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Business Class Flights To Sofia

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and is one of the lesser-known highlights of Europe. While cities like Prague and Paris are overrun with tourists, Sofia maintains a laid-back charm and encourages the curious traveler to take their time and ease into this unique and stunning city. A complex history of conquest by empires has left Sofia with a unique cultural and architectural landscape unlike anywhere else. Domed Orthodox churches gleam in the sun, as stunning Ottoman mosques stretch to the sky, and Soviet monuments stoically beckon to alternative histories and realities. You can leisurely enjoy a stop at one of Sofia’s many fantastic museums or simply sit in a charming cafe and watch life placidly roll by. The relaxing pace of this charming city is similar to the experience you’ll find on business class flights to Sofia. If you’re tired of tiresome flight experiences bookending your vacation with delays, cramped seating and crying infants, maybe it’s time to give business class flights to Sofia a try. In economy, flying has become an arduous affair which is why business class flights are worth the extra money. Early boarding and an increased baggage allowance remove much of the stress from your flight. Once you’ve boarded you can stretch out, recline your seat and enjoy the spacious comfort of your individual seats. Attentive staff will frequently check in and see to any of your demands, whether it’s a hot towel, a sparkling glass of champagne or a dish from a wide ranging food menu.

Recently sold business class flights to Sofia

New York
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Los Angeles
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Sofia Airport and Business Class Lounge

Business class flights to Sofia will arrive at Sofia airport. Located 6 miles from Sofia, this quaint airport is composed of two terminals. Terminal 1 is used primarily by budget airlines, while the newer Terminal 2 accommodates the majority of international flights. It’s also here that you’ll find the airport’s business class lounge, which you get access to after taking business class flights to Sofia. Business class lounges are a way to avoid the hectic bustle of the airport. Outside the lounge, you’ll see confused passengers scramble to find the right gate for their trip, and struggle to hear muffled announcements over the loudspeaker. Inside, business class flyers can enjoy a stiff drink or a high end meal while friendly staff keep you constantly updated on any changes to your flight. You can relax, catch up on the news and enjoy a delicious crepe in the lounge’s restaurant.


Things To Do In Sofia

If what you’re looking for is a relaxing vacation, then Sofia is the perfect destination. While oozing with charm and culture, this city is much more relaxed and moves at a slower pace than the average capital. You’ll love Sofia if you’re a history buff. Its multifaceted and complex history is constantly on display here. Touring through this capital feels like you’ve been invited to excavate the world’s most fun archeological dig. Roman ruins, Byzantine-era churches, and Soviet housing projects all co-exist in this city’s stunning medley of history. If it all seems a little overwhelming, the National Museum of History is where you can go to find all this history under one roof. Here you’ll find the entire story of Sofia, from ancient Roman artifacts to statues of Soviet-era MIG fighter jets. For sheer stunning visuals, not many buildings can compare with the iconic Aleksander Nevski Cathedral. Capped with sublime, gold domes that glint in the sunlight, this ravishing Neo-Byzantine building was built over three decades before opening in 1912. Dedicated to the 200,000 soldiers who perished liberating Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire, the magnificent church has one of the world’s largest collection of historic Orthodox items. A short walk away is the Svet Sofia Church, an ancient building dating from the 6th century that also gave the city its name. Beneath the haunting, decrepit building is a museum thats main feature is an archaic necropolis containing 56 tombs.

Like the city itself, Sofia’s cuisine is still a delightful secret. While foodies chase the newest food fads and turn what were once quiet local haunts into packed, obnoxious tourist traps; Sofia’s residents continue to enjoy their blissful, satisfying cuisine in relative anonymity. One of these lesser known local delights is banista, the Sofia breakfast option of choice. A delicious pastry made up of sweet and flakey dough sheets that are then stuffed with a variety of tasty fillings. The classic banista filling option is white cheese, but there are so many other mouth-watering options such as spinach and cheese or cinnamon-spiced apples. One of the most popular new bakeries specializing in banista is HieBar, where you can indulge in the treat while sipping on a fantastic cup of coffee.

Getting Around Sofia

Traffic in Sofia can be a bit of a nightmare, so the recommended way to get around is Sofia’s dependable and efficient public transportation system. The system is composed of two metro lines that service the major areas of the city, from the airport to the downtown core, and out to the city’s university. Tickets cost 1 Bulgarian lev Unfortunately they cannot be used on on the other forms of public transport. The other forms are buses, trams and trolleybuses. Criss-crossing the city, the tram lines are a very cheap way to enjoy an idyllic trip across Sofia.

Sofia is one of the lesser-known capitals of Europe, which is actually a great advantage. While other cities are flooded with tourists, Sofia maintains a relaxing pace of life, where the highlights of the city calmly reveal themselves. This is not to the say the city is boring. Quite the opposite. If you take business class flights to Sofia you will land in a city that is stuffed to the brim with fascinating historical landmarks, a unique and powerful culture, and delicious food. Best of all, you can enjoy this fantastic city without the lines and crushes of people that are so common in other European metropolises. Sofia is just waiting to be discovered by curious travelers the world over.

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