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Business Class Flights To Turin

Turin was once the major industrial powerhouse of Italy. It’s the birthplace of Fiat, and hundreds of thousands of Torinos worked for Fiat or in other factories. Today, it’s representative of something else: a post-industrial success story. The 1980s were devastating for Turin, like they were for many other industrial towns. 100,000 people lost their jobs as factories closed shop and headed overseas. The city could have withered to nothing, remaining a harrowing reminder of the potential cruelties of globalization. Instead the government took action, investing millions of dollars into remaking the city, turning unused industrial sites into public spaces and culture zones. It was a success and now Turin is the beating heart of Italy’s north. A place filled with challenging art galleries, bustling cafes, vibrant bars, and a welcoming and gregarious population. Almost as welcoming as the staff on business class flights to Turin. Aren’t you tired of taking economy class flights where you feel constantly ignored? Where the seats are uncomfortable, the food is bad, and there doesn’t seem to be anything anyone can do about it? Then take business class flights to Turin. On a business class flight you’ll be seated in an incredibly comfortable seat with full reclinability, and no seat neighbors hogging the armrest or falling asleep on your shoulder. The aforementioned staff will provide immediate and attentive service, providing you with fresh pillows, hot towels, and whatever you may desire from the delicious and complimentary food menu.

Recently sold business class flights to Turin

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Turin Airport and Business Class Lounge

Business class flights to Turin will be arriving at the Turin Airport, a midsized airport that is located about 10 miles from Turin. The airport services about 4 million passengers a year and is connected to Turin by a subway line and rail service. Of the 4 million passengers a year, only those who take business class flights to Turin get access to its business class lounges. Business class lounges are designed to transform time spent in the airport from a lowlight of the trip to a highlight. An oasis amidst the cacophony of the airport, business class lounges are designed with accessibility and ergonomics in mind, to create the epitome of luxury and comfort. Comfortable chairs, big-screen TVs, and a hearty selection of international and local magazines greet the weary traveler killing time before a flight or during a layover. A complimentary buffet of sweet and savory snacks is there if you’re feeling peckish, as well as some expertly-mixed cocktails should you want to get your vacation started early. Best of all? You can rest easy, knowing that any flight changes or delays will be communicated to you personally by the helpful staff, and you can board early and directly from the lounge itself, removing all the stress and confusion from the flight.


Things To Do In Turin

The epitome of Turin’s transformation is a little north of the city’s center: Parco Dora, a former industrial district, housing massive Fiat factories that have been utterly redesigned and reformatted as a public park. What was once a bleak and despairing industrial landscape devoid of life is now a stunning example of regrowth and regeneration. The results are a thrilling blend of industrial artifice with lush plant life. Gleaming metal walkways float in the air wrapped in flowering ivy vines. Massive exposed columns reach eternally for the sky, stretching out from formally concrete floors now covered in velvety grass. Within these gentally surreal grounds, you’ll see writers and artists, joggers, and massive civic events like the Kappa FuturFestival. A few miles east is another dazzling reclamation project, Parco Aureli Peccei. 43,000 square meters of desolate industrial space was reimagined and redesigned to include 27,000 square meters of lawn, 420 trees, hundreds of LED lights, cycle paths, a cathedral for public events, and 10 massive pieces of public art. An environmentally neutral “smart” park, this beautiful space will leave you feeling enchanted and hopeful about our ability to solve seemingly intractable problems.

Turin is a city of modest elegance. Tradition still holds sway here, whether it’s in the fashion or the cuisine. Not that it means the city is conservative or afraid of change. Quite the opposite. It just means the people here are more focused on perfecting their craft than chasing fads or getting noticed by tastemakers. A perfect example is the restaurant Al Gatto Nero. Hidden away on a residential street, with an unassuming exterior and a mundane interior consisting of silk curtains and white tablecloths. Inside, white-smocked chefs diligently prepare the days food, rolling the fresh noodles and preparing sauces. The classical dishes are humble but delicious and pair perfectly with a selection from the incredibly well-curated, but affordable, wine list.


Getting Around Turin

Turin is not a city where you’re going to need to rent a car. The city center is very compact, and easily traversable on foot. The city is also serviced by a massive and comprehensive system of buses and trams, as well as a single line subway. Buses and trams run between 6am and midnight, and cost between €1.50 for a one-and-a-half hour ride to €5 for a full day pass. Tickets are available at newstands and bus stations throughout the city.

Turin is a city comfortable in its own skin. Traditional but creative, stylish but modest; Turin is a city that is delightfully out-of-step with the rest of the world. Turin is focused on Turin. Classic cocktails like the Negroni still dominate the nightlife, while the people are dressed in classic, film-noir style. An energetic, restrained, and progressive city; Turin is the perfect destination for the mature traveler who is interested in an experience that’s deeper than going to the newest hot spot. A city of elegant comfort and sophisticated leisure deserves a similar flight, which is why you should only be taking business class flights to Turin. There’s nothing better than being absolutely pampered up at 30,000 feet, and knowing that when you land, it’ll be in paradise.

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