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Business Class Flights To Norway

When it comes to Northern Europe, Norway is the star of the show. Featuring majestic snowcapped mountains, extraordinary wilderness and world-class cities, Norway has got a bit of everything. And everything they have is really good. A skier may think they’ve died and gone to heaven when they’re on the slopes of Norway. An exuberant, young partier will find everything they want in happening Oslo, or beautiful Bergen. Norway isn’t just some Scandinavian country sitting up at the top of the globe; it’s a major destination for any traveler that has adventure at the top of their list of things to do. If you’re planning on seeing this Northern powerhouse of a country, you should consider taking business class flights to Norway. On business class flights you’ll be able to stretch out and enjoy every minute of the overseas flight. You’ll have your pick of a meal from a tremendous menu designed by real chefs. It won’t be one of those situations where you’re choosing from gross food or grosser food. It’ll be excellent cuisine served to you in your own private pod. After your meal, enjoy a masterpiece of a dessert and then take a hot towel to your face. After that you’ll have time to yourself to do whatever you want with. Sleep the flight away, or stay up with a book. Switch on your personal entertainment system if it’s a movie or television show you’re after. It doesn’t matter what you do, just that you enjoy yourself while doing it. This is your time, and it’s a good time thanks to the fact that you’re on a business class flight to Norway

Norway Airports and Business Class Lounges

Norway’s busiest airport is Oslo Airport, Gardermoen, next is Bergen Airport, Flesland. Travelers who take business class flights to Norway will probably find themselves landing at Oslo’s airport. These passengers will be given exclusive access to one of Norway’s airport’s business class lounges. In the business class lounge, you can do what you please. If you have an important business meeting in Oslo, you’ll find the business center extremely helpful. If you’re tired from an early morning flight, lean back in a recliner and shut your eyes for a bit as the calming sounds of a nearby television set lull you to sleep. There are so many ways to use the business class lounge depending on your needs at the time, and the only way to gain entry is by taking business class flights to Norway. These exemplary lounges are just another reason to fly in the class, comfort and sophistication of business class.


Things To Do In Norway

The top attraction in Norway is its capital city of Oslo. If you’re a fan of nature, Oslo is going to be one of your favorite cities. With much of its cityscape undeveloped, Oslo is a city of parks and gardens. As green as any metropolis in the world, it’s hard to imagine a more peaceful city. On top of that, Oslo is a great city for walking. In its core are a series of pathways that make it the perfect destination for exploring by foot. This isn’t the kind of town that you have to hop in a car every time you need to get somewhere. Instead, take a nice walk and enjoy all of the vegetation that lies before you. If you’re a history buff, visit the Akershus Fortress. This 13th century base is a welcome sight to anyone who likes to picture how the world was long ago. You don’t need works of fiction when the real deal is right in front of you. Located on the same grounds is the Museum of Norwegian Resistance; a must-see for those who long for a better understanding of Norwegian history. The Oslo Cathedral and City Hall are other facets of Oslo tourism. Be sure to check them out before you leave this dynamic city.

Norway’s second largest city, Bergen, is a picturesque haven in the middle of the mountains that people flock to for a taste of serenity. Home to one of Europe’s largest ports, Bergen has a long and storied past. A great place to start for any visitor is Bergen’s Market Square. Always full of lively action, the Market Square is a terrific place to take a walk as fishermen sell their wares. Apart from being a living postcard, Bergen also packs its fair amount of fun. With a multitude of festivals such as Bergenfest and Natjazz Festival there’s almost always something special going on here.

Getting Around Norway

Most of Norway’s cities have terrific public transport systems. The buses are particularly helpful in getting one around to wherever they may need to go. Taxis are prevalent and quite handy, but remember that the fares work in a different way than in the US. It’s not uncommon for fares to go up significantly on holidays and weekends. Don’t be afraid to take a cab, but be aware of the changes in price depending on when you’re riding. Trains are a perfect way to get around, but don’t reach all the places you may need to go. If they do reach your destination, then we suggest you take the train. There’s no better way to see the country. If you’re headed to one of Norway’s beautiful island destinations, the ferry is the way to go. The country’s ferries offer a tremendous opportunity to see the country’s vistas on your way to a magical island paradise.

Whether or not you should travel to Norway isn’t a question. You absolutely should. The only question left is how to get there, and if you have a desire to enjoy your trip to the fullest, the answer is business class flights to Norway. On business class flights you’ll start enjoying your trip before you’ve even reached your destination. That’s a really good feeling, a feeling we wish for everyone to experience over and over again as they travel to the places of their dreams.

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