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Business Class Flights To Toulouse

In France, there seems to be a city to suit any mood. For those feeling amorous, there has always been Paris. For those feeling fun and frisky, there are the beaches of Cannes. And for those feeling laid back and breezy there is Toulouse, or La Ville Rose (The Pink City) as the French call it. Toulouse’s economic claim to fame is its contributions to the aeronautics industry, but that’s not to say it feels like a stuffy physics lab. Water runs through this gorgeous city, light cascading off the pink-hued buildings. And hiding between the universities and engineering facilities there is a city that comes alive with culture and excitement after the sun sets. When planning your trip, it’s strongly advised that you consider business class flights to Toulouse. It’s only on business class flights to Toulouse that you will receive top-of-the-line service and all the perks you could ask for. Why settle for a cramped seat in economy class when you could be stretched out and comfortable, not nervous about pressing against a neighbor’s thigh or taking up too much of the shared armrest? Travel should be thrilling and fun, not stressful and uncomfortable. Choosing business class flights to Toulouse is choosing the dignified way to travel. It’s only there that you’ll dine on gourmet food and be served complimentary beverages. It’s also the only place where you’ll get the best in on-board entertainment, with the newest shows, movies, music, and games available on-demand on your own personal screen. Trying to conduct business in economy class is annoying for both you and your seatmates. In business class, you’ll have all the room you require, your own personal power supply, and access to Wi-Fi to guarantee that while you work you won’t be disturbed and neither will anyone else around you.

Recently sold business class flights to Toulouse

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Toulouse Airport and Business Class Lounge

When arriving on business class flights to Toulouse, you will be landing at the Toulouse-Blagnac Airport, located roughly four miles northwest from the city center. Both a tram and shuttle bus are available to take you to the city from the airport. But whether you are just arriving in Toulouse or are preparing for a departure, we highly recommend you spend some time in one of the airport’s state-of-the-art business class lounges. These lounges are equipped with everything you need to unwind wherever you’re headed next. If you’re in need of a meal or perhaps just a cocktail, the lounge has premium selections on offer. If you’re in need of some physical rejuvenation, there are private showers available, and, in many cases, entire spa facilities to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Perhaps you’ll have some sudden business needs arise. The business lounge’s conference rooms are ideal for impromptu meetings or for the executive who just needs a quiet place to put the finishing touches on a big presentation. Whatever your needs, let the business class lounge serve as your pit stop so you can take on the next stage of your journey with confidence and energy.


Things To Do In Toulouse

When arriving in Toulouse, one is instantly stricken by the beauty of its architecture, and the lovely coral glow the buildings cast off. And while it would be easy to spend the day simply strolling the streets and absorbing this beauty, there are plenty of attractions that are just as worthy of your attention.

As it’s the driving force behind their booming economy, it only makes sense that Toulouse would want to showcase their history in aeronautics. That’s where Cité de l’Espace comes in. Opened in 1997, this space museum has exhibits and attractions to delight young and old. Sit inside an actual Soyuz spacecraft, walk through a faithful recreation of the Mir space station, and strap into a specially-designed rotating pod to test your own endurance as an astronaut. It’s highly advised to buy your tickets ahead of time.

Fans of both history and architecture are provided a smorgasbord in Toulouse. To begin with, there’s the stunning Couvent des Jacobins, the mother church of the Dominican order and the final resting place of St. Thomas Aquinas who is buried beneath the church altar. The history, frescoes, and stained-glass windows make this a divine experience for the devout and non-spiritual alike. Next, there is the Basilique St. Sernin. From its triumphant bell tower down to its beguiling crypts, this remarkable structure will captivate and tantalize all visitors.

The visual arts are also a point of pride for the city of Toulouse, and their multiple museums and galleries are some of the finest Europe has to offer. The Musée des Augustins is housed in a former Augustinian monastery and features classic works by the likes of Toulouse-Lautrec, Monet, Delacroix, and Courbet. For an even more classical experience, there’s the Musée St. Raymond. Stone reliefs, ancient mosaics, and statuary from the 4th century are basked in natural light at this stirring dedication to the works of antiquity.

But no profile of a French city would be complete without reporting on its cuisine. Toulouse is a proud upholder of the French gastronomical tradition as these restaurants will attest to. First, there is the double-Michelin-starred Michel Sarran. Reputation alone makes reservations a necessity for this jewel of Toulouse, and bear in mind it is closed on weekends. For a less ostentatious experience, why not try L’Oncle Pom? A quirkier, but no less delicious choice, L’Oncle Pom is a perennial favorite, and locals swear by the Sunday brunch.

Getting Around Toulouse

Upon landing after business class flights to Toulouse, you will find that getting around the city is most comfortable and rewarding on foot. The downtown area can get quite congested with cars, making parking a hassle. Traveling by bicycle is also quite easy, safe, and enjoyable. Bikes can be rented from the 253 VeloToulouse bike stations for the day for a little over one Euro. There are also bus, tramway, and metro lines available for an affordable price.

Toulouse is a beautiful and inviting city just waiting for you to come and explore it. So take the invitation, and see beautiful Toulouse!

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