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Business Class Flights To Taipei

An underrated gem of a city and a fascinating blend of a multitude of cultures, Taipei is the financial and cultural capital of Taiwan. A complicated history has resulted in Taipei being a city utterly unlike any other in the world. Offering the experienced traveler the same delicious blend of sleek modernity and traditional aesthetics that one can find in Shanghai but at a much more agreeable scale and pace, Taipei is a desirable destination. To match the luxurious pace of this great city, business class flights to Taipei are a must. On a business class flight you will feel pampered and cared for. Enjoy complimentary and delicious beverages and food as you soar through the air at 30,000 feet. There’s no feeling like it in the world. You’ll know what it’s like to have space on an airplane as you stretch those arms and legs out as far as you desire. On business class flights you will be treated with such kindness and attention that the only time you’ll be disappointed is when the flight is over.

Recently sold business class flights to Taipei

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Taipei Airport and Business Class Lounge

Business class flights to Taipei will arrive at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, formerly known as the Chiang Kai Shek International Airport, a name many citizens still refer to the airport by. Initially an airport primarily used for local and regional travel, Taoyuan International has recently become one of the busiest and most important airports in the region, handling over forty million passengers a year. The airport is located about 20 miles from the city and is serviced by taxis, buses and a very frequent and reliable train service. Before you leave though remember to indulge yourself in the business class lounge at the airport. Free entry into the lounge is one of the headiest perks of taking business class flights to Taipei and you owe it to yourself to enjoy them to the fullest. From snacks to steaks, any manner of delicious food can be whipped up on a moment’s notice while you drink a refined cocktail and feel the pressures and stress melt away. Still not quite relaxed yet? Pop into the spa for a massage or facial that will leave you refreshed and renewed and ready to take in all the spectacular sights Taipei has to offer.


Things To Do In Taipei

After arriving via business class flights to Taipei, you’ll discover that it’s a capital that rewards patience and curiosity. What appears to be a thoroughly modern city is riven with hidden gems, tucked-away delights and hauntingly beautiful secrets. For the intrepid traveler, Taipei offers an opportunity to get off the beaten trail and discover an adventure unlike any other. Perhaps a bit to eat is the best way to start? For foodies in the know Taipei is gaining a reputation as the place to be. From glittering, expensive restaurants to bustling carts dishing out mouth-watering street food, Taipei has something for even the most discerning palette. Perhaps due to its history as a bustling trade center, Taipei’s food scene is renowned for its fusion of flavors and styles from around the world. Traditional Chinese and Southeast Asian dishes are warped and combined with Portuguese, French and American flavors and techniques resulting in dishes that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Your best bet is to follow your nose to one of the city’s many night markets and sample the wares of the friendly and talented vendors. Your tastebuds will thank you!

Speaking of flavors unlike any other, Taipei is also renowned for its teas. Flavorful and delicate, Taipei tea vendors pride themselves on teas that will leave you feeling energized but stress free. And if a cafe is in order, why not try one of Taipei’s famous cat cafes, allergies permitting. A growing fad that began here on this island, a cat cafe is exactly what it sounds like, a refuge and home for a variety of rescued cats and a lovely tea spot. Nothing is more relaxing than sipping a brilliant green tea as you are surrounded by adorable and friendly felines.

Now that you’re stuffed and relaxed, take a jaunt over to the astounding National Palace Museum. The museum is home to the largest collection of Chinese art in the world. The collection covers the entire breadth of Chinese history, starting with stonework from the Neolithic era and carrying on to the delicate calligraphy of the Ming dynasties before ending with modern works. Here you will find beautiful ceramics, terrifying weapons and an awe-inspiring jade collection leaving the attendee enlightened and ravenous for more of this beautiful culture.

Getting Around Taipei

While appearing almost unstructured and unplanned, Taipei is a very well-designed city making transport a breeze once you’ve arrived on business class flights to Taipei. The subway is clean, easy to use and affordable. You can purchase a day pass and all the stops and directions are in a variety of languages including English. This is also true for Taipei’s expansive network of buses. The city’s fleet of taxis, while more expensive than the public transport, are perhaps the most convenient way to get around. They are plentiful and easy to spot. Unfortunately, as many drivers do not speak English, you’ll have to have your destination written down in Mandarin.

For hundreds of years Taipei has served as a meeting place. A city where a variety of cultures would meet, trade, haggle and influence one another. Today the evidence of that history is visible on every street corner and down every alleyway. 19th century, wooden Japanese mansions butt against stylized boutique shops. Filipino vendors joyfully hawk their wares outside of enormous shopping malls. Taipei is a city that reveres and highlights its past while also striding confidently into the future. It is a city on the brink, poised to continue growing into a cultural powerhouse that we believe people will be clambering over each other to visit in the not so distant future.

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