take in some activities that would have entertained the people of Shanghai centuries ago, like a shadow puppet show or a traditional tea house.

If you’re still in a curious mood, a stop at the Shanghai Natural History Museum is guaranteed to scratch that itch. The building itself is a marvel, with a beautiful curved appearance that is livened by the multitude of hanging gardens. The highlight is a thirty meter tall atrium composed of a glass wall that sends natural light cascading throughout the museum in a pattern that mimics molecules. In the museum itself you’ll find a wide range of exhibits; from focusing on life on the Savannah, to insects, to the deepest parts of oceans. End your visit with a viewing of the museum’s tremendous collection of dinosaur bones.

Getting Around Shanghai

Shanghai is a massive, winding city and there are a variety of ways to get around it. The city has a massive fleet of taxis, over 45,000 are waiting to take you to any location you should desire. The most convenient part is that you can purchase a subway/taxi card, load it up with cash and use it for both your taxi fare and to get on the subway. You’ll certainly want to take the subway occasionally as Shanghai is notorious for its epic traffic jams. Dreading another traffic jam and tired of being underground? You can try to get around the way the majority of locals do by hopping on a bicycle. It’s easy and convenient to rent or buy a bicycle and take advantage of Shanghai’s expansive system of bike lanes and bike parking, complete with parking attendants. Finally, another popular form of transportation is to hop on a ferry and bask in Shanghai’s transcendent skyline as you’re gracefully transported from one side of the river to the other.

For centuries Shanghai has been a meeting place, the gateway from one world into the next. From the bustling trading post of centuries ago to its current incarnation as a sleek and shiny home for capital and finance, Shanghai is a city that demands to be appreciated and experienced. From the tip of its tallest buildings, to the sun-dappled patios of a quaint café, to sticky dancefloors; Shanghai provides a bewildering and sensual opportunity for even the most jaded traveler arriving on business class flights to Shanghai. Enjoy.

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