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Business Class Flights To Tokyo

Tokyo is a city of extremes. It accommodates the ancient and the future, the tiny and humble with the massive and opulent. Small wooden shacks exist on the same road as sparkling, utopian hotels. Temples and other remnants of Shogun culture neighbor sleek and modern shopping centers. Yet, this contrast never threatens to overwhelm or ruin the city. Instead they combine to make Tokyo a truly unique city, one that can encompass the entire history of a people while also striding confidently into a future that the rest of the world hasn’t even begun to grasp. A forward thinking city deserves a forward thinking visitor and nothing is more forward thinking than business class flights to Tokyo. Economy class is an exercise in continually mounting stress. Are you going to have to wait in a huge line before boarding? Will you have to check your bag? Will you be stuck beside an obnoxious passenger? Business class flights to Tokyo take care of all those problems. You get to board early and disembark from the plane first, and there is enough baggage allowance to to accommodate whatever you’re bringing. The flight itself is so enjoyable you may even be disappointed when it ends. Each passenger is seated in an individual compartment where you can stretch out or recline your chair without worrying about upsetting the person next to you. You can surf the internet with convenient WiFi while ordering from a selection of delicious beverages and snacks from the attentive and friendly staff.

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Tokyo Airport and Business Class Lounge

There are two airports that service international business class flights to Tokyo. Narita International Airport handles the majority of international flights. Unfortunately it is located 37 miles from Tokyo proper but there are a wide variety of transportation options that are convenient and quick. Haneda International Airport, or Tokyo International Airport, is the other option. Located only eight miles from Tokyo and the second busiest airport in Asia, Haneda is the primary hub for national air traffic. Recently the airport has begun accommodating more international flights including those from Delta and American Airlines. Whichever airline you arrive in, taking business class flights to Tokyo allows you access to business class lounges. In a business class lounge you will be treated to an experience befitting someone of your caliber. There are separate meeting rooms with desks, WiFi and any necessary devices in case there’s some last minute work you have to catch up on. If your vacation has already started, then help yourself to a complimentary shoe shine before indulging in fresh hand-rolled sushi.


Things To Do In Tokyo

Eating in Tokyo is a divine experience. While it is home to more Michelin starred restaurants than any other city, one does not need to venture into only expensive restaurants to have an incredible culinary undertaking. Every Tokyo restaurant approaches its dishes with the same focus on craft, diligence and detail. Chefs have spent decades perfecting their meals, subtly improving them year after year. For mouth-watering sushi head over to Kyubey. This restaurant is a Tokyo institution and it’s not hard to see why. Their standards are excellent, the staff is incredibly polite and welcoming, and the decor is simple but transporting. Let go of any trust issues you may have and order the Chef’s Choice, made up of the best catch of the day and hand-rolled piece by piece. Another excellent dining choice is heading to an izakaya. These restaurants, loud, manic and fun, are great for a rowdy night out. Variety is the name of the game. Diners are encouraged to order a variety of small dishes such as fried chicken, tender seafood, spicy pork and seafood, as well as many rounds of sake or beer. The 100-year old Shinsuke is perhaps the epitome of the izakaya. Serving fresh, seasonal dishes and some of the city’s smoothest sake, Shinsuke is a great introduction to the delights of Tokyo cuisine.

Tokyo can be an exhausting city. The sheer size and scale of it can overwhelm even the most experienced traveler. Fortunately, it’s not hard to find areas of peace and serenity. One of the best examples of this is Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. This massive and precisely manicured garden has existed in Tokyo since the mid-1600s. Originally intended as a residence for Emperors, it was transferred to the national government in 1947 and reopened as a national park. The park is made up of over 140 stunningly tailored gardens and a calming stroll will lead to encounters with visuals you will never forget, like an Imperial-style temple standing stoically along the banks of a peaceful, serene pond, as hundreds of cherry blossoms bloom in unison around it. In Autumn, one can lose a whole day here, settling down with a take-out bento box on a gently rolling lawn underneath the boughs of some momiji trees, their branches burning with brilliant reds as they transition to their stunning fall colours.

Getting Around Tokyo

Tokyo is a massive, sprawling city. Luckily, it is also served by a fantastic and far-reaching public transportation system. Anchored by a subway system of 13 lines, Tokyo’s transportation system is incredibly efficient and punctual, the trains arriving 3-5 minutes apart like clockwork. The best move is to buy yourself either a Pasmo or Suica smart card. Available at any subway stop, these two cards allow you to no longer have to worry about needing change or getting transfers. Just place it against a sensor and the fare will automatically be deducted from the card. If you’re willing to spend the extra cash, taxis in Tokyo are also a wonderful experience. This is nothing like the dirty cab rides you’ve taken in other cities. In Tokyo, the taxi drivers wear white gloves, the seats are covered in beautiful lace and the doors open by themselves.

Taking business class flights to Tokyo should be on every intrepid traveler’s bucket list. It’s a city unlike any other in the world. It comfortably contains a millennia of history, a city where ancient and fragile temples are next door to sleek, utopian shopping centers that boggle the mind. Stuffed to the brim with delicious foods, unique culture and a reverence and love of its past; Tokyo is a city that you can gladly lose yourself in.

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