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Business Class Flights To Vienna

Vienna is one of the most important cities in the history of the world. The capital of Austria, Vienna has been the epicenter of European intellectual and cultural life for centuries. Come stroll the beautiful, ancient streets lined with magisterial palaces and complexes, and see the cityscape that inspired such giants like Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud. A variety of studies and surveys have frequently found that Vienna has one of the highest qualities of life in the world and it only takes a day or two in this breathtaking city before you realize why. Speaking of quality, nothing quite compares to flying in business class. Flying economy has become a dreadfully arduous affair: cramped seats, bad service and costly snacks. That’s why, though it is more expensive, business class flights Vienna are a must. Return to a time when flying was a glamorous endeavor with stress-free boarding, increased baggage allowance, spacious and comfortable seating, and prompt and excellence service from your well trained staff. Business class flights to Vienna are so enjoyable you will be disappointed when the plane touches down.

Recently sold business class flights to Vienna

New York
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San Francisco
Business Class $2,233
Los Angeles
Business Class $2,349
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Business Class $2,612
Business Class $2,744
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Business Class $2,938
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Vienna Airport and Business Class Lounge

Business class flights to Vienna will arrive in the Vienna International Airport. This airport is one of the busier in Europe and has been undergoing development and construction since the early 2000s to accommodate the up to thirty million passengers expected to travel through it by the end of the decade. Comfortable, clean and organized, this airport is one of the most reputable in Europe, it also puts on a wild laser show every night for the entertainment of all its passengers. Business class flights to Vienna also get you access to the business class lounge. Business is a key term here because this lounge allows you to get down to it. Sip on a complimentary and delicious latte as you charge up anything that needs to be charged, use the Wi-Fi, or book a quiet space and catch up on any last minute work you need to do before your vacation begins. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, these exclusive lounges, are a remarkable haven from the rest of airport life. Sit back, relax and enjoy a cocktail, the trip of a lifetime awaits you.


Things To Do In Vienna

The first thing to do in Vienna is to take in the awe inspiring architecture because it is impossible to ignore. For centuries Vienna was the capital of the Austrian-Hungarian empire, the most powerful force in Europe. The ruling Habsburg monarchy built baroque, grandiose palaces that were physical manifestations of their immense power. Today these buildings remain, reminding any passerby about the imperial power that built this city. Highlights include Hofburg Palace complex, home to Vienna Boys’ Choir and the Spanish Riding School. Other magnificent buildings to feast your eyes upon are the Austrian Parliament Building, the Kaiserappartements and the Hapsburgs’ summer residence, Shcloss Schonbrunn which has over 1400 hundred rooms.

Considering that some of the most important musicians and composers hail from Vienna, it would be a serious oversight for any musically inclined traveler to miss out on Vienna’s opulent music scene. Even if you think that classical music is or boring, one visit to the Musikverein Concert Hall will shatter those preconceived notions. This imperial temple of sound has possibly the best acoustics in the world. You will soak in every note and chord played by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, who have made the hall their home for decades. Mozart and Beethoven would be delighted to know that their music is being played in the pristine acoustics and splendorous beauty of the Musikverein.

If a concert hall sounds like too stuffy an option, rest assured that Vienna also has an ample supply of places to guzzle down some of the best beers in the world. Stop by the Ottakringer, one of Vienna’s last remaining independent breweries, and take a guided-tour of their facility. See how those beautiful suds are made before testing the product yourself with other connoisseurs. Their Helles lager is a particularly renowned beverage, and the chance to drink it from the source should not be passed up. If you’re looking for a grungier watering hole, take a stumble over to Wunder-Bar. Smokey and dimly lit, this bar is a popular hangout for locals. Hole up in a dark corner with a tall glass of pilsner or refreshing radler and take in the animated conversations of the thinkers, artists and layabouts that make up this sublime dive bar’s clientele.

Getting Around Vienna

Considering the amount of great thinkers Vienna has produced, it should be no surprise that it is an exceedingly well-designed city. The quickest way to get into the city after any business class flight to Vienna is to hop on the S-Bahn train. Arriving frequently, the train will get you to the city center in twenty-five minutes. While, the S-Bahn services the suburbs of the city, once you are in the downtown you will be spending most of your time on the U-Bahn trains. Quick, efficient and clean, the U-Bahn rapid transit system has 104 stations, 5 different lines and over 2.6 miles worth of track. Take one ride and you will see why Vienna’s public transportation is frequently ranked as one of the world’s best. If you want some exercise, cycling in Vienna is an exquisite experience. Separated bike lanes and easily-accessible bike rentals make biking in Vienna a breeze.

Vienna has consistently been voted as one of the most-livable cities in the world and it’s no wonder why. Populated with proud and friendly people, Vienna is as welcoming a city as anywhere in the world. Epic and historical buildings dominate the skyline, embodying Vienna’s history as a cultural and diplomatic powerhouse. Closer to the street, cramped cafes and gritty bars fill up with free-thinkers and artists. It is this intoxicating mixture of a stuffy, imperial past and a tradition of forward-thinking rebels, that has made Vienna one of the world’s most appealing cities.

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