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Business Class Flights To Nantes

Picture yourself getting out of the big city and heading into the rural countryside for a relaxing vacation. Now picture that countryside with an array of gorgeous castles offering breathtaking vistas, world class art and culture, and a tradition of delicious culinary joys and wine production. Welcome to Nantes! Nantes, located almost 400km from the hustle and bustle of Paris and adjacent to France’s Atlantic coast, is an ideal option for travelers looking for rest and relaxation. There’s simply no better way to start a relaxing trip feeling happy and rested than by booking business class flights to Nantes. Why spend time decompressing while on vacation when you can start before your flight has even taken off?

Recently sold business class flights to Nantes

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Nantes Airport and Business Class Lounge

Nantes Atlantique Airport is the central transport hub for the Nantes region, and most business class flights to Nantes touch down at its runways. Whether waiting for your plane to board on route to Nantes, or after you touch down at Atlantique Airport, you’re going to want to check out the business class lounges that are at your disposal because you booked business class flights to Nantes. Your relaxing vacation will be starting early in the business class lounge, accompanied by comfortable seating, refreshments, entertainment devices and top-notch service. Anyone that despises the crowded, noisy, and overpriced airport terminals can find peace and solitude in the business class lounge, the best send off or welcome one can get!


Things To Do In Nantes

Situated on the Loire River in western France, Nantes has a little something for everyone. Its proximity to old castles, scenic lookouts, and lush green areas make it an ideal spot for a romantic getaway. Add in a centuries old history of wine production and delicious local foods, and it’s easy to see why Nantes is considered a great area for tourists and business class travelers.

Start your experience in Nantes at a castle within the city. The Château des Ducs de Bretagne sits imposing upon the Nantes skyline, and is a must see for any visitor to the region. Initially constructed in 1207, the Château des Ducs de Bretagne is a wonder to experience. Its history and architecture are interesting for all, and its large scale helps its visitors imagine what life would be like for a king. The museum contained within offers much knowledge about not only the building itself, but the surrounding regions and their history as well, leaving you ready to continue exploring the area. Don’t forget to take a look at the castle when the sun goes down, as it becomes illuminated under lights each night to offer yet another perspective.

As is typical of French cities, Nantes is a cultural hot spot. With a gorgeous opera house and world-class art museums, Nantes allows you to flex your intellectual muscle whilst on vacation. By day, take in the Musee des Beaux-Arts, or fine art museum, one of the largest in the region. Containing works from French and foreign artists alike, the museum contains art that spans from the twelfth century until today.

In the evening consider putting on your best outfit and taking in a breathtaking performance at the Nantes opera house, or Théâtre Graslin, where the wonder begins as one approaches the building’s gorgeous facade. This stately opera house opened in 1813, and has staged outstanding operas ever since. It’s an entertaining evening that is not to be missed. Be sure to take a promenade through the theatre’s stunning plaza before or after the show on your way to the many popular bars and restaurants nearby.

Finally, while in Nantes, be sure to take a car and drive to visit other castles, beaches and wineries in the region. Situated 30 minutes to the Atlantic Ocean, there is much to visit around Nantes. While touring this gorgeous area, it is essential to visit wineries that offer Muscadet, the local wine. A wine famously good with seafood, it only makes sense it comes from a region so close to the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy it at a restaurant with fresh seafood such as fish, oysters or mussels, and delight in the fact that chefs often take advantage of the area’s fertile soil by using delicious locally farmed vegetables. What a treat!

Getting Around Nantes

When your business class flights to Nantes arrive at Atlantique Airport, there are many options for travel into the city. Although Nantes doesn’t have a metro system like many European cities, it still has affordable, extensive and convenient public transportation options. There are several tram and bus routes around the city, and even boats that act as buses on the water! These options will be able to transport you anywhere you’d like to go within Nantes, and are inexpensive and easy to use. Once in the city, you may want to rent a bicycle to get around, as most major roads have paths specifically designated for bikes. The paths make it safe and easy to see the city, all whilst burning some calories in the process. If planning to visit more of the region outside of Nantes, to see the wonderful castles, wineries, or the Atlantic coast, perhaps renting a car would be your best option. Although local trains service most of the area and could certainly take you where you’d like to visit, with a car you can drive the winding roads of the Loire valley and visit several sites in the same day. Driving is definitely worth considering depending on your budget and which sites you plan on visiting.

Nantes is not on every traveler’s radar, although it is an amazing tourist destination for people of all interests and ages. For history buffs, there are several old castles and churches in the city proper as well as in the surrounding region. For art and culture fans there are museums and concerts and stunning architecture. Finally, the region’s lush green areas, rivers, and proximity to beaches and wineries make it an ideal spot for a romantic getaway that won’t soon be forgotten. A truly relaxing destination, be sure to take advantage of business class flights to Nantes to start and end your voyage feeling just as comfortable and calm as your visit will make you feel. You won’t regret it!

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