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Business Class Flights To Verona

If you only know it as the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the romantic streets of Verona will not disappoint. Wrapped around the idyllic River Adige, is a rustic city of 250,000 people. Verona claims that it has more Roman ruins than any other Italian city, and it’s true that the city is draped in the past. You enter shopping districts through ornate Roman gates, and amorous medieval buildings house modest restaurants serving authentic dishes paired with wine from the surrounding area, one of the best wine-producing regions in the world. If you’re interested in having a glass of world-class wine on your flight, then your only option is taking business class flights to Verona. On a business class flight, you’ll have an incredible menu to select from. How does fresh salmon served with crisp green beans along with an exquisite glass of Chardonnay sound? The best part is when you eat is up to you, you aren’t at the mercy of the food carts. When you’re hungry, an attentive attendant will make sure that’s not the case for long. Your comfort and enjoyment is the focus of business class flights to Verona. Individual seating compartments with fully reclinable chairs mean you’ll be able to stretch out and get comfortable, without the fear of bothering your neighbour. Hot towels, fresh pillows, and anything else you might need mean you’ll arrive in Verona rested, full, and satisfied.

Recently sold business class flights to Verona

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Verona Airport and Business Class Lounge

Business class flights to Verona will arrive at the Verona Villafranca Airport, otherwise known as the Valerio Catullo Airport. 1995 was the first year a million passengers traveled through the airport, and it has experienced constant growth since, with 4 million people entering and exiting through its doors last year. There’re a variety of shopping options; including newsstands, clothing stores, wine-dealers, and e-cigarette vendors. Taking business class flights to Verona also gives you access to its business class lounge. The business class lounge is a perfect place to relax or catch up on any last-minute work you may have to do. Elegant and exclusive, the business class lounge makes spending time in the airport a delight instead of a chore. Complimentary snacks and mouth-watering glasses of local wine soothe any jangled nerves. Kick your feet up and read some international newspapers and magazines, or watch live sports or the news on a big screen TV. The best part is your access to a fast track security lane, letting you skip all the long lines of grumpy people and crying children that airports are usually associated with.


Things To Do In Verona

The Verona Arena is deservedly Verona’s most famous landmark. A Roman amphitheatre built in 30AD and capable of housing 30,000 audience members, today, the arena is a venue for music festivals and operas. The summer opera season is a particular cultural highlight. Massive crowds fill the glorious relic to watch these vast spectacles with huge casts, stunning costumes, and soul-shaking music. As you sit in this incredibly well-preserved marvel and gaze upon the surreal spectacle of the opera, you’ll feel as if you were transported to another time.

Another transporting sight is the San Zeno church. Originally built in 1138, with a few changes in 1398, this church has survived invasions, occupations, and the occasional earthquake. A magnificent example of Romanesque architecture, it is beloved by locals. Old men play chess, little kids play tag, and young people read poetry under the shady boughs of trees and the shadows of this sublime structure.

Now that you’ve basked in the city’s history, it’s time to take in its speciality: wine. Surrounding Verona is the seemingly endless amount of vineyards that make up the Valpolicella region. For a long time derided as the cheap, tasteless swill served at bad pizzerias; Valpolicella wines have undergone a reevaluation, and the wines from this region are now regarded as some of the most dynamic and varied in the world. The big, tannic wines that bear the region’s namesake go perfectly with the heavy meats and starches of the local cuisine, but the award-winning Amarone and the sweet red Recioto dessert wine, are equally iconic and outstanding.

Situated high above the city and highlighted by stunning views, is the cutting-edge agriturismo San Mattito. 26-year old owner, Giovanni Ederle, took over his parent’s enormous greenhouse and turned it into a hip bed and breakfast. Along with the vineyard, the grounds also include a working farm producing vegetables and fruit, olives, chickens, and horses. Guests are able to enjoy an open-style dining room, lounge and game area, and a quiet bar where you can enjoy the vineyard’s crisp and unfussy Valpolicella red wine.

Getting Around Verona

After arriving at Verona Villafranca Airport on business class flights to Verona, you’ll be able to reach the city’s main railroad station Verona Porta Nuova via shuttle bus. The rest of the city is serviced by a comprehensive bus system. A bus ride will cost you €2 if you purchase a ticket from the driver, though you can also grab a ticket from newsstands throughout the city for €1.30. Service to areas outside of the city is limited, so if you do plan on visiting the highly recommended vineyards, you’ll have to rent a car. Thankfully, the gently rolling hills covered in lush vegetation that surround Verona make for a delightful afternoon drive.

While most famous as the setting for some of Shakespeare's most iconic plays, Verona has a lot more to offer than that. This is a city that brims with history. Roman and Renaissance ruins are scattered throughout the city, though not as stuffy, separate exhibits. History lives in Verona as the ruins are integrated with the daily routines of modern life. Former medieval abbots house vintage clothing shops and idyllic cafes. The preserved Roman stone arches of the Verona Arena act as a venue for some of the most current and popular musical acts. This creates a city, as evidenced by its unassuming but delicious wines and authentic cuisine, that is as timeless as it is enjoyable.

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