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Business Class Flights To Manchester

If you’re going to visit England there are a lot of different ways to go. There’s London of course, the epicenter of culture and finance. There’s Brighton, an ultra-cool spot known for its music scene. There’s Liverpool with its gritty, industrial feel. And then there’s Manchester. With its Northern sensibilities, Manchester is a city on the rise. A hub of arts and culture, this city has lots to show the curious traveler. While you may know it for its famous soccer team, Manchester United, this city is so much more than a football town. Taking business class flights to Manchester is the ideal way to make the hop across the pond. There’s so much to enjoy about these terrific flights. From the early boarding to escaping the crowds upon arrival, your experience on business class flights to Manchester is bound to be one that you’ll cherish. Imagine the average economy class flight, and then just make everything exponentially better, that’s what you get when you fly in business. Comparing the two won’t even come to mind though, because you’ll be in your own world of pleasure. You’ll only be disturbed by meal service if you choose to be. If it’s a long nap you’d rather partake in, that won’t be a problem. Fold down your lie-flat seat, and get to know a feeling that not many have experienced: the feeling of stretching your limbs all the way out on an airplane. On business class flights to Manchester you’ll be enjoying yourself so much that it’ll feel like you’ve made your way across the pond almost too quickly. Indeed, you may end up wishing that the flight could go on just a little longer.

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Manchester Airport and Business Class Lounge

The aptly named Manchester Airport is where you’ll find yourself when taking business class flights to Manchester. As the busiest airport in England that’s not in London, you’ll find that this airport can get a little bit hectic. Fortunately, that won’t be a problem when you have access to the business class lounge. In these terrific lounges, the hustle and bustle of the airport won’t be an issue. That’s because you’ll be in your own world of comfort and entertainment. Sit at the bar and have a pint of lager as Manchester United plays a football match on the TV. Get to know your fellow travelers as the sounds of the airport fade away. You never know whom you might meet in a business class lounge. Many travelers have found that they’re surprisingly good places to get some serious networking done. You may find that one minute, you’re just minding your own business, checking out a soccer match, and the next minute you’re in the middle of a conversation with a potential client or employer.


Things To Do In Manchester

Manchester is a city that has so much to discover. The Museum of Science and Industry is as good a place as any to get started. Situated where the world’s oldest railroad station used to be, the museum’s location is enough of an attraction on its own. The museum’s 12 distinct galleries pay tribute to the history of industry and its many facets. From textiles to automobiles, this museum covers the gamut.

After that, make your way to Manchester Cathedral. Located on the Irwell River, the Cathedral has stood here since 1422. Known for its tremendously beautiful choir stalls, any traveler to Manchester must take a walk through this manmade masterpiece. While you’re diving into all things religious, make a visit to St. Mary’s Catholic Church. Inside this rather basic looking building, you’ll find incredible statues and Victorian carvings. There’s a reason the locals call this church ‘The Hidden Gem’.

At the National Football Museum, you’ll really get a taste of what Manchester is all about. The people of this city have an undying passion for their sport and their teams. With two major soccer teams calling the city home, Manchester United, and Manchester City, there’s rarely a time that its people aren’t talking about football. Any sports fan will thoroughly enjoy this light-hearted museum. If you’re traveling with kids, there are a number of exhibits that are both informative and fun. While we’re on the topic of football, why not look into seeing a game at one of the city’s stadiums? While tickets may be hard to come by, seeing a football game at one of its meccas is a once in a lifetime experience.

Getting Around Manchester

The Metroshuttle is a free bus that gets you around the heart of Manchester. As forward thinking as it gets, you can hop off and on this frequent bus, as you need. Metrolink runs the trams, and unlike the bus, you’ll need to purchase a ticket before boarding. Manchester is home to a terrific network of bicycle lanes for those who prefer to feel the wind in their hair as they traverse the city. If you have nowhere in particular to be, walking is a fantastic option. Anywhere in the city center can be walked to in about 20 minutes, give or take a few. Handy city hosts are frequent in the city center to show you where the nearest attractions are, and which way you need to head to get to them. Taxis are readily available, and are a good way to get around if walking or biking aren’t viable options.

Manchester is proof that England has more to offer than just its capital, London. In this charming city, you’ll find a whole different culture than its neighbors to the South. The people of Manchester are hardworking folk who enjoy a pint and a football game, but that doesn’t mean this city isn’t also brimming with arts and culture. If you’re headed to this beautiful town, we recommend you take business class flights to Manchester. There’s no other way to ensure that your flight will be as pleasant as the rest of your vacation. We want you to enjoy your flight, and then enjoy wonderful Manchester!

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